Lady Su’s Revenge

Chapter 403 - Holy tactical matrix of Meng Sect

Chapter 403 Holy tactical matrix of Meng Sect

Above the void—

Followed by several elders, the First Elder of Meng Sect flied down slowly from the main mountain hall. He was in surprise when he saw Su Li fly with nothing under her feet.

A person who could do that must be in Yuanying Realm at least.

Although he quarreled with Qing Weiyue confidently, he was frightened to really face an enemy in Yuanying Realm.

It was the existence that could kill him at any time!

When did Meng Sect offend an old fox in Yuanying Realm?

He didn’t understand it. He flew his sword to Su Li bravely, and stopped not far away from her. Then he held his hands together before his chest, saying, “Please don’t be mad, senior and I’m the First Elder of Meng Sect. If there are conflicts between us, we could discuss with each other gently. There is no need to use force to break the peace.”


Su Li smiled meaningfully and said softly, “I heard that you have been humiliating my disciples for a year. For me, I never break the peace.”

Hearing what she said, First Elder’s face suddenly changed a little, and he said, “Are you Grand Elder of the Ni Sect?”

Qing Weiyue was behind First Elder in surprise. Seeing him, Su Li said coldly, “Is there any other grand elders in the Ni Sect? Hmm?”

“I have just practiced in isolation for a year, and you almost bullied my disciples to death. If I practiced for a hundred years in isolation, are you going to kill them all?”

“Don’t be angry, senior!”

Upon hearing her words, First Elder trembled and said instantly, “I didn’t discipline my disciples well, which led to the result. And all of us never want to hurt you, so please examine it accurately, senior!”


Smiling indifferently, Su Li satirized, “Who has said that he wanted to unite with Su Family to fight against us in the main mountain hall?”

After listening to her words, First Elder and others were anxious instantly and realized a fact that what they once said was heard by her.

“What should we do? Su Family doesn’t prepare well and the holy tactical matrix hasn’t been opened. Our enemy has come to us. So how can I deal with it?”

First Elder was so anxious that there was a cold sweat appeared and the atmosphere was so tense at the moment.


Qing Weiyue stepped forward head-on with hands holding together before his chest, “Would you discuss with us for the sake of my previous help?”

Saying that, Qing Weiyue sighed silently inside.

After all, he still cared about the lord’s salvation. Although this female senior might not pay attention to him to a great degree, but… he tried his best to help them and wasn’t sorry for them.


Su Li nodded slightly. She didn’t want to fight with them in public because it would do no help if she revealed too much talent.

“Senior, this way, please!”

First Elder was both surprised and happy. He just worried about that he had no time to open the holy tactical matrix. And Su Li agreed with them totally in time.

Seeing First Elder point at the main hall behind the mountain, Su Li was silent for a moment. She smiled unclearly and flew into the hall with the four people who were unconscious behind her.

Although First Elder didn’t understand why Su Li agreed so easily, he had no time to think. He followed with others as he praised.

“Weiyue, well done. You won enough time for us. And after finishing it, there will be awards for you!”

Hearing this, Qing Weiyue’s look changed slightly and his relaxed mood immediately became tense, “Isn’t it a peace talk? First Elder, please be reasonable!”

First Elder said coldly, “Qing Weiyue, you should know your position! I didn’t punish you for letting her come in. Now you are accusing me? It’s not your turn to tell me what I should do. Get out!”

“Ning Dawei, don’t talk unreasonably and I didn’t let anyone come in!”

Qing Weiyue denied it. However, First Elder sneered, “We heard what you said to that Grand Elder of the Ni Sect clearly and don’t you dare to admit it?!”

“I thought she was…”

Before finishing his words, Qing Weiyue stopped. The astonishing power that Su Li captured three Mount Heads successively frightened him. So if she was mistaken as a new disciple, he was unable to persuade himself.

“Can’t you make up the lie?”

Ning Dawei asked more and more aggressively, “Qing Weiyue, remember that you are the external elder of Meng Sect. I will not punish you this time. But don’t push it.”

Then, he looked at the two elders around him and said, “Control him and don’t let others contact with him!”

“Yes, First Elder!”

Looking at Qing Weiyue’s uncomfortable face, those two elders smiled gently. According to their cultivation, they were enough to control Qing Weiyue totally.

After doing all these things, Ning Dawei walked to the hall behind the mountain smugly. Feeling that the holy tactical matrix was about to start absolutely, he kept his back straight. After walking in, he saw that Su Li turned her back to him as if she was enjoying the decorations of the main hall.

Subconsciously, Ning Dawei bowed slightly, but was filled with humiliation and anger in an instant. He was going to summon up courage to speak, but he saw Su Li turn around suddenly, saying with a smile,

“Is the tactical matrix open?”

