Medical Sovereign

Chapter 50 - Zhao Zilong

Chapter 50 Zhao Zilong

His handsome face, tall and strong figure, impeccable etiquette, elegant and noble temperament, rich and powerful family background, intelligence and emotional quotient far beyond those of ordinary people, along with irresistible charm, all of these enabled him to be among the most outstanding people in the world and qualified to look down on all others.

He was innately proud, but he hid it very well. He knew that most people in this world were jealous of the most outstanding people.

A tree stood out among the forest would first be blown down by the wind.

Since he was a kid, he had understood this truth from the jealous eyes of the contenders in his family.

Therefore, he never put himself in a dangerous position high above. He knew that he was not qualified to enjoy the pleasure of looking down on all others before he had tremendous strength.

He enjoyed looking down on the world and toying with everyone.

However, he had to endure the disgust in his heart and disguise himself as an approachable person to play the hypocrite in front of those whom he didn’t care at all.

It was not his desire to come to this sweaty military camp to fight for the so-called Dragon Teeth.

It was just that the person to whom he was most grateful in his life was Zhao Tianya, the master of the Zhao Family. Nevertheless, he preferred to call him father to show their close relationship.

When he was a child, he was called Zhao Ziyu instead of Zhao Zilong. Among the younger generation of the Zhao Family, he was not outstanding. He was timid, self-abased, solitary and even slightly depressed, even not daring to look at other people’s eyes when talking to them.

He saw his furious father Zhao Tianhai, who was from a branch of the Zhao Family, kill his mother who was committing adultery with a toyboy on the bed. The toyboy was even more tragic. After being executed, his body was fed to a dog.

His mother was very beautiful. She was the mistress of Zhao Tianhai, the famous playboy of the Zhao Family. Thus, his identity had always been Zhao Tianhai’s illegitimate child.

The only lucky thing was that although he was an illegitimate child, he was the only son of Zhao Tianhai.

Therefore, after Zhao Tianhai killed the couple who committed adultery behind him, he brought his son who pretended to be sleeping back to the Zhao family. But after that, he indulged in seeking sexual affairs while being indifferent to his son.

He spent his childhood in darkness, which made he psychologically distorted and filled with hatred. So he had suffered from depression from an early age.

However, he always believed that the opportunity was always reserved for those who were prepared, so when the opportunity came, he would not hesitate to seize it.

When he was five years old, he met his chance.

On that day, Zhao Tianya was in a bad mood and drunk, lying on the snowfield outside his small courtyard. At that time, he who had become a good schemer recognized Zhao Tianya’s identity and immediately put on a show of helping people without seeking reward. As an emaciated kid, he struggled to pull Zhao Tianya into his small room and took care of him for a night.

From that day on, he came into Zhao Tianya’s sight, thus completely changing his destiny.

He still remembered that morning, when he was not fully awake, Zhao Tianya appeared in his remote courtyard to reach out to him like a savior in morning glow.

“Ziyu, Ziyu, a stupid-looking man of great wisdom is good, but I prefer Zhao Zilong which indicates iron horse and silver gun. From today, your name is Zhao Zilong, and you are my son. My name is Zhao Tianya.”

In the face of Zhao Tianya who was a powerful figure among the direct descendants of the Zhao family, Zhao Tianhai did not hesitate to pass Zhao Zilong to him, and there was no relationship between Zhao Tianhai and Zhao Zilong ever since.

Zhao Tianya regarded him as his own son and taught him martial arts, calligraphy, how to deal with interpersonal relationship and thick black theory. Zhao Tianya tried his best to cultivate him until he was trained to be the brilliant little Mengchang.

When Zhao Zilong was fifteen years old, Zhao Tianhai accidentally died in a car accident. Zhao Tianya might not even know that Zhao Zilong who he considered a son he was proud of was actually behind it.

Zhao Tianhai had lived in dreams for so many years and totally forgotten his son Zhao Zilong, but Zhao Zilong had never forgotten about him. He might never know that his accidental death was the elaborate plan of his own son.

Zhao Zilong hated his humble family background, his mother who was a shameless mistress and cheated on his father, as well as Zhao Tianhai who only indulged in seeking sexual affairs while being indifferent to him. Thus, he had to erase all the imprints about his humble family background.

After Zhao Tianhai’s death, those who knew that he was not the son of Zhao Tianya had died in various accidents in these years, and there was no clue of their death.

Even Zhao Tianya, who was so savvy, had never thought that these people didn’t die from accidents but were actually killed by Zhao Zilong because he was afraid that they would expose his identity as a humble illegitimate child.

The son of the master of the Zhao family, it was such a respectable family background, which made his life stainless and completely perfected his image.

The only person in the world who knew that he was not Zhao Tianya’s biological son was Zhao Tianya himself. Even Zhao Tianya’s biological daughter Zhao Chenxi thought that he was her biological brother.

Zhao Tianya’s wife, the woman who had always disliked him, also died from an accident under his ingenious plan. It had not caused anyone’s suspicion. Everything was so perfect.

He knew that everything he had was given by Zhao Tianya, so when Zhao Tianya asked him to join the dragon soul, he would definitely do that no matter how reluctant he was.

In his heart, Zhao Tianya was his biological father. As a filial son, how could he refuse to follow his father’s order?

Hearing the compliments of the dragon soul warriors, he smiled joyfully, while wondering if he should plan an accident to get rid of Ye Zhiqiu.

