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Chapter 870 - A Giant Sea turtle with an Amazing Defense Ability!

Chapter 870 A Giant Sea turtle with an Amazing Defense Ability!

The sea turtle immediately flew into a rage when seeing this, and so did the killer.

“Whoosh! Whoosh!” Several water-formed arrows shot out of the sea, aiming at Fang Qiu.

Without hesitation, the killer directly pulled out the dagger at his waist, which was shining with cold light, and swung it toward Fang Qiu fiercely.

“Hmm?” As soon as he obtained the Cyan Dragon Lock, Fang Qiu came to a halt. As the sea turtle and the killer both launched an attack, his Divine Consciousness detected that He Gaoming and others were coming. He didn’t dare to hesitate and immediately shouted, “No one is coming over. You can’t involve in this battle!”

He could sense that this killer was exceptionally powerful.

At least, he was stronger than Ruan Changhong!

Detecting carefully, Fang Qiu found that his strength was extremely close to the ninth class, which was not inferior to Diwu Qian at all!

Moreover, this guy must have learned some skills from treasure books to hide his strength, so Fang Qiu hadn’t discovered him. If he hadn’t been attacked by the sea turtle and released his internal Qi to resist it, Fang Qiu would still have been kept in the dark.

Apart from this killer, there was also a giant sea turtle.

Fang Qiu could feel that the sea turtle was even more powerful than the killer.

However, its superiority didn’t show in its attack power, but its defensive ability.

After all, the turtle shell was incredibly hard.

“All right. I’ll take the Cyan Dragon Lock and your life together!”

Unexpectedly, this killer could speak the Huaxia language, and he could even speak very fluently.

As he spoke, the dagger in his hand suddenly burst out a dazzling cold light as if it were going to engulf people. With a terrifying destructive aura, he was about to stab Fang Qiu fiercely.

“Humph!” Fang Qiu snorted.

A killer whose strength had reached the ninth class was hiding around Fang Qiu, but he did not discover his strength at all. He was too careless. It seemed that he wanted to disguise himself as the weak to defeat the strong.

In fact, Fang Qiu had found this person a long while ago. Since this killer didn’t make a move after concealing himself, it meant that he might have found the Heaven Treasure, so Fang Qiu decided to use him to attract the guardian beast.

But he assumed that the strength of this killer might be eighth-class. He didn’t expect it to be close to the ninth class.

“Disguise yourself as the weak to defeat me? Let’s see if I’ll give you a chance!” Fang Qiu directly burst out all his strength and ducked the killer’s sudden attack at an extremely fast speed. Then, he clenched his right hand into a fist and punched fiercely at the killer.

Fang Qiu managed to strike him.

“Bang!” The sound of this punch echoed!

As the loud blast spread, the killer was instantly knocked back by Fang Qiu’s fist.

“Pitter-patter…” Right at this moment, the sound of earth thumping rang out.

The giant sea turtle actually climbed up from the sea. Its triangular mouth was wide open, revealing a row of teeth. It swung its legs and pounced on Fang Qiu, trying to bite him.

Even a shark would be bitten into pieces by this sea turtle, let alone a human being!

“Let’s see how you can hurt me!” Fang Qiu moved and jumped up high, which caused the sea turtle to leap. Then he turned, went straight over the sea turtle’s head, and trod on its back.

“What’s the use of having a giant body?”

When confronting a sea turtle, it could do nothing to you once you stood on its back.

However, it didn’t mean that it was completely useless since it had grown so big.

As the sea turtle realized that Fang Qiu was aiming at its weakness, a water-formed arrow shot out of its wide-open mouth. With a gust of terrifying energy Qi, it directly rushed toward Fang Qiu.

“Hmm?” Fang Qiu’s heart skipped a beat. He found that the arrow shooting from the giant sea turtle’s mouth was obviously different from before. The impact was several times stronger than the previous water-formed arrow!

If it struck him, he would probably look very awkward.

Thinking of this, Fang Qiu immediately ducked.

As Fang Qiu and the sea turtle fighting fiercely, the killer’s breathing suddenly weakened, and he suddenly disappeared into the darkness!

“Hmm?” Although he was fighting with the sea turtle, Fang Qiu had been paying attention to every move of the killer. When he noticed that the killer suddenly disappeared in the dark, he immediately released his Divine Consciousness and completely covered the whole island.

As soon as he detected through his Divine Consciousness, he found that the killer did not leave at all!

Instead, he hid behind a rock in the distance, trying to let Fang Qiu fight with the sea turtle with all his strength, so that he could benefit from it without doing anything!

“Humph!” Fang Qiu snorted and simply ignored him.

Anyway, this killer could not escape from the surveillance of his Divine Consciousness.

He was fully aware that the most powerful skill of the Cyan Dragon Lock’s guardian beast, which was the giant sea turtle in front of him, wasn’t its destructive power but its defensive ability.

As for Fang Qiu, this sea turtle could indeed trap him, but it was almost impossible for it to hurt him. The only person who could hurt him was the killer in the dark, who had reached the ninth class.

Therefore, Fang Qiu paid special attention to him.

However, under the surveillance of his Divine Consciousness, the killer hiding behind the rock did not move. It seemed that he did not intend to launch a sneak attack. Was he looking for an opportunity to launch one?

While keeping an eye on him, Fang Qiu was still fighting with the giant sea turtle.

After striking for a while, Fang Qiu found that the defensive ability of this sea turtle was amazing. It was arduous for him to break its defense, which made him rather depressed.

There was no doubt that the sea was the territory of this sea turtle.

This turtle shell was also a natural protective armor.

