Medical Princess

Chapter 687 - Despite Any Harm That Might Be Done to My Health!

Chapter 687 Despite Any Harm That Might Be Done to My Health!

“Say it again!” Shao Yanru said in a sharp voice, no longer as calm and elegant as usual.

If she was a woman who couldn’t have any children, why bother to make every attempt to marry into the imperial palace?

“First Miss, there… there is really no special way to fix that!” Doctor Qiu said with a frown and shook his head helplessly.

Shuqi pleaded with her face changing dramatically, “Doctor Qiu, everyone says that you have extraordinary medical skills and your own way of treating patients. Can’t you think of a way different from that of other doctors?”

Moyan also pleaded, “Doctor Qiu, I beg you to save my master, despite a little harm…”

Before Moyan finished her words, she was panic-stricken with her face turning pale and her eyes filled with panic. She had crossed the line. As a maid, how could she make a decision for her master and even say something like that!

“Despite any harm that might be done to my health!” Shao Yanru pressed the corner of the table with her hand and said word by word.

Doctor Qiu fell silent, but did not refuse as before.

This gave Shao Yanru and her two maids some hope. The three of them stared at Doctor Qiu eagerly. The doctors, came here to treat Shao Yanru, all shook their heads and said that Shao Yanru probably wouldn’t have any children during her lifetime because of the harm to her fertility done by the drug. Besides the doctors from outside, Duke Xing even secretly asked an imperial physician to come over in the name of treating one of his concubines, but the imperial physician drew the same conclusion.

When Shao Yanru was about to despair, she suddenly thought of this Doctor Qiu, so she sent Shuqi to bring him here. She was like a drowning person trying all out to grab any straw. No matter who could save her, she would follow his advice fearlessly.

She neglected and was in no mood to care about what had happened in the mansion these days, including Madam of Duke Xing’s being demoted. Since Madam of Duke Xing went to the ancestral hall for cultivation in seclusion, she had never visited Madam of Duke Xing and even never asked about it. All she cared about was her health condition.

Clenching the corner of the table tightly, she looked at Doctor Qiu eagerly and said in a trembling voice, “As long as I can regain my fertility, I can accept any treatment!”

“If… you don’t care about… any harm that might be done to your health, I can give it a try…” Doctor Qiu put the words together cautiously.

“I don’t care about it. I can accept any treatment!” Shao Yanru was overjoyed and said anxiously.

“But this… is really harmful to your health… First Miss, you know that I can save patients with my acupuncture, but it will harm their health at the same time. This is what happens to Miss Wang. If you insist that I treat you with my acupuncture…” Doctor Qiu said while thinking.

“I will die at once?” As Shao Yanru asked, everything went black in front of her and she almost fainted. It was the plot of her and Madam of Duke Xing, so she certainly knew that treated by Doctor Qiu with his acupuncture, Wang Yishu was getting increasingly sick instead of getting better.

Nevertheless, it was Doctor Qiu who kept Wang Yishu alive in three years with his brilliant medical skill.

“No, that’s not true!” Doctor Qiu shook his head and said.

Shao Yanru said with her forehead covered with sweat, “In this case, even if it will do some harm to my health, I don’t mind dying a few years earlier!”

As long as she wouldn’t die at once, she could accept it.

“After the treatment, you will be very weak. Even if you get pregnant, you will have a miscarriage easily and need to spend most of your time recuperating. It will have an influence on your life span, and you will probably die a few years earlier. Even if it has no influence on your life span, you will probably be confined to bed most of the time when you grow old!”

After thinking for a while, Doctor Qiu finally told the possible consequences.

He had his own way of treating patients, and it could be considered the strangest around the world. However, he usually treated patients at the cost of harming their health. In fact, ordinary people couldn’t accept this kind of treatment. Every patient wanted to be cured and be able to live longer. However, he could only make patients seem to have recovered, while their health had been harmed.

Nevertheless, one good thing about his treatment was that it could stop the serious illness from developing for the time being and make patients look much better after his acupuncture.

However, his patients only looked much better. Doctor Qiu had treated several patients in the south of the Yangtze River. They looked fine when being treated by him, but in fact, they became increasingly sick and some of them even died. Nevertheless, because there was no evidence to prove that they died of Doctor Qiu’s treatment, Doctor Qiu got away with it, but more and more people were unwilling to let him treat them.

Only those who were seriously ill were willing to come to him for a try. He seemed to have saved some of them by prolonging their lives for a period of time when other doctors had no solution.

He got both praise and criticism.

After being invited to the capital city by Duke Xing’s Mansion, he had lived in Duke Xing’s Mansion and only been in charge of treating Wang Yishu. Doctor Qiu was very satisfied with his life here with a little work and much pay.

At present, he really wanted to cure Shao Yanru. Since he was paid by Madam of Duke Xing, he thought it his duty to work for his master. But for fear of the possible consequences, he put it bluntly at the beginning.

“Okay!” Shao Yanru gritted her teeth and accepted it. She neither knew nor cared about what would happen in the future. At the moment, she only wanted to regain her fertility.

“In that case, First Miss, I’ll give you a prescription now. You can take the medicine for a period of time to nurse your body. When you get better, I’ll treat you with the acupuncture!” said Doctor Qiu.

“Okay, thank you, Doctor Qiu!” Shao Yanru took a deep breath and said coldly.

