Medical Sovereign

Chapter 48 - Old Comrade

Chapter 48 Old Comrade

Shen Moru wanted to laugh but failed to do that. As a father, he could understand parental love for their children. The illness of his daughter Shen Muqing had always been a sharp knife hanging on his heart, making him sleepless. He was so afraid that he would wake up one day and hear the bad news of losing his beloved daughter.

Therefore, he could understand Xiao Baiyu’s mood. He said with a deep sigh, “Since you have made the decision, I will try it.”

“Well, thanks for your help.”

“Don’t mention it, since we’ve been buddies for so many years. When I return to Yan Jing, let’s get together and have some drinks.”

Shen Moru wanted to tell him that there was hope for curing Shen Muqing. Nevertheless, at the thought that Xiao Baiyu was at the lowest point of his mood at the moment and it was not the best time to tell him this news, he stopped talking.

After hanging up the phone, Shen Moru waved to Mo Fei who had just pushed the door and come in, “How is the trial?”

Mo Fei trotted over to him and respectfully reported, “Crazy Wolf is crazy, and he is still asleep after being injected with sedative; Black Skin is only in charge of outside assistance and doesn’t know anything. After all, he joined ‘vampire mercenary group’ based on his driving talent. He has always been engaged in the task of assistance. It is normal that he does not know about the plan. Li Buji made a confession, but he does not know much. What he told us is basically the situation we have known. The only clue is that their food, clothing, accommodation and transportation including information are all provided by a contact person called ‘Black Fox’ arranged by the employer. However, this Black Fox is very cautious and has never met with them. They have contacted by telephone. We have checked that phone number. It is a space card which has been deactivated and cannot be located.”

Shen Moru frowned and asked, “Just these? Does the trail go cold?”

“Besides, the Monkey who is sent by Black Fox is the only person Li Buji and his associates have met. According to Li Buji’s confession, they did not kill Monkey, but now Monkey has disappeared, and no one knows he’s alive or dead. We are working hard to trace his whereabouts, but there is no news yet.”

Mo Fei cautiously observed Shen Moru’s expression. He was about to talk, but said nothing.

“What’s the matter? Don’t cover it up. Don’t be hesitant in front of me.”

Shen Moru saw through his trick at a glance and glared at him impatiently.

Mo Fei chuckled, and said a pitiful face while rubbing his hands together, “Old Chief, anyway I’m a soldier cultivated by you. You know, Ninghai is an exclusive city, and as an outsider, I struggled to establish myself in Ninghai national security bureau. Liu Junwei is a young man strongly promoted by me. It is difficult to carry out my work without his support. I should have the assistance of a strong soldier. Can you please pull your punches and leave Liu Junwei to me.”

“You are hopeless. When have I said I intend to steal your subordinate.” Shen Moru’s old face turned red, but at the thought that he had not taken action, he immediately said with confidence.

“I know well about your temperament.” Mo Fei curled his lip and muttered in a low voice.

“Get out! If you keep talking this nonsense, I’ll steal your subordinate and make you a commander without subordinates.”

Shen Moru gave him a hard look and cursed with a smile.

Mo Fei was not afraid of this old leader, because he knew him so well. He immediately took out a cigarette, handed it to Shen Moru and lit it for him. He then lit another cigarette for himself, sat on the conference table and smoked with Shen Moru, not looking like a leader at all.

Mo Fei suddenly said after taking a drag, “By the way, old Chief, we got another confession out of Li Buji. I don’t know how to make a decision. Can you give me some suggestion?”

“Oh, tell me.” Shen Moru replied carelessly.

“According to special policemen’s words, Li Buji was caught by Xiao Nuo, and we should cite her for merit. However, we know from Li Buji that he was caught not only because of Xiao Nuo, but with another person’s help. I don’t know how to cite Xiao Nuo for merit. Old Chief, can you tell me what I should do with it?”

Mo Fei glanced at Shen Moru and seemingly meant something else.

“Another person? Is him a special policeman? Although Xiao Nuo acted without authorization and almost destroyed our plan, after all, she captured the most threatening sniper. Even if it is not her own merit, we can also cite Gunfire special police team for a collective merit!”

Shen Moru said evasively. Normally speaking, Xiao Nuo did not listen to orders and acted arbitrarily without organization and discipline. It was a petty punishment to record her for demerit, not to mention for merit. Nevertheless, old Xiao had asked him for a favor, and he did not want to dissatisfy Xiao Nuo before they had the conversation about joining Dragon Soul.

“He’s not from special police team. In fact, in the whole special police team, Xiao Nuo was the only one participating in last night’s action. The person who helped her capture Li Buji is not from special police team, but an outsider.”

Mo Fei smiled, as if he was recalling something.

“Outsider?” Shen Moru was really shocked. He smothered the cigarette in the ashtray and asked seriously, “Who is this guy?”

Mo Fei looked straight at Shen Moru and said a name, “Hunter, our old comrade, previous warrior of Dragon Soul.”

“What?” Shen Moru trembled, and said with a sparkle in his eyes, “Hunter? How is it possible? They …”

Halfway through his words, Shen Moru seemed to think of something and immediately shut his mouth, but his slightly trembling hands showed his mood at the moment.

“What happened at that time? Why did Dragon Teeth be expelled from the military? Why did you get transferred from Dragon Soul later? And were those buddies who went out to perform the task with Dragon Teeth really dead? Why does Hunter who is on the death list show up again? Do you know that during so many years, our old buddies of Dragon Soul have been so eager to figure out the truth and all of us have held these questions in for more than 20 years? The senior leaders said Dragon Teeth colluded with foreign forces and got our buddies killed, but none of us believe it. Dragon Scale, you must know the truth. Please tell me. Otherwise, I will not close my eyes even if I die.”

