Medical Princess

Chapter 669 - Went Back To The Mansion In A Hurry And Called For Doctors

Chapter 669 Went Back To The Mansion In A Hurry And Called For Doctors

Shao Jie’er, who was squatting, felt weak and almost knelt to sit down. She couldn’t help trembling. Imperial physician? She had not fallen into the water. If the imperial physician found something, it would be over!

“Second Sister, don’t tremble. Do you feel cold? Don’t be afraid. I’ll take you there!” Shao Yanru rushed over and held Shao Jie’er, who was shivering, to comfort her.

“Since she has already been like this, it’s better to go and see the doctor earlier!” Chu Liuzhou frowned and said coldly.

Shao Yanru held and picked up Shao Jie’er, whose legs were already weak. She and another palace maid helped Shao Jie’er to the side hall and asked the imperial physician to treat her.

The imperial physician reported the result soon after he finished the pulse diagnosis. This Second Miss Shao was very well with nothing happening to her and there was no toxin in her body. However, she seemed to be frightened by falling into the water before and had kept trembling.

This conclusion satisfied many people.

The imperial physician left a prescription for Shao Jie’er who stayed in the side hall. Shao Yanru came back to report to the Empress Dowager and asked to leave.

She was uncomfortable. Originally, she had been in high spirits and wanted to drag Shao Wanru into the trap. She had not expected that it would be good enough if Shao Jie’er could admit this matter after she knew that Shao Jie’er couldn’t drag Shao Wanru into the trap. Shao Yanru’s high spirits immediately dissipated.

In just a short while, she felt that her hands and feet were cold, and her whole body was chilly.

She had really fallen into the water and even struggled in the water for a while. Though she had been rescued later, there was still a distance before she was taken to the warm room on the shore. After such a long distance, she actually felt cold.

“Big Sister… Are you okay?” Shao Wanru came from the side hall with her and asked in a low voice as she walked.

“I… I’m fine. What happened to my second sister also scared me!” Shao Yanru’s face did not look well. When the imperial physician was treating Shao Jie’er, she suddenly came up with something. At this time, she was in a panic and chaos. She just wanted to go home and ask the doctor to see if she was hurt.

The medicine and wine were very harmful to her health. Her grandmother seemingly held back some words when telling her this. According to her understanding of Old Madam, she was afraid that there was something else behind this.

Thinking of this, Shao Yanru couldn’t calm down at this time. Not only her back was cold, but her hands and feet were also chilly.

Shao Wanru stood in the main hall, bowed deeply to the Empress Dowager, and said, “Empress Dowager, could you ask the imperial physician to treat my Big Sister as well? She seems to be not very well either?”

Shao Yanru shook her hands and hurriedly said with tears in her eyes, “No… no… I am just scared by the matter of Second Sister just now. She almost lost her life. Since it is I who take my sisters into the palace, if something happens to you, I… how can I tell my grandmother when I go back?”

Seeing that Shao Yanru was indeed frightened, and really showed sisterhood with Shao Jie’er, Empress Dowager softened her facial expression, “Since the imperial physician is here, it’s okay to have a look. Come to …”

Shao Yanru plopped to kneel down and cried, “Empress Dowager, I do not have to see the doctor anymore. I want to ask for leave. Although there is nothing wrong with my second sister, I’m afraid that there will be sequelae after second sister fell into the water. Empress Dowager, please allow me and my sisters to go home early!”

“Big Sister, Second Sister took the imperial physician’s pill just now. You’d better take a short rest before leaving, lest something happens to Second Sister on your way home!” Shao Wanru said in a low voice.

Shao Yanru clenched the handkerchief in her hand tightly with one hand, and her long fingertips almost pierced into the palm of her hand. She was very anxious to scratch Shao Wanru’s jade-like face.

Shao Yanru took a deep breath to suppress the hatred in her heart, and said, “It is better for Second Sister to rest at home first. We can’t let her stay in Empress Dowager’s palace all the time. Besides, Grandmother may be worried about us at home, since it’s been so long that we haven’t gone back yet.”

She wanted to go back to the mansion right now. The chill flooded her from her limbs and bones, which made her whole body tremble and panic from her bones.

“Just stay here and wait for your second sister to recover. Otherwise, if something really happens, it will make us confused and fail to figure it out again!” Chu Liuchen made a conclusion with a smile.

“In this case, you can go to the side hall to have a rest first!” Empress Dowager was most obedient to Chu Liuchen and nodded at once.

“Yes, thank you, Empress Dowager!” Shao Yanru gritted her teeth and did not dare to disobey Empress Dowager’s words.

Shao Yanru and Shao Wanru left. When they arrived at the side hall, Shao Jie’er was lying on the bed feebly. Hearing voices coming over, she wanted to open her eyes, but suddenly heard Shao Wanru’s voice and hurriedly closed her eyes tightly.

“Has Second Sister fallen into the water? I seemed to see Big Sister fall into the water just now!” Shao Wanru said in a clear and elegant voice, which made Shao Jie’er panic.

Had Shao Wanru seen that?

Shao Yanru was also flustered, but she was not Shao Jie’er after all. With a cold face, she said in a low voice, “Fifth Sister, don’t talk nonsense. The two princes can all verify that it’s Second Sister who has fallen into the water.”

“Did I see wrongly? It seems not!” Shao Wanru stopped at the gate of the hall. “Why don’t we ask the Empress Dowager to ask someone to check it out?”

After that, she turned around and was about to leave.

