Martial Peak

Chapter 2458 - Eastern Territory Heavenly Wolf Valley

Chapter 2458, Eastern Territory Heavenly Wolf Valley

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While leading Lan He through the Void, Yang Kai suddenly stopped.

Lan He had no idea what was going on, and she didn’t dare to bother him, so she just calmly stood by his side.

After a while, Yang Kai stated, “It’s safe here, the space is relatively stable. Sister Lan, take a rest here while I heal my injuries. I will send you out after my injuries are healed.”

“Send me out…” Lan He was momentarily dumbstruck; however, remembering how easily Yang Kai rescued her just now, she was filled with confidence in him. She nodded and said, “Good, don’t worry about me, just focus on healing your injuries as soon as possible. The Asura Earth Demon’s corrosiveness is incredibly powerful, and the longer it remains, the more troublesome it will be to deal with.”

Yang Kai stretched his hand out and mobilized the surrounding Space Principles before speaking, “I have left a Space Seal here, if anything changes, I will be able to detect it at a moment’s notice and come right away.”

After having said that, he turned around and flew to a nearby spot.

After Yang Kai left, Lan He slowly sat down cross-legged and spread her Divine Sense to investigate the surrounding situation. She found that the space here was fairly stable as Yang Kai had said, not like the chaotic situation she had encountered before. At that time, she didn’t dare to make a rash move. All she could do was stay in her spot and wait.

Not too far away from her location, Yang Kai too sat down cross-legged and took out a bunch of healing pills from his Space Ring before stuffing them into his mouth like beans.

His injuries weren’t too serious in fact, the ones caused by the shock of the Mountains and Rivers Bell having already mostly healed. The only problem was the Asura Earth Demon which was like maggots on rotting bones, tightly wrapped around his arm.

He had to circulate his Source Qi to force the power of the Earth Demon out of his body.

Fortunately, his Source Qi was vigorous and pure, so even though this Secret Technique was extremely powerful, it could still be repelled.

As time went on, bit by bit, Yang Kai forced the power of the Asura Earth Demon out little by little. He looked meticulous and his movements were methodical.

After five to six days, he finally heaved a deep breath.

The Asura Earth Demon had completely dispersed now, but his corroded arm had still not been completely healed. Nevertheless, thanks to his tyrannical physique and restorative abilities, such injuries were basically nothing.

After five to six days of recuperation, the injuries he had suffered from the Mountains and Rivers Bell’s shock wave had also fully healed.

Yang Kai flung his arms as he slowly stood up, walking towards Lan He’s location.

Not long after, he came to Lan He’s side and found her still sitting in a cross-legged position in her original spot. The Space Seal he had previously arranged didn’t show any signs of being touched, indicating that this place had been peaceful for the past few days and wasn’t affected by the local Space Principles.

Sensing Yang Kai’s arrival, Lan He stood up and asked, “Brother Yang, are you alright?”

“Everything’s fine now,” Yang Kai assured her with a smile.

“That’s good!” Lan He also heaved a sigh of relief then immediately asked, “Can we go out now?”

Yang Kai replied, “But of course! Come, I will send you out.”

Lan He was taken aback by his words and immediately asked, “What about you? Are you going to remain here?”

Yang Kai smiled and confidently stated, “I am quite familiar with this place so I won’t be in any danger. I want to find the Mountains and Rivers Bell that has also escaped into this Void Crack. I just don’t know where to wander.”

“So, it’s like that!” Lan He also knew that she couldn’t try to persuade him too much; after all, she wasn’t close with Yang Kai. “Then I hope Brother Yang gets his wish fulfilled.”

“Many thanks for your kind words,” Yang Kai smiled.

“Right!” Lan He suddenly remembered something and asked, “You said that you wanted to ask me about something, what was it?”

After being reminded by her, Yang Kai also remembered and smacked his head as he replied, “It’s like this, I have a friend who has departed from the Northern Territory more than a year ago for your Heavenly Wolf Valley.”

“Brother Yang’s friend? Is it to join our Heavenly Wolf Valley? But how come anyone from the Northern Territory wants to join us?” Lan He was surprised after hearing this.

If it was a cultivator of the Northern Territory, he or she would choose the Northern Territory’s Sects first. It made no sense to travel all the way to the Eastern Territory by trekking through mountains and rivers; after all, there was a huge distance between the two territories. If one didn’t use cross-territory Space Arrays, one might not be able to arrive even after a few years.

“It’s a bit complicated. I will tell you about it along the way,” Yang Kai started explaining to her while he led Lan He to find the weak point in the Void Crack.

The friend he spoke of was naturally Ling Yin Qin.

When the Holy Son of Brahma Holy Land, Zhang Hao, mentioned Heavenly Wolf Valley, Yang Kai felt that he had heard of this Sect somewhere before, but when he tried to recall where, he couldn’t remember. Later, a flash of thought had suddenly jogged his memory.

Ling Yin Qin had mentioned Heavenly Wolf Valley to him.

Because Ling Yin Qin’s departed husband was from the Eastern Territory’s Heavenly Wolf Valley! The two met and fell in love in the Solitary Void Sealed World. Later, they married, but her husband had died while saving her. Ling Yin Qin cherished his memories to this day.

The high-level Spirit Purifying Array she lent to Yang Kai at that time was bought by her husband at a high price and was the last memento she possessed of him. Because of this, after the Spirit Purifying Array was damaged, Yang Kai took great pains to ask Sang De to repair it, which led to many other affairs afterwards.