With his eyes turning red and filled with tears, Mo Fei clenched his fist and stared at Shen Yunru with anticipation.

Shen Moru closed his eyes in pain. After a long time, he calmed down and patted Mo Fei’s shoulder, “I’m sorry, but I’ve signed a confidentiality agreement, so I can’t tell you anything. I can only say that I have done what I can.”

Mo Fei drooped his head like a deflated balloon. As a man in his forties, he looked like a child who had been wronged with no one to confide in. With a sad face, he said in a choking voice.

“Among so many buddies in the whole Dragon Soul, who dares to say that he has not been saved by Dragon Teeth. Every time we performed a task, he took the lead and fought on the front line. Each of us owes him one or more lives. How can someone like him possibly betray his buddies? Anyway, I don’t believe it, and none of the entire Dragon Soul believes it. I can’t understand. It is obvious that Dragon Teeth was wronged. Why did the senior leaders say that he colluded with the enemies? Who framed him? Dragon Horn, Dragon Teeth and you are sworn brothers, the dragon triangle of our dragon soul, as well as the spiritual pillar of our dragon soul. Why don’t you even say something fair for him?”

“I didn’t say something fair for him? If I didn’t, can Dragon Teeth stay alive? If I didn’t, will I be transferred from dragon soul? I…”

Shen Moru shouted exhaustedly. Before finishing his words, he saw a cunning smile on Mo Fei’s face, and suddenly realized that he had been trapped by him.

He immediately kicked Mo Fei with a frenzy of rage, “Fuck, you little bastard get guts, and dare to trap me.”

Mo Fei ran away awkwardly and swiftly. He then pushed the door of the conference room, poked his head behind the door and said with a smug smile, “You and Dragon Horn are so tight-mouthed. Since it’s confidential, we won’t ask more about it. I I just want to confirm whether Dragon Teeth is alive or not. Now that I know that he is still alive, I feel at ease.”

“You are such a brat!” Shen Moru shook his head and smiled bitterly, while Dragon Teeth’s burly figure flashed through his mind.

He secretly sighed, “Dragon Teeth, we haven’t seen each other for more than 20 years. Are you all right?” “Hunter, why did you show up in Ninghai?”

“By the way, Chief,” Mo Fei pushed the door to step in again and said seriously, “Besides Li Buji who has been caught, Maimed Tiger died under the iron wood arrow of Hunter. What should we do?”

“Include their death in Xiao Nuo’s merit. Strictly keep the secret of the appearance of Hunter, and don’t disclose even a little of it. Otherwise I will blame it on you!”

After a hesitation, Shen Moru gave an order resolutely.

“Yes, Chief, I promise to accomplish the mission!”

Mo Fei stood at attention and made a standard military salute, his eyes shining with brilliance.

He knew that previous Dragon Scale would never sit and watch the buddies of Dragon Soul get into danger. Once they joined Dragon Soul, they were destined to be best buddies forever.

Once the news of the Hunter’s appearance in Ninghai was leaked out, the forces that had framed Dragon Teeth would never let him go. The consequences were unimaginable. Blocking the news was the best way to protect him.

Mo Fei secretly expected that Hunter would sneak into his home in the middle of the night, and then talk with him merrily while drinking, so that he could know about where the buddies who had disappeared went.

The meeting room was full of smoke, and the ashtray was full of cigarette butts. Shen Moru sat on the table with a lost look, and his eyes were a little moist. He muttered to himself.

“Hunter, you are so silly. Why do you come back since you have left? Do you come back alone, or with others? What do you intend to do?”

After thinking for a while, Shen Moru still called Xiao Baiyu, “Old Xiao, can you talk now?”

“Yeah, I’m alone. Just talk.” There came the sound of Xiao Baiyu pouring tea from the phone.

“Hunter is back!” Shen Moru said in a heavy tone.

“Bang”. There came the sound of teacup broken from the phone. Xiao Baiyu breathed increasingly hard, “Have you met Hunter?”

“No, but Mo Fei has found the iron wood arrows on Maimed Tiger and Li Buji.”

Shen Moru noticed that Xiao Baiyu seemed to be relieved over the phone. Xiao Baiyu sounded calm and made the decision as he expected.

“Fortunately, it is Mo Fei who found the arrows. Ask him to keep the secret and not to disclose it.”

Shen Moru sighed, “It’s not a big deal. The only trouble is that Li Buji is still alive.”

After a short silence, Xiao Baiyu’s fierce voice came from the phone, “Then make him close his mouth forever!”

Shen Moru smiled bitterly. He knew that Xiao Baiyu would give him such an answer. When it came to killing, he was far less resolute than Xiao Baiyu. He said, “Well, anyway, Li Buji is guilty of monstrous crimes, and his death is not worth regretting. We have no psychological burden to do that!”

“Contact Hunter secretly as soon as possible and tell him that regardless of any important things, he must leave China immediately, and I will secretly protect my son-in-law.”

Xiao Baiyu was silent for a moment, and he said something that made Shen Moru horrified.

“What are you talking about? Dragon Teeth’s son is in Ninghai? Hunter came here for him?”

Xiao Baiyu smiled bitterly and said, “Old Shen, it’s not that I intend to hide it from you. You know, it matters a great deal, I can’t let the kid get into danger, so even I have never paid attention to him, lest I will arouse some people’s attention…”

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