Medical Sovereign

Chapter 47 - Compromise

Chapter 47 Compromise

Perhaps because of Xiao Nuo’s long-term exercise, her two long legs were strong and extremely elastic. With her legs around Ding Ning’s waist, she kept twisting restlessly. Soon it made Ding Ning parched, arousing his eager impulse.

Xiao Nuo pretended to be calm, but in fact she had shyly closed her eyes to avoid looking at him. Her pretty face was covered with blush, her slender and long eyelashes trembled slightly, and she slightly opened her tender red lips, revealing half of her even teeth. All of these seemed to make a silent invitation to him.

How could Ding Ning who was vigorous withstand such a temptation? He lost his mind and forgot everything, breathed hard and popped out his head to press his lips on her lips.

Xiao Nuo suddenly opened her eyes wide with disbelief on her face. There was a thought repeatedly lingering in his mind, “He kissed me? Did he kiss me? He’s such a rogue. How can he do that?”

Her mind told her that she couldn’t do that, but the feeling of limpness and numbness like getting an electric shock made her mind go blank. Her body betrayed her mind honestly.

She forgot everything in her joy of responding to his passionate kiss, gave up resistance and let him directly break through her teeth. Moreover, she obediently stuck out her fragrant tongue to touch his tongue and lost in his kiss…

The crocodile climbed ashore and raised its head to watch the awkward scene. It really wanted to go to join the fierce battle and bite them into two pieces.

However, when it felt Ding Ning’s aura, it suddenly shivered convulsively and secretly cursed, “This fierce guy again? The murderous intent emitted from him in the pond scared me to death.”

How dared it to disturb them? Thus, it turned around and sneaked into the pond again, leaving the couple screwing around.

Xiao Nuo felt that her soul had flown into the sky. It turned out that it was such a wonderful thing to kiss someone she liked. She was immersed in the unusual passion that she had never experienced before.

It wasn’t until a big hand reached into her clothes from her lower hem and quickly occupied the highest position that the cool touch brought back her consciousness and sense. She screamed and pushed Ding Ning away.

Not daring to look at his hot gaze, she tidied up her messy clothes in a flurry, drooped her head, and even her ears turned red. She said in a voice as low as that of a mosquito, “No, it… it’s too fast!”

Ding Ning unwillingly licked his lips and regretfully stared at her impressive boobs under the wet clothes. He held back his impulse and said with an unnatural wry cough.

“Sorry, I… I was impulsive.”

“It… it doesn’t matter. Just… just consider it my fulfillment of the bet.”

Xiao Nuo bit her lower lip, drooped her head and whispered in embarrassment. Her white neck turned crimson.

Ding Ning scratched his head and did not know what to say. To be honest, he couldn’t tell what he thought of Xiao Nuo.

If he said he liked her, it went too far. But if he said he didn’t like her, he was being hypocritical.

In short, he did that out of the thought that a man would never let go of any chance to take liberties with a pretty woman.

What was more, Xiao Nuo was a gorgeous woman with white skin, a pretty face, a large butt and plump boobs. She fully exuded the charm of a mature woman.

In particular, her temperament of icy goddess could easily arouse men’s desire to conquer. It was not unusual for a virgin such as Ding Ning to lose control.

After the impulsive action, Ding Ning fell into unspeakable silence. He secretly regreted that although Ling Yun could not be considered his girlfriend, at least they had emotional basis.

It had been less than one day since he met Xiao Nuo, and they had kissed twice. The first time was understandable, since they were trapped by Chu Yunna.

But the reason for their second kiss was obvious that they were caught in a passion. It was betrayal to Ling Yun in their relationship.

Ding Ning fell into deep self-blame. He had always regarded Ling Yun as a buddy, but after Ling Yun took the initiative to lose her first kiss to him, he understood Ling Yun’s feeling for him and that he also had a feeling for her.

He was very concerned about Ling Yun’s views on him, and also cherished the relationship with Ling Yun. Although he did not know his feeling for her included more love or more pity, he did not want to be a defector in their relationship.

For a moment Ding Ning was caught up in confusion. Xiao Nuo obviously fell in love with him and lost her first kiss to him. How should he deal with the relationship with her? What choice should he make between her and Ling Yun?

After thinking for a while, he could not make any decision. He liked both of them, wanted both of them and was reluctant to give up any of them.

This was the common problem of most men. They ate at the bowl and looked at the pot. Ding Ning was no exception. It was men’s possessive desire.

What made him most depressed was that when he was entangled, Shen Muqing’s every twinkle and smile appeared in his mind, lingering.

“Fuck, it turns out that I’m such a love-rat liking every beauty I met. This is commonly known as a playboy’s nature. ”Ding Ning thought in dismay.

“Are you thinking about how to answer to me?” “You don’t need to mind it. We’re adults, and it’s just an accident. Nowadays, people can break up even if they’ve slept together. It’s just a kiss. What’s the big deal? As a woman, I don’t care about it. As a man, you don’t need to be entangled. I’ve told you to just consider it my fulfillment of the bet. Well, I am going. Goodbye. ”

Xiao Nuo looked at Ding Ning’s remorseful and entangled expression, and her mood instantly fell to the bottom. She realized that there must be another woman in his heart.

It broke her heart. She knew that she really liked the man.

But who was she? She was Xiao Nuo who was proud. She would never force someone, let alone pretend to be pitiful and accept the love someone gave her out of sympathy.

