Master of the End Times

Chapter 587 - Mysterious Old Man

Chapter 587: Mysterious Old Man

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“Bai Li!”

Though Qin Feng was experiencing a severe headache, he was still aware of the surroundings. He shouted worriedly when he saw that Bai Li’s final defense had been shattered.

With a last-ditch effort, Qin Feng kicked his legs and lunged forward as hard as he could.

Qin Feng managed to get Bai Li out of the way with his body’s momentum.


A horrific bang erupted from where they initially stood and the ground quaked violently.

Qin Feng turned his head and saw a ten-meter deep, thirty-meter long crack left behind by the attack. If the same attack had landed on Bai Li, she would be brutally injured even if she were to survive the assault.

Qin Feng could not bear to imagine the consequence.

He could not focus for long as the headache had intensified as a result of his recklessness out of desperation.

Bai Li hugged Qin Feng with her wounded hands. There was only one way now—Run!

But Bai Li knew that Z would not let them get away easily. This was because the enemy’s gaze was deadly fixed on her and Qin Feng at this very moment.

Z was deeply annoyed for yet another failed assault.

More cracks appeared on his raging face.

“Qin Feng, it seems that you refuse to go with me.”

Qin Feng endured the pain in his head and sneered, “I am not stupid.”

Under his sleeve, Qin Feng had taken out a monster’s core and began to absorb it. He wished he could restore his consciousness and internal force as much as possible.

At the same time, Bai Li’s voice sounded in his mind, “Hubby, I still have a lot of beast cores stored inside my secret dimension. We can detonate them to distract him. Though it would not be as powerful as the Sacred Meteor, he is a lot weaker now, too!”

Though it was a critical moment, Qin Feng believed it was not the end yet.

The outcome of this fight would be decided by the tricks they still had up their sleeves.

Z spoke again. “Such as shame. It seems I need to be more aggressive to make you listen.”

Qin Feng and Bai Li were baffled.

‘You are not being aggressive all this while?’ It seems the depth of Z was even beyond Qin Feng’s reach.

Z raised his hand. The silhouette of the Black Dragon once again occurred on his arm.

The same atrocious scenario was about to replay.

All of a sudden, the sky abruptly turned white. Though Qin Feng’s body was immune to extreme heat or cold, he could not help but feel the chill in the air.

It began to snow out of the blue. The Fire Wall placed by Qin Feng earlier seemed to be frozen as well by the unexpected snowfall.

A man had silently arrived at the top of the snow mountain amid the unusual weather.

Qin Feng did not notice how and when the person appeared. He just popped up without a sign.

“Z, enough with your nonsense. Stop forcing the poor child against his will.” The sound seemed to belong to an old man.

On a clearer glance, the man was indeed aged. His hair had gone entirely white. He was wearing a fur coat commonly seen around the Xue Yuan area with his hands crossed and hidden inside the cuffs. He was buff but had a humpback like ordinary old folk.

He could be easily mistaken as just another wealthy old man if he was seen on a street of a city. The fact that he could reach the mountain peak unnoticed indicated that he was not to be taken lightly.

After all, Qin Feng did not even know how deep he and Bai Li had gone into the mountain area to escape Z’s hot pursuit. The avalanche and magma pool earlier had brought down a lot of C-tier or higher beasts as well.

The old man survived all that and talked to Z in a carefree tone. He was obviously somebody.

“Hu San!” Z was slightly taken aback when he saw the old man. “Get back to sleep and stop poking your nose into my business.”

“With all the noise you make in front of my house, how do you expect me to sleep well?” The old man took out a cigar and lit it.

Qin Feng’s expression changed when he saw the cigar.

Due to the evolution of the human body after doomsday, the ecstatic sensation brought by smoking tobacco had reduced drastically. Hence, cigarettes or cigars were no longer in production in today’s world. It became an antique that was owned only by a few prestigious nobles as collectibles.

However, the smell of the cigar was unusually enchanting. Qin Feng could smell it even though he was some distance away.

‘It’s the Dreamer! Who is this old man?’ The cigar is made from a special herb and would cost a fortune.’

“Z, regardless of all the things that you have done in my turf, I have been extremely tolerant all this while. Don’t try to push your luck.”

“Push my luck? Don’t forget who I am doing this for!” Z was obviously agitated.

Hu San flicked the ashes of his cigar and said, “I have heard enough of your dreams. Not today, Z. Now, get out of my sight.”

“Who are you to order me around?”

Hu San replied coldly, “For I am the guardian of the North, and he is the prodigy of the North!”

Z’s face darkened.

“Are you sure you want to protect him?”


“Watch him closely then. In exchange, I want another state.” Z sneered.

Hu San sighed and said, “You can have Hui Lu then. But remember, you can do as you please in the Dark Coalition’s turf but stay clear from the Human Alliance!”

Z smirked as if he was saying, “That’s not something you can control!”

He turned and glanced at Qin Feng and Bai Li. His smirk turned into a hysterical grin. It was especially horrific on his scarred face.

“I will give you three years!”

Qin Feng gripped his fists tightly.

Three years?

Qin Feng was fired up. He would prove to Z that this would be his biggest mistake.

Because Qin Feng believed that he could surpass Z in less than that.

An energy burst out from Z’s body. The silhouette of a black dragon tail promptly appeared on his back. He ascended into the air and vanished in no time.

They were finally safe.

“Thank you!” Qin Feng thanked Hu San. He now owed the mysterious old man his life.

Not only that, but the old man even got him three years of safety. At least, he did not need to worry about hiding from Z all the time and could enhance his skill peacefully.

“You are more than welcome. After all, you are an important prodigy for the Northern region. Anyway, I am deeply impressed by your courage and strength! What a fearless young man!” Hu San raised his hand while talking. A normal-looking hover copter appeared promptly.

“Come, I will see you on the way out of this place. It would be bad if you two survived Z but are then killed by some lowly beasts.”

Qin Feng and Bai Li stepped into the chopper as told. The mountains were indeed too dangerous for them at the moment. Their battle had disturbed the beasts in this area and many monsters were roaming about angrily.

Besides, Bai Li was hurt too. Though it was not serious, Qin Feng would not wish to expose her to further danger.

Last but not least, Qin Feng had a ton of questions he could not wait to ask the old man.

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