Medical Sovereign

Chapter 45 - A Mysterious Organization

Chapter 45 A Mysterious Organization

Ding Ning and Xiao Nuo looked at each other in horror and were deeply moved. Xiao Nuo said indignantly, “What is this organization? Why is it so vicious?”

“I don’t know, the organization is very mysterious. I only know that the laboratory I was in is roughly in America. Three years ago, a girl named Chu Yunna was also taken into the base as a test subject. Those demons injected her with the latest gene medicine which made her a vampire. In fact, she was kind of a half-successful test subject. She had mutated the ability to communicate with animals and she knew ventriloquism. As long as she constantly sucked human blood, she could become the so-called Blood Demon. But she was kindhearted, and she would rather die than suck human blood. When I saw her, I was reminded of my daughter, so I finally decided to help her escape. Later, with the help of a young man who was caught together with Yunna, we managed to escape and hid in this base to evade that organization’s pursuit. In any case, Yunna is a good and kind girl. I hope that you can help her. I am begging you.”

Two muddy teardrops rolled down from Bone Demon’s eyes, which tightened Ding Ning’s heart. “Is your surname Ling?”

“How did you know that?” Bone Demon raised his head and looked at him in surprise.

Ding Ning’s heart soured. He said emotionally, “Uncle Ling, I am your daughter Ling Yun’s friend. Since you are back, why don’t you go and see them? Do you know how much they miss you?”

Bone Demon was trembling all over, and finally, his stiff face showed some bitterness, “I want to see them too, but I am like a monster now, how can I see them? I can only visit them at midnight. Besides, I will not live for much longer. So it’s better to let them think that I have already died. At least that way, I will not bring them the pain of separation and death again.”

Ding Ning was silent. “Bone Demon is right. If I became a person with his present appearance, I would rather let my children and wife think I was already dead. Perhaps this is the best ending for everyone.”

But at the thought of Ling Yun’s great expectations and longing for her father, he couldn’t help but feel a pang of sadness. He really wanted to cure Bone Demon but with his current medical skills, there was no such possibility.

On the contrary, he had felt there was a 30% chance to cure Chu Yunna. At present, he had no clues about the two-time genetic mutation of Bone Demon, but he believed he could find a way to cure him one day as long as he had enough time.

After a moment of contemplation, he said resolutely, “Uncle Ling, don’t worry. No matter what it takes, I will let my friend cure your disease. Even if it’s not possible now, it’ll definitely be possible in the future.”

“Young man, thank you. I am very happy that you have this determination. If you really think of me as your uncle, could you please help us hide our secret here?”

Bone Demon said seriously, “This place used to be the research base for biological and chemical weapons which was built one hundred years ago when Fusang invaded our country. After we fled back to Ninghai, we bought the courtyard outside. Because both of us cannot be exposed to light, we planned to dig a basement, but it did not occur to us that we would accidentally discover this base. There was a gas laboratory in this base but the Fusang devils must have escaped before the gas was successfully developed. The semi-finished product can paralyze the nerves and produces hallucinations which are harmful to ordinary people, but to us, it can relieve the pain and curb the mutation. Thus, we chose to prolong our last refuge here. If we leave here, we will die soon. So please help us keep our secret.”

Ding Ning immediately understood that this gas was equivalent to drugs for them, and could help them ease the pain.

He immediately nodded seriously and turned to look at Xiao Nuo, “Xiao Nuo, you can help them with that, can’t you?”

Xiao Nuo hesitated and nodded. “Okay, I will keep my mouth shut.”

Ding Ning gave her a big smile and blinked ambiguously. “Thank you, I have decided to make our bet void.”

Xiao Nuo’s pretty face flushed crimson. She rolled her eyes at him brutally, but there was an inexplicable feeling of loss in her heart and she secretly criticized, “A real man never goes back on his words. How can he break his word?”

“Besides, Hunter is actually a good friend of Bone Demon’s daughter. Is he agreeing to keep the secret also because of his daughter? What is their relationship? Could they be a couple?”

Thinking about this, Xiao Nuo gawked at Ding Ning absent-mindedly. She barely listened to the talks between Bone Demon and him. She was utterly confused and disconcerted, and there were many mixed feelings in her heart such that she couldn’t tell what she felt.

However, if she listened carefully, she would find that one of the people they described had a close relationship with her.

Ding Ning learned from Bone Demon that a young man who was caught together with Chu Yunna was a subject whose genes had been successfully evolved.

Although he had no special abilities, all the indicators of his body were far superior to ordinary people. Because of that, he became the favorite of the mysterious organization. It was with his hidden help that they could escape successfully.

Chu Yunna’s ability to communicate with animals was not omnipotent. Animals also had their differences, the intelligent and the unintelligent. That black cat and the bat king were intelligent animals, thus she could control them flexibly at her will.

In this regard, Ding Ning could understand. After all, pure black dogs and cats were somewhat evil in their origin, some snakes and the like were intelligent, but he thought that the most intelligent animals were still monkeys.

He even jokingly suggested that Chu Yunna could recruit a group of monkeys to communicate with her and be her followers. Chu Yunna, who had just woke up, actually listened and considered the idea seriously.

