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Chapter 676 - Burned by Fire Beyond Recognition?

Chapter 676: Burned by Fire Beyond Recognition?

But no one could be so calm and composed when reminded of such a thing. It was inevitable that there would be lingering fear.

“Oh right, Miss Li.”

Just as Li Chengcheng was walking to the door of the office, Shi Yuting’s cold voice called out to her again.

She stopped in her tracks and felt an inexplicable sense of panic in her heart.

However, on the surface, she remained calm and tried her best to maintain her composure.

Turning around, she met his unfathomable black eyes and asked, “Is there anything else, Mr. Shi?”

His deep, ink-like eyes stared at her, causing Li Chengcheng to feel uneasy.

He smiled deeply. “I heard that Miss Li was also seriously injured in that accident to the point of being on life support for several months before waking up. Is that true?”

The more he continued to ask, the more uneasy Li Chengcheng felt.

Was it because of his sudden curiosity, or did he already notice something?

She tried to maintain her calm composure.


Right now, she had to not panic.

“I also heard that in that accident, Miss Li’s face was burned by the fire beyond recognition?”

Hearing this, Li Chengcheng’s heart suddenly froze, as if she had been significantly hit by something, and her face instantly turned as pale as snow.

“Miss Li?”

After a long while, Li Chengcheng finally came back to her senses, and looked awkwardly at Shi Yuting.

“Yes, but facial reconstruction technology has advanced very far now, so I’m very lucky to be able to experience it.” Although she tried her best to calm herself down, her heart still felt a little frantic as she continued to be scrutinized by that pair of suspicious dark eyes.

Shi Yuting continued smiling. “Indeed, the word ‘miracle’ really was meant for a person like you.”

There was definitely a deeper meaning behind his words but she could not figure it out.

She smiled for a long time. Seeing that he did not speak again, she said, “Well then, I’ll be leaving first.”

This time, Shi Yuting did not speak again. Instead, he watched her walk out of his office until the door was closed again.

He looked back at Weiyi and noticed that she was staring at the door in a daze.

“What’s wrong?” His voice brought her back to reality.

Then, she muttered, “I must be imagining things…”

“What imagination?”

Even though her mumble was as soft as a mosquito’s buzz, he still heard it clearly.

She looked up at him as she thought about it, but didn’t say it out loud.

If she told him that she thought Li Chengcheng’s back was similar to Tengtang Xi’s, would he think that her illness was incurable?

No, it can’t be true!

She must just be hallucinating…

Wasn’t this one of the symptoms mentioned for schizophrenia?

Was she really sick?

“It’s nothing…” She looked down uneasily

He watched her blink several times as she tried to hide her anxiety.

He wanted to ask further, but was worried that her thoughts will start to spiral out of control.

“Oh, right. Why did you suddenly ask about the accident of Li Chengcheng’s cruise ship explosion?”

Shi Yuting looked out the French window. “Because it’s strange.”

“What’s strange?” She looked at him curiously.

He tilted his head at her with a doting smile. “It’s nothing. Let’s go home!”

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