Shuqi took Doctor Qiu to the wing room next door to give a prescription, while Moyan lowered her head and stood behind Shao Yanru to serve her.

All of a sudden, it became strangely quiet in the room. Moyan moved her feet in a panic, stole a glance at Shao Yanru’s gloomy side face and did not dare to say a word.

After a long while, she heard Shao Yanru’s voice, “Is my mother detained in the ancestral hall?”

“Yes… I heard that Old Madam and Duke Xing punish her by locking her up there!” Moyan said cautiously. She had reported it to Shao Yanru at the beginning, but she was slapped hard by Shao Yanru at that time. Shao Yanru said that it had nothing to do with her and Moyan didn’t need to report anything about Madam of Duke Xing to her anymore.

Hearing Shao Yanru ask about it at the moment, how could she not panic?

“She brought it on herself. She dared to ask me to drug Shao Wanru without knowing what the drug’s effect. She didn’t think about what the drug would do to me if I accidentally took the drug. It would ruin my life!” Shao Yanru said coldly, fixing her cold eyes on a bottle of plum blossoms by the window.

The plum blossoms in full bloom were picked this morning and looked gorgeous. It could be seen that the person picking them had put a lot of thoughts in them. The plum blossoms were sent from the ancestral hall. Of course, it was Madam of Duke Xing who instructed someone to pick them and deliver them here after she arranged them in a vase.

“Throw the flowers out and smash the vase!” Shao Yanru said sharply.

“Yes, Miss!” Moyan did not dare to persuade her not to do so, hurried over and took the vase away. The First Miss now bore a grudge against Madam. However, wasn’t it the First Miss and Madam’s plan to drug the Fifth Miss?

If someone had to take the blame, the First Miss should also take part of the blame. But now when something went wrong, the First Miss blamed Madam for it. She was even so cruel to her biological mother. In this case, how much did she care about her maids? If something terrible happened in the future, they would probably be pushed out at once to take the blame…

After giving the prescription, Doctor Qiu came back and headed for the Chuihua Gate.

Shao Yanru’s Qiuxue Pavilion was a little far away from the Chuihua Gate. With something in his mind, Doctor Qiu walked, while thinking about how to treat the First Miss Shao. So he was very distracted, paid no attention to his step and was much slower in reacting than usual. He watched as a little maid came over with a hamper and bumped into him.

Then the little maid fell to the ground, clutching her waist and unable to get up at once.

It was quite a hard collision. Doctor Qiu was also knocked two steps back and fell heavily to the ground. Meanwhile, the medicine chest on his back was knocked away. Some bottles came out of the medicine chest, and even the set of needles he placed at the bottom of the medicine chest was knocked away a little far away. He supported himself with his hands on the ground and felt a burning pain.

It turned out that he was knocked down by a maid!

Before he could react, a Miss and a maid appeared at the corner and came over. When the maid saw the scene in front of her, she immediately asked, “What’s going on?”

“Miss, he didn’t watch his step when he was walking, so he bumped into me and knocked me down!” The little maid reached out to point at Doctor Qiu and said angrily.

The villain brought suit against her victim first. Although Doctor Qiu was distracted just now, he neither walked very fast nor used much strength. How could he be knocked back and fall down after knocking down the maid?

“Who are you? What do you come to our mansion for?” Qu Le turned to look at Doctor Qiu and said with an unfriendly look.

Shao Wanru stood under a tree and glanced at the needle bag knocked away from Doctor Qiu’s medicine chest with a trace of doubt in her eyes. This needle bag looked very ordinary with blue as the base color. Blue, an inconspicuous color, was often applied to doctors’ articles. What surprised her was a cluster of orchids at the bottom of the needle bag.

Orchids were elegant and mostly light colored. However, the orchids embroidered on the needle bag were bright red. The deep color made it hard to tell that they were orchids.

Bright red orchids!

If it weren’t for the fact that Shao Wanru found the color quite familiar, she wouldn’t even have been able to figure out that they were orchids at a glance. This cluster of orchids was almost the same as those on her needle bag except for the difference in color.

The set of needles of hers was given by Mingqiu Nun, and Mingqiu Nun also had a set of needles. Shao Wanru had seen that there were also such orchid patterns on Mingqiu Nun’s needle bag.

Except for the difference in color, the orchids on Doctor Qiu’s needle bag were exactly the same as those on her and Mingqiu Nun’s needle bags!

“She knocked me down!” Doctor Qiu argued angrily.

“She is such a little maid. How could she knock you down? Tell me who you are and why you are in our mansion? This is the backyard of Duke Xing’s Mansion, and men are forbidden to come in at will. If you disturb the Misses, what punishment do you think you deserve?” Qu Le, who obviously did not believe what Doctor Qiu said, reached out to put her hands on her waist and said angrily.

She and Doctor Qiu had never met each other before indeed, so it was reasonable that she did not know him. Moreover, although Doctor Qiu had lived in the mansion for such a long time, he had always lived in seclusion and usually got out with a regular route at regular times, so he hardly met others. Most people in the mansion did not know him.

In the past, he enjoyed this peaceful and quiet life without being noticed, but now he was annoyed. Even a little maid dared to question him, which really upset him.

Getting up with his hands on the ground, Doctor Qiu said with a cold face, “I’m the doctor invited by your mansion to treat the First Miss. I’m going out now. If you don’t believe me, you can go and ask the First Miss to verify it!”

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