MMORPG: Divine Monster Transmuter

Chapter 774 - Blurgh… You Ugly

Chapter 774: Blurgh… You Ugly

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Night-Cat Planet.

The entire planet was inhabited by the cat folk.

However, they were not the type where their entire head was replaced by a cat’s. They simply had some whiskers on their faces, and they all looked pretty and cute.

However, Li’er and Kalosi were quite different from each other. There was grace in how Kalosi conducted herself. Her body frame was quite small, making her look like a little girl, but her expression was quite haughty and cold.

However, she was not any weaker when compared to the other top five coming from the Tianji Tournament. She had already reached Earth Realm Eight Star.

Behind him was another cat folk from the Night-Cat Planet. He was very handsome and kept on trying to persuade Kalosi.

Kalosi was just preparing to leave the restaurant when he saw Jiang Feng, Sus and Wanke standing together. She was stunned, but she immediately turned around and said to the handsome cat man, “I must withdraw from this squadron. I wouldn’t have joined your squadron if it wasn’t because of your persuasion. I never expected that the captain would be so gross. Don’t worry, I’ll prepare the money!”

With that, she gave Jiang Feng a glance before walking around him and heading outside.

“Kalosi, can I treat you to a meal?” Kalosi had not even left the restaurant when Jiang Feng turned around and called out to her.

Kalosi turned around and looked at him before saying, “We don’t know each other!”

With that, she continued heading outside.

Jiang Feng then said, “You want to withdraw from your current team, right? I can help you.”

“I don’t need anyone to help me,” Kalosi said coldly with pride in her voice and left immediately. She did not even really consider his words.

Jiang Feng’s lips twitched as he was placed in an awkward position.

“Hmph, someone like you wants to chase after my goddess?” The handsome cat man smiled coldly and then went after Kalosi.

Sus then smiled. “Seems that things didn’t go our captain’s way this time.”

“I can do it by putting in more effort!” Jiang Feng said and then chased after Kalosi.

All he needed was one more person to join the team. And there was one candidate right in front of him. He could not give up on her like this.

“Hey… Are we still eating?!” Sus and the others chased after him as well and cried out to him.

Kalosi was very cute and pretty, and she looked like a young girl. She was very attractive as she walked on the street.

Many Heaven Realm elite walked over to talk to her, but they were all forced to give up after looking at Kalosi’s cold eyes.

“Hey, isn’t this Kalosi? Aren’t you going to withdraw from the squadron? Why are you still here? Are you too poor? I can lend you some if you accompany me for a night.”

At this time, a group of men stood in front of Kalosi and blocked her way. The leading man had a horse-face, and when he smiled, he looked extremely wretched.

Jiang Feng looked at the man’s stats.

The vile man was called Pawa, and was a captain from the Bili Squadron. Kalosi’s stats showed that she was part of the Bili Squadron. That meant that Pawa was Kalosi’s captain.

“Scram!” Kalosi looked at Pawa with murderous intent.

“Hahaha! Do you want to kill me? I’ll give you a chance, let’s head out of the city.” Pawa’s power had already reached Heaven Realm Two Stars and he had formed a Black Pill as well. Kalosi would not be able to defeat Pawa. If she were to head out, she would surely have a death wish!

Jiang Feng and the other three then appeared next to Kalosi. He looked at Pawa, and then said to Sus next to him, “Oh my, this dude is so ugly. He looks so wild.”

His words had instantly pulled Pawa’s attention to him.

But did he care? As the Shifter Emperor, he did not care if more aggro was focused on him. Since he had already offended Tian Chong, he did not mind offending another one.

When Pawa heard what Jiang Feng said, he was instantly enraged, “Who the hell did you call ugly and vile?”

“You!” Jiang Feng, Sus, Wanke, and Huang Xiaoyu called out at the same time.


Kalosi smiled. She did not expect that the weaker Jiang Feng would stand in front of her. She also did not expect that the others would be so bold as well. As if they were not worried about offending anyone. It was a very strange team indeed.

“You… Good! Don’t you dare take a step out of the city! A few newbies dare to provoke me? I will make sure that you don’t even know how you died!” Pawa pointed at Jiang Feng angrily.

“Don’t need to wait, we can use the city’s arena for a battle!” Jiang Feng said.

“Hoho, there are only four of you, do you think you can beat us?” Pawa said.

Jiang Feng then glanced at Kalosi. “Who said that there are only four of us?”

Pawa glanced at Kalosi and sneered at Jiang Feng, “Are you an idiot? Kalosi is part of our squadron. Do you think she can form a team with you?”

Jiang Feng smiled and then said to Sus and Wanke, “Both of you have been on the Tianji Leaderboard for so long, you must have earned quite a bit. Can each of you take out a million? I’ll pay you back later.”

Sus looked at Jiang Feng’s stern expression and did not say much. Since he was the one who said that he wanted to form a party. He could accept the price of recruiting a powerful teammate if all he needed to do was pay some money.

Not to mention that Jiang Feng had said that he would pay him back. He would not lie to him. A Tianji Tournament’s champion had no need to lie to him and lose his reputation.

“Here!” Wanke did not say anything and had the same thought as Sus.

He then gained 2 million from both Sus and Wanke. With the 2.5 million that he won from Tian Chong and his own money, he had 5 million in his hands.

He combined three Gold Coin Cards into one worth 5 million gold pieces and then handed it to Kalosi. “Here’s 5 million. Use it to withdraw from your squadron and join us. Don’t worry, once we have formed our squadron, there won’t be any penalty in withdrawing. If you want to go after this fight, I won’t stop you!”

It was a bit difficult to pull Kalosi into his team. He had no choice but to gain Kalosi’s trust through battle and to make her have some sense of belonging.

“Thank you, I will pay you back the money!”

Kalosi glanced at Jiang Feng and decided to accept the gold card in the end. She rather owe Jiang Feng one instead of being forced to be in a disgusting squadron.

“Withdraw from Bili Squadron,” Kalosi mumbled as she paid the 5 million, and successfully withdrew from the Bili Squadron.

“Haha! Good, good. You have given us the chance to earn 5 million!” When Pawa saw that Kalosi had really withdrawn, he was so angry that he burst out laughing instead. There was a deep hatred toward Jiang Feng in his eyes.

From the very beginning, the reason that he had used everything he had to force his teammate to recruit Kalosi into the Squadron was because he had set his eyes on Kalosi. He wanted to have her. But now that all of his plans had been destroyed by Jiang Feng, it would be peculiar if he was not angry!

“Hey, ugly! Now that we have five people, do you want to go for a round once we have formed our squadron?” He smiled and asked Pawa once Kalosi had joined his party.

He needed to provoke Pawa as much as possible, otherwise, he would feel very uncomfortable giving Pawa the money for free.

“Who are you calling ugly!” Pawa was even angrier.

“Bleh… You ugly… Ugly…” Jiang Feng stuck his tongue out and repeated the sentence childishly.

“Bleh… You ugly… Ugly…” Sus, Wanke, and Huang Xiaoyu were also copying what Jiang Feng was doing and attacked him on a more personal level.

“You… Fine, I’ll wait for you at the arena!” Pawa was so angry that his face had turned pale as he led his team toward the arena.

Jiang Feng smiled and said to the four of them, “Come on, let’s go build our Squadron!”

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