Ning Dawei was at a loss. His right hand in his sleeve shook with the matrix plate. He asked gently, “What matrix? I don’t understand.”

She showed more joy in her eyes, but she said coldly, “Do you think… you are qualified to consult with me? I wait patiently to know your Book Tactical Matrix. Now you tell me that you didn’t prepare well?”


He was shocked and angry, but more scared. He had no time to consider the current situation that the holy tactical matrix was only half open. He pressed the core of the matrix plate!

At the moment—

A huge golden book appeared from the ground, wrapping Su Li and Ning Dawei in it.


Seeing Su Li was waiting for the big tactical matrix to close, he realized that she really wanted to know the holy tactical matrix. So he laughed, “You little girl! You should break into the big tactical matrix of Meng Sect without permission and I will let you know that although you are in the Yuanying Realm, you are still a loser in holy tactical matrix of the Meng Sect!!”

Then he clicked on the matrix plate with his fingers and said gently, “Sword converting from the characters. Go!”

As the instruction of the matrix plate was sent out, the golden characters were off the pages in the phantom of the book and changed into many golden daggers to Su Li’s key points powerfully.

With a little interest, Su Li prepared a very thick genuine energy shield and one of her hands reached from it towards the golden daggers.

“You are so arrogant! How could you use your physical body to fight against the golden swords that was changed from holy tactical matrix?”

Seeing this, Ning Dawei could not help laughing. However, at next moment, his laughter was chocked into the stomach and he glared at Su Li in fright.

With some noises, almost all of flying swords were caught by the genuine energy shield. It seemed that these swords couldn’t move. And one of the swords was controlled by Su Li with two fingers steadily.

“What? …you catch it… really?”

Ning Dawei was so surprised that he almost threw away that matrix plate in his hand, “What are you? Catching swords with bare hands. A genuine energy shield that is several inches thick… Wait! A genuine energy shield? She is in the Zhuji Realm!”

Ning Dawei was nearly shocked by all these truths.

Frowning slightly at this time, Su Li let go of the golden sword and took back her hand. A little blood was on her fingers.

“Unexpectedly, it hurt me. This matrix is really extraordinary, but… that’s all.”

Su Li murmured with a trace of disappointment in her eyes.

She needed to confirm her cultivation in a hurry, but the so-called book tactical matrix didn’t meet her demand totally.

“That’s all. There are so many chances. I will take some other risks.”

Shaking her head, she flashed in front of Ning Dawei instantly and grabbed the matrix plate.

“So quickly!!”

Ning Dawei was almost frightened to death. In such danger, he became quite calm and directly broke the array disk in a frenzy, “Grand Elder of the Ni Sect, you push me too much. Six-fold Holy Realm. Reveal!”

After this, the matrix plate in Ning Dawei’s hands was broken. He spat blood continuously. Even his breath became almost imperceptible.

Falling to the ground, his face was pale. Seeing Su Li in front of him, he laughed like an idiot, regardless the sequelae caused by the forbidden skills that he used.

“Even if you are a powerful monster, what can you do? I will kill you at last!”

As he laughed, he started to cry. At first he sobbed, and then he began to cry aloud shortly.

The cost of showing Six-fold Holy Realm… was his life.

He had no time.

Looking at the wound which had healed on her fingertips, Su Li glanced around and started to be careful.

The Six-fold Book Tactical Matrix… was a little different.

Using her psychic awareness, she found nothing. She took a breath slightly and considered.

“Psychic awareness is useless. Is the matrix a maze?”

When Su Li was thinking, a golden light appeared quickly and shot at her chest faster than lightning!

“Oh no!”

Narrowing her eyes instantly, Su Li could only protect her vital parts from being hit.


Su Li whispered and one of her shoulders was hurt when the golden light flashed. The white clothes on her right shoulder were filled with blood instantly.

“What power is this? Even my genuine energy cannot withstand it.”

Su Li tried to shrink her wound to stop bleeding. Meanwhile, she watched around much more carefully. However, that golden light seemed to be intelligent and appeared behind her directly again.

Although Su Li wanted to avoid it, she was still hit because of the difference between her speed and reaction.

This time, her right arm was hurt.

After several times, Su Li was stained with blood around her body. And that power was so sharp that no wound couldn’t be stopped bleeding totally.

Su Li looked pale. But there was scary calm in her eyes. It seemed that it was not her who got hurt.

“I am not familiar with this kind of power… I couldn’t understand it, because I didn’t encounter it neither in my previous life nor now.”

She thought as she fought with the golden light occasionally for several times. Then, she understood it a little finally, but she still didn’t know the essence and source of it.

She thought for a moment and then passed her feelings to Black Lotus.

At the next moment, Black Lotus yelled immediately.

“Little Su Li, how could you offend it?!”

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