Shao Yanru grabbed her in anxiety and said angrily, “Since such a thing has happened to second sister, why does Fifth Sister bother to make trouble? Originally this matter is a little strange. If you insist on this, what will the Empress Dowager and the Empress think of our Duke Xing’s Mansion? Even though Fifth sister doesn’t think about Duke Xing’s Mansion, I have to take Duke Xing’s Mansion into first account!”

“Big Sister, are you rebuking me?” Shao Wanru looked at Shao Yanru coldly and asked.

“I’m just reminding you, Fifth Sister. Even if you don’t treat our Duke Xing’s Mansion as your own home and deliberately make things difficult for grandmother, we are still sisters, and people will naturally see us as a whole. If we fight with each other, other people will laugh at us!”

Shao Yanru had to suppress her anger in her heart.

Shao Wanru looked up at Shao Yanru, and there was a trace of coldness in her eyes. This kind of coldness with hostility didn’t seem to belong to a girl in the boudoir.

“Big Sister, don’t treat everyone as fools and think that everyone is at your disposal. Shao Jie’er is really a fool. She doesn’t know what kind of ending she will have and substitutes for you in terms of this matter that you will lose your reputation after falling into the water, but in the end, she may not be able to get a proper title. However, I am not a fool and I still have my own grandmother!”

There was an invisible evil spirit in her beautiful watery eyes. Shao Yanru couldn’t help but turn her neck to avoid her eyes. Shao Yanru said in a weak voice, “Fifth Sister, what do you mean by this? If we work together, we will naturally have the power to cut through a piece of metal. Even if there are some small misunderstandings, they can be explained clearly. Why do we have to make it like this?”

Rui’an Great Elder Princess was indeed the last person that Duke Xing’s Mansion wanted to meet.

“It’s best for Big Sister to think in this way!” Shao Wanru snorted and then walked into the side hall. She sat down on the chair in front of the bed and closed her eyes to rest.

Shao Jie’er lying in the bed felt her heart was beating wildly, and her hands were clenched tightly. Now not only her body but also her heart was trembling. Was she really plotted by Shao Yanru?

Because of her panic and fear, she could only lie in the bed quietly and think about the causes and consequences of this matter, as well as the position she might get. The more she thought, the more flustered she became. She had only been thinking about taking over Shao Yanru’s position as the wife of Commandery Prince Qing before.

At this moment, she suddenly knew that it would be condescending of Shao Yanru to marry Commandery Prince Qing after such a thing had happened to Shao Yanru. But with her status, could a daughter of non-lineal descent become the official wife of Commandery Prince Qing?

If she could not become the wife of Commandery Prince Qing, what would she be? Her heart was in a mess!

Shao Yanru calmed down and wanted to wake Shao Jie’er up, but she saw Shao Wanru sitting on the chair in front of the table. If she wanted to wake Shao Jie’er up, she must pass by Shao Wanru. Just now Shao Wanru’s words frightened her too much, so she didn’t dare to go forward for a while.

Gritting her teeth, she could only sit down and wait for Shao Jie’er to wake up. She originally thought that Shao Jie’er was awake and would wake up soon. However, she did not expect that Shao Jie’er would lie there for such a long time.

When she finally opened her eyes, it had already been an hour later.

Since Shao Jie’er had woken up, Shao Yanru could not stay any longer. She hurriedly went to say goodbye to the Empress Dowager. Only the Empress Dowager and Chu Liuchen were in the main hall, and the grandmother and grandson looked very harmonious. Hearing that Shao Yanru was going back, the Empress Dowager did not refuse her and waved her hand to let them go out.

Shao Caihuan and Shao Cailing also came over at this time. The five of them got on the palace sedans again and went to the gate of the palace. Then they got on the carriage of Duke Xing’s Mansion.

Before they left the palace, Xiao Xuanzi came here secretly and said a few words to Yujie before leaving.

The carriage moved forward, but Shao Yanru was very anxious in the carriage. At this time, she was not in the mood to express her sisterly affection to Shao Wanru. From time to time, she opened the window to look outside, looking forward to returning to Duke Xing’s Mansion early.

Finally, the carriage entered Duke Xing’s Mansion and stopped. Shao Yanru ignored Shao Wanru and rushed out of the carriage. At the same time, she said to the old maid who came to pick her up, “Hurry up, call for the doctor in our mansion, and then go out to invite several doctors with excellent medical skills!”

“Doctor? First Miss, is someone ill?” The old maid was stunned and asked in confusion.

“Just do as First Miss says. Don’t talk so much nonsense. Go to call for the best doctor!” Shuqi came over and kicked the stupid old maid hard, saying angrily.

Like Shao Yanru, she was so anxious that her behavior was also in a panic and her face was dreadfully pale.

“Yes, yes, I’ll go right away!” The old maid was kicked to step back. She did not dare to hesitate anymore and turned to run out in a hurry.

Shao Yanru and her servant hurried to the inner courtyard. Shao Wanru got out of the carriage slowly, and then her eyes fell on the anxious master and her servant. She narrowed her bright watery eyes, in which there was bloodthirsty coldness.

It was not just to mix the wine with the medicine and then push her into the water after she lost her mind. There should be another usage of this medicine. Looking at Shao Yanru who had anxiously wanted to come back just now, Shao Wanru knew that obviously there was something wrong.

Besides her reputation being ruined, another terrible thing for a woman was her body being hurt. Therefore, everything that happened today was planned to completely destroy Shao Wanru!

The bloody scene of her last life was right in front of her eyes and finally turned into hatred hidden in the bottom of her eyes…

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