If you love me, please love me deeply. If you don’t love me, please leave me. It was Xiao Nuo’s love principle!

“If you can’t make a choice, let me do it. If I can make it a little easier for you, let alone…” She thought.

She used a very relaxed and careless tone and an indifferent attitude to end the relationship that had withered when it just blossomed without bearing fruit.

Just in the moment she turned away, there were tears dropping from her face. Blown by the wind, they fell on the ground into pieces just like her broken heart.

Ding Ning reached out in an attempt to stop her and say something, but after repeatedly opening his mouth, he still said nothing and helplessly put down his hand. Maybe it was the best ending for them to terminate the accidental relationship between them now.

Let it be so. Ding Ning watched Xiao Nuo stubbornly leaving in a daze, feeling the sharp pain of his broken heart.

If Xiao Nuo had a glimmer of expectation before, she had no more illusion when he did not ask her to stay in the end. Feeling her heart wrenched like stabbed by someone, she quickened her pace and disappeared in Ding Ning’s sight.

Ding Ning stood in the same place and felt lost. He recalled everything he and Xiao Nuo had been through in less than one day.

Her embarrassed look, her awkwardness, her tenderness, her dependence, her sincerity, her anger, her shyness, her every twinkle and smile, her frosty temperament…

All of these were repeatedly broadcast in his mind. They were so impressive that he couldn’t forget them even if he wanted to.

Someone was destined to be a passer-by, while someone was destined to become the eternal memory lingering in his mind.

Xiao Nuo just left, and Ding Ning found that he had already begun to miss her.

He missed her frosty temperament, her smile, her dependence, her stubbornness, her tenderness when she cared about him and her cute face which looked sometimes savvy and sometimes silly.

It wasn’t until two hours passed by imperceptibly that the growl of his stomach awakened him from his indulgence in memory.

He walked out of the yard listlessly. After walking in desperation for several kilometers, he finally encountered a taxi on its way back. He barely raised his spirits to stop the taxi and ask the driver to drive him home.

He didn’t know that when he got on the taxi and went away, Xiao Nuo appeared behind him. She watched the taxi’s taillights gradually blur in her sight with a sad smile creeping around the corner of her mouth. She whispered with tears on her face.

“Sorry, You Xumo, forgive me for giving up. I have a fiancé, so it is impossible between us. However, I’ve never regretted meeting you, because I really love you so much. Thank you for your kiss which lets me know the taste of love could be so unforgettable. It’s over. Just regard it as a dream. Both of us will return to our own lives!”

She then reached out to draw out a phone from her backpack, dialed a number and said, “Hello, it is me. Come to pick me up. I will send you the location!”

After a short silence, she heard a burst of thrilling cheers from the phone. Numerous people scrambled for the phone and asked to talk to her.

“Captain, you finally show up!”

“God, captain, where did you go? We were so worried.”

“You don’t know that we’ve almost turned Ninghai over to seek you. Thank God, you are fine.”

“Captain, you don’t know that all people in Ninghai are looking for you…”

The sincere and earnest concern of Xiao Nuo’s teammates warmed her cold heart. She shouted impatiently.

“Don’t talk nonsense, hurry to pick me up. I’ll hang up now.”

“We’ll get there right away. Stay there. Buddies, let’s go and pick up our captain!”

Before hanging up, she heard the sounds of rushing rapidly over the phone.

In the meeting room of the municipal public security bureau, Shen Moru took a long breath after hanging up. With joy between his eyebrows, he immediately dialed a number, “Old Xiao, I have got the news. Nuo Nuo is safe, and has returned to the team.”

“Old Shen, thank you! Uh, I want to ask you for a favor!”

After expressing his gratitude in a deep voice, Xiao Baiyu said after hesitation.

“What favor? Just tell me. As long as you are not asking me to sell out the country for glory, I will agree.”

Knowing that his old comrade was in a bad mood and rarely asked for help, Shen Moru immediately promised him.

“You know that Nuo Nuo is still angry with me and doesn’t talk to me at all. Can you talk to her, tell her that I promise her request and ask her to come back.”


Shen Moru suddenly raised his voice, and immediately realized what Xiao Baiyu meant. He lowered his voice and asked in astonishment, “Old Xiao, are you crazy? You promise to let Nuo Nuo join Dragon Soul ? As a Dragon Horn, you should know how dangerous the tasks of Dragon Soul are. Aren’t you sending her to death?”

“Oh, I don’t want to do that, but now… Nuo Nuo has been extremely stubborn since her childhood, and she has a good relationship with her brother. Since Chu Nan had an accident, she has asked to join Dragon Soul. I didn’t promise her request, so she ran away from home in a rage and went to Ninghai working as a special policewoman. It has been more than two years since she left home. my wife keeps talking about her all day, and my father also misses her. Especially when Nuo Nuo is missing this time, they almost go crazy. My father has told me that if I can’t find Nuo Nuo, he would kick me out of the family. My wife also said that she would divorce me if she still can’t see her precious daughter. I can do nothing about it. It is dangerous to join Dragon Soul, but under my eyes, I can take care of her. It is also dangerous to be a special policewoman in Ninghai. After considering for a long time, I think that since I have already made the decision for her in marriage, I should leave her the choice at work.”

Xiao Baiyu talked with tremendous helplessness.

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