Chu Yunna recruited the bat king while she was on the run, after having escaped from the mysterious organization’s base. This made Ding Ning realize that the experiment base of the mysterious organization was probably on the American continents, or else she would not bring back a flock of local species – the vampire bats.

Chu Yunna was an open-minded girl. Although Ding Ning and Xiao Nuo killed her black cat and bats, she was only sad for a while and then let go. Instead, she apologized to Ding Ning.

This made Ding Ning a little embarrassed that he had repeatedly promised that he would let his friend help her with her treatment.

Chu Yunna expressed her gratitude again and again, but Ding Ning could still feel her deeply hidden sadness and dejection. It seemed that she did not believe that she could recover.

“No matter how beautiful the words are, they are just fleeting promises. Instead, let’s stop mentioning the promise and focus on the treatment effects.” Wisely, Ding Ning never mentioned it again. After all, at present, he was not completely sure if she could be cured.

He turned around and talked with Bone Demon again. Of course, what they talked about the most was the life trivialities of his wife and daughter in recent years.

Xiao Nuo leaned her head on his shoulders the whole way. She listened quietly to them and never interrupted, but she firmly imprinted the name Ling Yun in her mind.

“What kind of girl she is? Are they lovers?”

Due to her woman’s intuition, she subconsciously felt that Ding Ning had a special relationship with Ling Yun because Ding Ning talked about her with vivid facial expressions.

Ding Ning noticed that she was keeping silent. He thought that she was tired or hadn’t yet adapted to the grotesque appearance of Bone Demon and the girl, so he took no notice. He asked the most crucial question to Bone Demon, “Uncle Ling, who are those people who came to kill you? Are they from the mysterious organization?”

Bone Demon shook his head, “They are from the vampire mercenary group and should have been hired by that organization.”

“You have fled for three years, why do they still send people to hunt you until now?”

Ding Ning asked, puzzled.

“For foreigners, China is a mysterious and ancient country, in which men of talent come out in succession and countless strong men are spread throughout the land. Even the mysterious organization does not dare attack China for fear of revenge. It was an accident that I was captured by them. After all, with a population of a billion people, the number of missing persons in China is not small. They won’t attract too much attention if they catch some Chinese people every now and then.”

Bone Demon’s eyes were dignified, “But as far as I know, in recent years, that organization has found that in countless trials, our Chinese people are the most receptive compared to all kinds of test subjects in Europe, America, and Africa. The Chinese people’s genes had the highest survival rate in the experiment, more than a third in one thousand people. For other races, it would be a good result if ten people survived in one thousand.”

“Do you mean that they have their eyes on our compatriots?” Ding Ning’s face suddenly clouded and his piercingly cold killing desire pervaded, which made Chu Yunna and Xiao Nuo shrink their necks with some fear.

“Right, it’s not just an idea, it’s already implemented. Yunna was among the first group of people who were abducted. In this group, there were more than 800 people from all walks of life. They were selecting the most adaptable candidates for their genetic drugs.”

Bone Demon nodded gravely.

“Soldiers turned out to be the best in their final result, didn’t they?”

Xiao Nuo cut in suddenly. Ding Ning acutely noticed that Xiao Nuo’s fists were clenched and even her face became very pale.

“Yes, they found that the best test subjects were Chinese soldiers. They are strong-willed, highly trained and have great physical qualities, plus their tolerance is far higher than ordinary people, such that their test survival rate reached nearly 50%. But it is because of this result, that once Chinese soldiers pass the test, all of them will be implanted with miniature bombs in their brains. If these people go out of control and attempt to betray them, these bombs will automatically detonate.”

The Bone Demon showed a self-mocking smile, “Fortunately, I was on my second trial and my body was mutated such that I was to some extent a failure, so they didn’t implant a bomb in my body, otherwise, I wouldn’t even have a chance to escape.”

“These frenzied beasts, scums, dehumanizing bastards, they are psychopaths…”

The rim of her eyes all red, Xiao Nuo burst into a storm of abuse in her rage.

Ding Ning promptly grabbed her and patted her on the shoulder to soothe her. From her ill-mannered behavior, he could infer that a person close to her must also have disappeared. That person should be a soldier, so what Bone Demon just said had irritated her and made her angry.

“Ying ying ying…”

Xiao Nuo was nestled in his arms, crying in a sad voice, her tears rolled down freely and wet Ding Ning’s clothes.

“Okay, let’s go back. Do you need anything? I can bring it to you.”

Ding Ning comforted Xiao Nuo while asking Bone Demon.

“I… I need some blood, is that alright?” Chu Yunna asked timidly. Her vampire bats were killed by Ding Ning, and now her survival had become a problem.

“I will find a way to help you with that!”

Ding Ning said with a headache. He could get a small amount of blood, but he could only try to find a way to get a large amount.

Bone Demon shook his head, “I don’t need anything. I am different from Yunna. I can still go out in disguise, so I can find ways to get what I need.”

“Then, thank you for your trouble.” Chu Yunna nodded at Ding Ning gratefully, her bloody eyes filled with sincerity and honesty.

Xiao Nuo suddenly got out of Ding Ning’s arms and looked at Chu Yunna with some pity, “I will work out a way with him, you can rest assured.”

“Thank, thank you!”

In the grateful voice of Chu Yunna, Ding Ning took Xiao Nuo away.

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