When Ling Yin Qin came out of the Solitary Void Sealed World, she had decided to bring her husband’s ashes back to Heavenly Wolf Valley where he could rest in peace.

Lan He kept sighing after learning about the matters of Ling Yin Qin and her husband before speaking, “Then Sister Ling must be a woman of deep and unwavering sentiment.”

If she wasn’t such a woman, why would she go all the way from the Northern Territory to the Eastern Territory just to send her husband’s ashes back to his Sect? It should be known that this road was not only long, but also dangerous. A moment of carelessness could result in death.

“Big Sister Ling is kind and compassionate,” Yang Kai solemnly said.

“What was her husband’s name? If he was really a Heavenly Wolf Valley disciple, perhaps I’ve heard of him,” asked Lan He.

Yang Kai shook his head. “Big Sister Ling never mentioned it.”

“Good, when I meet Big Sister Ling, I’ll just ask her,” Lan He didn’t probe deep into this.

Yang Kai stated, “Big Sister Ling is still deeply tied with her husband, so I think even after she has sent his ashes back, she might not want to leave his side. It is just that Big Sister Ling isn’t a Heavenly Wolf Valley disciple, so Heavenly Wolf Valley might not let her stay for a long time. This Yang wants to request from Sister Lan that if you meet Big Sister Ling in the future, please take care of her. If she could join Heavenly Wolf Valley, become a Heavenly Wolf Valley disciple, that would be even better. If that doesn’t work, please let Big Sister Ling mourn her husband from time to time, so as to soothe the longing in her heart.”

“Since Brother Yang has entrusted this to me, there will naturally be no problem,” Lan He was also very easy-going and agreed at once.

Yang Kai was overjoyed as he said, “With Sister Lan’s promise, I will not have to worry.”

Lan He was the Eldest Senior Sister of Heavenly Wolf Valley, so her status was definitely incomparable to an ordinary disciple. Since she had agreed, she would definitely follow through. Although her appearance was stunted, she had a heroic spirit.

“Then what’s Big Sister Ling’s current cultivation?”

“Third-Order Dao Source Realm. Although her strength might not be at the top, it’s definitely not bad,” Yang Kai gave a pertinent assessment.

“Third-Order Dao Source Realm?” Lan He’s eyes lit up after hearing this. She clapped and assured, “It will really not be a problem for her to join our Heavenly Wolf Valley. If it was someone of unknown origin, we might have to test him or her thoroughly, but since it’s someone mentioned by Brother Yang, this test can be waived. I will tell the Sect Master after I go back.

“Many thanks!” Yang Kai couldn’t help but heave a sigh in relief. Although he didn’t have much friendship with Ling Yin Qin, no matter what, they had come out of the Solitary Void Sealed World together.

With her cultivation, joining Ice Heart Valley would not have been a problem; moreover, Bing Yun also wanted to keep her, but she was determined to go to Heavenly Wolf Valley, so everyone respected her wishes.

If she could join Heavenly Wolf Valley, it could be regarded as a good place for her to stay. This way, she would not only have the support of a powerful Sect, but she could also be with her husband day and night. Yang Kai believed that Ling Yin Qin would also not refuse this.

While the two were talking, Yang Kai suddenly stopped, with Lan He coming to a halt as well.

Yang Kai spread his Divine Sense and scanned the surroundings before speaking, “It’s here. I will tear space so Sister Lan He can leave without any worries. There will be no danger.”

“Good,” Lan He nodded before she cupped her fist and stated, “Brother Yang must also be careful. If there is a chance, you have to come to Heavenly Wolf Valley as a guest.”

“Sure, sure!” Yang Kai replied.

After speaking, his face turned serious as he stretched his hand ahead, piercing into space.

As he kept manipulating the local Space Principles, the Void distorted and instantly became unstable.

Lan He’s face slightly changed as she held her breath, not daring to cause any interference.

“Open!” Yang Kai shouted as his hands suddenly moved to the sides. Under Lan He’s shocked gaze, the space in the front was ripped apart like a piece of silk, opening a slit.

And with Yang Kai’s movements, the gap grew bigger and bigger.

Lan He’s eyes trembled slightly, looking at the sight before her in surprise.

Tearing space with one’s bare hands was a skill she had heard of in legends, but never had a chance to witness with her own eyes.

But now, this shocking sight was clearly presented before her.

From the Void Crack, Lan He clearly saw the dilapidated scene of the Shattered Star Sea and she immediately understood that she would be able to return there through this opening.

“Go!” Yang Kai shouted in a low voice.

Lan He didn’t dare to hesitate. Her figure flickered as she rushed into the crack and in a flash, she had arrived on the opposite side. When she turned around to look, the crack was quickly closing. Yang Kai was standing in the Void, waving at her with a smile.

“Brother Yang, take care!” Lan He shouted, but the crack had already closed. Who knows whether Yang Kai had heard her or not.

After standing on the spot in a daze for a while, Lan He sighed and looked toward the depths of the Shattered Star Sea.

Her contact with Yang Kai was short, but it seemed to have opened a new door in front of her, allowing her to see just how powerful a Dao Source Realm cultivator could be. The elite disciples of the top Sects she had encountered before were like ants to him.

She asked herself whether she could cultivate to such a level, but the answer she got was a firm no. If she wanted to become stronger, the only choice she had left was to break through to the Emperor Realm!

An urgent notion rose from the depths of her heart, to advance as soon as possible and obtain greater strength!

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