As a guardian beast, it was robbed of the Cyan Dragon Lock by Fang Qiu. The sea turtle would definitely not let go of Fang Qiu. Therefore, in the case that Fang Qiu couldn’t hurt it, it would definitely keep watching Fang Qiu. No matter where Fang Qiu went, it would keep chasing him.

Under the circumstances, there was no doubt that this sea turtle would relentlessly hinder Fang Qiu.

This would be what the killer hiding in the dark wanted to see most.

He would eventually win by playing both ends against the middle!

“Humph!” He slammed on the turtle shell but it caused no harm to the turtle. Fang Qiu couldn’t help but snort and said, “The turtle shell is quite hard. I’d like to see if the flesh in your shell is hard or not!”

This giant sea turtle must have lived for hundreds of years. Its shell was probably firmer than ordinary steel. Even a cannonball might not be able to break it, not to mention human beings.

In this case, the only way Fang Qiu could think of to hurt the sea turtle was to directly channel his internal Qi into the sea turtle’s body, which would cross the extremely hard shell and directly hurt its body inside the shell.

He looked at the giant sea turtle under him. It opened its mouth wide while constantly retreating, revealing its teeth and trying to bite him.

Fang Qiu moved and quickly ducked to the other side.

Inside his body, his internal Qi burst out. Meanwhile, his mental power surged.

Two forces wrapped around his body and gathered on his palm.

With the help of his mental power, Fang Qiu could easily transfer all his internal Qi inside the sea turtle’s body while he attacked it. Then, he would directly control the internal Qi with his mental power, causing a violent collision in the sea turtle’s body so that he could beat it off!

The sea turtle seemed to have noticed that something was wrong. Its wide-open mouth that was about to bite Fang Qiu abruptly stopped. Then several water-formed arrows shot out from its throat. A rain of arrows rushed toward Fang Qiu intensely.

“Hmm?” Fang Qiu was amazed.

He didn’t expect the sea turtle to be so perceptive.

Any guardian beast couldn’t be underestimated!

“Turtle, you obviously looked down on me. Do you think that these water-formed arrows can stop me? Absolutely not!”

“Whoosh!” In the face of numerous water-formed arrows flying over, Fang Qiu moved his body, ready to attack directly while eluding.

“Bang!” But at this moment, a loud gunshot of a sniper rifle rang out.

Almost at the same time as the gunshot sounded, Fang Qiu, who was still in midair, twisted his body without hesitation. A bullet flew past his head.

This bullet was aimed at his eyes!

Fortunately, Fang Qiu’s Divine Consciousness had been covering the entire island, so he completely mastered the flight route of the bullet the moment it left the gun.

He did not give the killer any chance to launch a sneak attack. He even dodged the bullets in advance without facing it at all.

In the dark, the killer hiding behind the big rock obviously did not intend to stop.

“Bang!” After the first shot was ducked by Fang Qiu, the second shot came afterward!

“What?” As he fired, Fang Qiu suddenly frowned because he found that the second shot was not aimed at him.

Instead, it was aimed at the giant sea turtle that was entangled with him!

Compared with Fang Qiu, the sea turtle’s reaction was obviously much slower.

The target of the second bullet was also the eyes of the sea turtle. Because it had just shot the water-formed arrows, the sea turtle had no time to block. It didn’t even have time to retract its head into the shell, so it could only turn its head and dodge.

Finally, at the moment when the sea turtle turned its head to dodge, the bullet hit the sea turtle hard on the neck.

“Pa!” There was an explosion.

When the bullet hit the sea turtle’s neck, it straightly stuck into the flesh and then exploded!

“You’ve spent a large sum of money!” Fang Qiu narrowed his eyes.

He could tell that the two bullets coming from the darkness were highly explosive bullets.

When this kind of bullet hit an object, it would explode and produce another propelling force, thus penetrating the target’s armor.

Under normal circumstances, only large-caliber heavy sniper rifles could use this kind of bullets, and the killer used the most powerful one, the Barrett M95, which was called an S-class sniper rifle!

Fang Qiu didn’t expect that this killer even brought a Barrett to kill him.

This was a ninth-class super expert.

He was so powerful, but he still brought such a powerful firearm with him. It was obvious that this man was determined to kill him!

“Swoosh, swoosh…” The sea turtle opened its mouth, but it couldn’t make a sound. It merely waved its four palm-like feet madly, turned its body wildly, and kept shooting water-formed arrows at Fang Qiu.

The sea turtle went wild. The speed, strength, and even the density of the arrows were much stronger than before!

The sea turtle had no idea who hurt it, so it could only vent all its anger on Fang Qiu and kept chasing and beating him fiercely!

The killer was trying to use the turtle to kill Fang Qiu.

“Humph!” Fang Qiu saw that the killer hiding in the dark was so vicious. How could he let him succeed?

He merely wanted the Heaven Treasure.

“Since you won’t come out, then I’ll eat the Heaven Treasure and see if you will come out now!”

“Still hiding?” After avoiding the attack of the sea turtle, Fang Qiu quickly took out the Cyan Dragon Lock and said while trying to put it into his mouth, “Let me see how you will fight for it after I eat it!”

He pretended to eat in an instant.

He knew that this killer was a ninth-class expert. As for such an expert, 300 million dollars was not a big deal at all. What he wanted was the Heaven Treasure in Fang Qiu’s hands, Cyan Dragon Lock ranked 10th on the Heaven Treasure List!

Otherwise, he could not have endured for so long for the sake of the Cyan Dragon Lock.

Sure enough, seeing that John Doe intended to eat the Heaven Treasure in the battle with the sea turtle, the killer hiding in the dark couldn’t resist it anymore. He immediately fired at Fang Qiu with his rifle, and then a cold light flashed in his hand. He flashed in the darkness and instantly charged to Fang Qiu at lightning speed.

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