But after thinking for a while, he decided to give up this tempting idea. He would feel lonely at the top. Without a competitor, the game was not fun.

He just kept thinking of Shen Muqing, the girl who he vowed to marry when he first saw her at the age of thirteen.

At that time, she was a sick little girl with a pair of innocent and clear eyes. When he first met her, she was only eleven years old, but she completely moved his heart.

Her clear gaze could wash away the disguise from his sinful heart. He felt so relieved like a sinner with blood on his hands after confessing to the pastor. He was obsessed with the feeling of laying down all disguise and being spiritually free.

There were numerous women who wanted to become Zhao Zilong’s wife. Among them, there were not a few top beauties who were not inferior to Shen Muqing. But he had always flirted with them for fun. In his heart, the only wife who he wanted in his life was Shen Muqing, and he would never changed his mind until his death.

He liked her innocent eyes, her quiet look, her delicate temperament, her intellectual and gentle beauty, and her open-minded attitude in front of life threats…

He liked everything about her. He still remembered his ecstasy when he knew that Shen Muqing had been engaged to him soon after she was born. On that night, it was the first time he had been drunk in his life as well as the only time.

For a person with too many secrets in his heart, it was very dangerous to be drunk, so he had never get drunk. Even on some important occasions, he would just have a sip without drinking too much.

However, that night he let himself get drunk. The tremendous happiness made him want to get drunk.

Thinking of this, he looked up at Xiao Baiyu’s command room with endless hatred and grievances in his heart.

This damned Xiao Baiyu must do that on purpose. He would rather take Ye Zhiqiu to Ninghai than take him to. Otherwise he could go there to meet his fiancée.

The last time they met was half a year ago, and Mu Qing was getting more and more beautiful. If it weren’t for the damned illness, he really wanted to marry her now.

He did not care about Shen Muqing’s indifferent attitude towards him. Compared with other people, Shen Muqing could be considered intimate with him.

He believed that Shen Muqing would be his wife, and could only be his wife. No matter who dared to obstruct their relationship, he would not hesitate to get rid of him.

He had been an extremely self-abased person, but the smooth experience during these years had turned him into an extremely confident person.

However, he who was familiar with psychology couldn’t face himself. In fact, excessive self-confidence could be narcissism, while narcissism was usually an external performance of the extreme inferiority in the depth of his heart.

Ding Ning returned home and found that the warning traps set by him did not move. It indicated that no one had come in, so he felt relieved.

He locked the door, walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower head to wash off the bio-simulated skin with a special potion. The skin turned back into a ball after cleaning, and his bones were restored after a crack.

After taking a shower and putting the bow and folding knife back into the box under the bed, he stretched his hands and feet and felt sore. He couldn’t help smiling bitterly.

The skill of locking bones could change the height and even distort the bone joints, and it was okay to use it in a short time. Nevertheless, there were still some side effects when he had used it for more than one day.

He felt comfortable after giving himself a massage for a while, and then took out his phone and turned it on.

After turning on his phone, Ding Ning saw more than 300 call reminders, which startled him.

He took a closer look, and found that more than 200 of them were made by Ling Yun from 8:00 in the morning until now almost without discontinuity, which showed her eagerness and worry.

Among the call reminders, there were also dozens of them made by Shen Muqing, which confused Ding Ning a little. Were they not together? Why did they call him separately?

Looking down, he saw calls from Executive Zhou, Mr. Hu, Mr. Zhang and others, but they were much less.

Ding Ning estimated that they called him to ask about what had happened because he left the hospital even without going through the discharge formalities, he didn’t need to answer them in a hurry. He should first call Ling Yun back to tell her he was safe.

Before he finished the dialing, here came Ling Yun’s call. Ding Ning quickly pressed the answer button, “Hello!”

Perhaps Ling Yun had got used to calling without being answered, she didn’t expect to be answered immediately. After silence for three seconds on the other end of the phone, when Ding Ning said hello again, here came Ling Yun’s crying voice with joy.

“Wu wu, Ding Ning, you finally turned on your phone. Are you okay? It freaked me out, wu wu wu…”

Ding Ning felt warm. It made him feel so good to be concerned by someone. He teased softly, “I’m definitely okay. I’m your follower, who dared to do anything to me?”

“Wu wu, where are you? I want to meet you right away.”

Ling Yun’s whimper sounded soft and fierce, while full of dependence.

“I am at home, and I will immediately go there to pick you up. Don’t cry.”

Coaxing her for quite a while, Ding Ning finally made her smile through tears.

Although Shen Muqing did not say anything, Ding Ning’s sensitive ears enabled him to hear her sigh in relief.

It made his heart ripple. He thought, “Is fairy Qing also worried about me? Is she worried about me, or worried that no one can cure her if something terrible happens to me?”

Finally, he hung up the phone and walked quickly outside the community. Li Qiuhai’s Toyota Prado was still parked at the gate of the community. After picking up Ling Yun and returning home, he should return the car.

Unexpectedly when he just arrived at the entrance of the community, he was hit by a panic figure.

“Sorry, sorry!”

The skinny guy wore a visor which covered most of his face and a pair of big frog sun glasses. He repeatedly nodded and apologized in extremely rigid Mandarin, and then turned around to run away in panic.

“Fuck, skinny monkey, do you intend to steal something from me again?”

Ding Ning reached out to grab the guy’s wrist and looked at him with a faint smile, while pulling out his wallet to check whether he had lost something.

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