Master of the End Times

Chapter 781 - The Fettering Land

Chapter 781: The Fettering Land

There had been two occurrences of spatial overlapping in the last two hundred years.

The first time happened on an important highway of a city, which caused countless cars to go missing. Not only that, this incident also caused the disappearance of an A-tier. Naturally, this had caused great panic among the general populace.

What made this phenomenon rather horrifying was that all spatial waymarks were rejected in these overlapping dimensions—thus, resulting in people who were transported away by the spatial overlap to not be able to return.

The place was thus designated as a forbidden zone. Five years after the incident, the A-tier who went missing finally walked out of the place. From the A-tier’s point of view, he had struggled to live for ten years, causing his powers to be greatly enhanced along the way. However, all of his underlings that were following him that day were all dead.

The second spatial overlap happened in the wild—this time in a mountain ridge. The phenomenon only lasted for three days. Yet, after the spatial overlap was over a huge horde of B-tier beast generals that was found flocking together in the mountains. These monsters’ appearance resulted in the total destruction of the colonies around the mountain ridge and a C-tier city.

Humans, of course, tried to fight back. Yet, the armies that were sent there were too weak to take on these beast generals. The general was killed along with thousands of his soldiers.

Now, they were witnessing the third spatial overlapping phenomenon! And this time, things were much more dire than the previous two. This time, the spatial overlap happened inside a bustling, lively city!

In the last two hundred years, humans were not able to figure out what caused the phenomenon. Since before the A.C Calendar started, humanity had always liked to research and figure out answers to mysteries via science and technology. If they could not do so, the most that they could do was theorize.

Nowadays, the most popular theory amongst the scientists was that when spatial overlaps happened, this meant that this specific spot of space and dimension had two different dimensions pressing against one another. When one of the two dimensions was stronger than the other, this would result in a spatial rift where the stronger one devoured the weaker one.

Right now, humans were already practically living in hell. If there was another much stronger dimension overtaking their turf, things could escalate to a much larger, unbearable scale.

After listening to what Shang Han had to say, Bai Li’s face turned grim and she gave Qin Feng a look. Seeing this, Qin Feng gave her a nod.

“Regent Shang, I will head there at once!” Bai Li said.

Hearing this, Shang Han felt relieved. “The dimension around Chongluo City is quite eerie right now. We could not activate spatial waymarks over there. And even if we could activate spatial waymarks that could go there, I would not recommend teleporting there too. Therefore, I’m sorry to say this but you will have to travel there without spatial powers.”

Qin Feng raised his communicator and answered, “Don’t worry, Regent. We’ll be fine.”

“Are you going too, Qin Feng?”

“Of course!”

“This mission is really dangerous. The situation there is quite eerie to say the least. Many teams that we sent over have all gone missing. Many of them who got close to the city all lost their powers and abilities, and they could only fight using their fists!”

Qin Feng felt that he had heard something similar before upon hearing this.

Still, Qin Feng was not going to back down. “If it’s fighting with my fist, I can totally handle it. I have a god weapon with me and I have trained my body a lot since we last met. Now, my body is as strong as a B4-tier ancient warrior.”

Shang Han was pleasantly surprised when she heard this. At the same time, she could not help but to feel astonished at how monstrously powerful Qin Feng had become. It was already quite rare to see a prodigy learn and train both abilities and martial arts. And yet, now Qin Feng said he had also trained his physical capabilities too? Damn, was there anything that this young man could not do?

“Alright then. I’ll be patiently awaiting your good news, Qin Feng!”


After hanging up, Qin Feng and Bai Li immediately got the information and data about the situation at hand from Shang Han via the communicator—this included the exact, geographical location of where Chongluo City was at.

When he saw the picture of the city, the fleeting confusion that Qin Feng was feeling in his mind was now cleared off.

“It’s the Fettering Land!”

Of course, Qin Feng knew where this was since before he was reborned. However, he had never been to this part of the world. Still, he had never known that there was this city that A-tiers frequented in Hui Lu State back then. This was because before he was reborned, around A.C 219, Qin Feng was only an E7-tier. He had only risen up from the slums and walked out of North Sea State. Then, he spent a lot of time traveling to Shadong Town. In other words, he had spent a lot of his youth wandering in areas where E-tiers and D-tiers mostly flocked together.

Thus, he had never been to Chongluo City.

In fact, when he was strong enough to go there, the city was already no more. It was instead called the “Fettering Land”. And he would have never thought of going to this place.

This was because the place was quite a barren, perilous hellhole.

Due to the spatial overlap that was occurring in the area, abilities, internal energies, runes, consciousness and even the weakest guns could not even function within the Fettering Land.

Thus, if one needed to fight off ultra beasts in this place, one could only rely on their own physical bodies. Still, even though there were a lot of D-tier ultra beasts in there, there were also many B-tier ultra beasts roaming around too!

Without their abilities, even the A-tier ability users stood no chance in taking on the D-tier ultra beasts. Without their powers and abilities, these A-tier ability users were as weak as the civilians.

To Qin Feng, this place was of course as dangerous as it was to the other ability users too. However, as mentioned before, he was much more powerful than them.

“We better head to this spot. By doing that, we could scout from afar and…”

Before Qin Feng could finish his words, his communicator started ringing. When he looked at it, he was surprised to see that it was Z that was calling him!

Frowning, Qin Feng accepted the call.

“Qin Feng, I have a task for you. If you can do it, I can call off that Cinder Pine’s Essence deal we made last time.”

“Really?” Qin Feng’s eyes widened upon hearing this.

Right now, Z’s face was also as grim as a brick. One of his legs seemed to be missing. The spatial force within the area was so powerful that it could cut off Z’s limb!

If he was an S-tier, this would definitely mean that he was gravely injured. However, he was Z. He was able to create spirit by experimenting on himself. Also, his experiment and research had all yielded success, resulting in him being capable of using pure energies to materialize his own limbs from nothing.

As seconds went by, sheer energy that was flowing out of his broken limb had slowly morphed into a new leg for him.

Even though he was able to recover his body with ease, this did not mean that Z would still continue onward to scout the place himself.

Z was able to recognize that this phenomenon was a spatial overlap.

Regardless, he still needed to save his devourer. This was the reason he called Qin Feng.

After listening to what Z had to say and learning that his task had to do with Chongluo City too, Qin Feng felt that this was his chance to repay his debt to Z in one go. As such, he agreed immediately.

Then, Qin Feng called up the authorities of Fengli to inform them where he was heading to before doing a spatial leap with Bai Li. In an instant, they had arrived in the wild from the villa.

“We’re not there yet. But we’re close. Be extra careful when moving around this area.” Qin Feng reminded Bai Li.


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