Invincible Divine Dragon’s Cultivation System

Chapter 620 - Return Of The Dragon King (1)

Chapter 620: Return Of The Dragon King (1)

“Our Sect Leader and Emperor Qi have returned as rulers. Now that the alliance of orthodox sects and Diabolism have allied together, this Underworld will be our Underworld!”

“That’s right! The Dragon Sect was just a fleeting existence after all!” Several young men were smoking while conversing joyously.


At this moment, a pair of huge hands fell heavily on the car beside them suddenly.

“F*ck!” The group got a scare and exclaimed, “Who the hell did this?”

The disciples from Dong Hua Sacred Sect turned their heads over and stared harshly.

“Nie Wushuang and Emperor Qi are back? They have gone to annihilate the Dragon Sect?”

Wang Xian’s emotionless voice sounded beside their ears.

When they saw Wang Xian, they were taken aback and started observing him cautiously.

After close to two months, Wang Xian’s hair had grown a little longer. As he had advanced to Level 9, his disposition had also changed. There was innate holiness and a majestic aura around him.

“F*ck! Who are you? How dare you call our Sect Leader by his name. Are you too eager to die?”

“Damn! Do you know who owns the world currently?”

The young disciple couldn’t recognize Wang Xian. They glowered at Wang Xian as they scolded him.



Wang Xian waved his arm at two young men and boiling water that was a scorching hot temperature surrounded the two young men.

He stared at the young man who had remained silent all this while, and questioned him.


Just as that young man wanted to speak, he saw his other two companions turning into a pool of blood creepily.

His eyes widened and he stared at Wang Xian with fear. “You… You…!”


At the other end, several girls shrieked in fear as they hid in the car.


Killing intent welled up in Wang Xian gradually and shrouded towards the young man.

Feeling the grip around his throat from a devil that seemed to be from the abyss, that young man shivered violently. “Yes… Our Sect Leader returned a short while ago. Today… Today, they are bringing a group to Rivertown to annihilate the Dragon Sect. Big brother, don’t kill me… Don’t…”

“Who would have expected Nie Wushuang and Emperor Qi to still be alive! Furthermore, they allied together to annihilate my Dragon Sect. Great! Great!”

Wang Xian’s face turned solemn and the killing intent leaking from his body even solidified the surrounding atmosphere.

That young man’s expression turned as white as snow and a pool of liquid dripped down from his pants.

“It seems like someone is courting his own death again!”

Wang Xian grumbled softly and frenzied killing intent flashed across his eyes. “If you guys dare to touch Xiao Yu and the rest, I’ll send the entire Underworld to hell to accompany them!”


A terrifying aura erupted and Wang Xian’s figure disappeared towards the edges of the sky.

Roving Sword followed closely behind.

“He… He…”

The young man that survived the ordeal stared in shock at the two disappearing men. His eyes widened and were filled with fear.

“That back view is so familiar. He… Could it be… the Dragon King…? He must be! He definitely is!” the young man shouted loudly like a maniac.

He looked beside him. A while ago, he had two other Senior brothers. Now, he had no one with him.

Nothing was left of them.

That terrifying strength and that familiar back view had to be Dragon King’s!

“Shit! Shit! He said if anything were to happen, he would send the entire Underworld to hell!”

Following this, the young man took out his phone immediately and entered the Underworld website.

Today, the Underworld was exceptionally lively.

The return of the Kings! Nie Wushuang together with Emperor Qi from Diabolism and several other Sacred Sects had reached an agreement to annihilate the Dragon Sect!

Today, the Dragon Sect would definitely be annihilated. All those who were related to the Dragon King would also definitely be killed!

Today was the first time the alliance of orthodox sects would work with Diabolism to eradicate the arrogant Dragon Sect.

Now that the Dragon King was dead, the Dragon Sect should definitely be annihilated.

[Kill! Kill everyone from the Dragon Sect. Kill the kin of the Dragon King! Haha! Spare no one!]

[The Dragon King from the Dragon Sect has killed countless experts from Diabolism. Today, we will let the Dragon Sect experience what is worse than death!]

Several threads were refreshed frantically on the Underworld website. All the martial artists in the Underworld were exhilarated.

A few days earlier, the Sect Leader of Dong Hua Sacred Sect and Emperor Qi of Diabolism had returned.

After their return, they announced instantly that the feud between the alliance of orthodox sects and Diabolism shall be forgiven. Dong Hua Sacred Sect and Devil Corpse Palace even announced that they would be merging into one Eternal Sacred Sect.

Countless incidents were shocking the entire Underworld.

Two months ago, the Dragon King from the Dragon Sect and a swordsman fought with Nie Wushuang and Emperor Qi.

In the end, the four of them broke the sky and seemed to have entered a different world.

A few days earlier, they returned officially to make shocking news.

The alliance of orthodox sects and Diabolism had put aside their feud, Dong Hua Sacred Sect merging with Devil Corpse Palace… Each of these incidents had shocked the entire Underworld.

This morning, they announced they would be annihilating the Dragon Sect.

This matter instantly electrified various forces. The strength of the Dragon Sect was too terrifying. It was to the point that they were fearful of the Dragon Sect.

Even when the Dragon King wasn’t around, they were still frightened by the current Dragon Sect.

Annihilating the Dragon Sect was what various Sacred Sects would like to see.

[The Dragon King is dead! Dragon Sect will definitely be annihilated!]

The young man saw the hottest thread. There were also a large number of replies in this thread.

The thread clearly indicated that the Dragon King was dead and the Dragon Sect had lost the strength to retaliate. They would definitely be annihilated.

The one who had started the thread even made it clear that it was Sect Leader Nie Wushuang and Emperor Qi who personally claimed that the Dragon King was dead.

“F*ck! The Dragon King isn’t dead. He’s not f*cking dead at all. Moreover, he’s even more terrifying than before. I definitely have to inform other members of my sect now!”

The young man’s expression turned solemn and he felt like his world was spinning. He immediately called several numbers.

However, no one picked up the call.

“Could they be on their way to annihilate the Dragon Sect?”

The young man’s face turned white and despair was creeping up on him. The Dragon King wasn’t dead! If the Dragon Sect were to be annihilated, the Underworld would be finished!

“This won’t do. I’ve got to spread the news on the Underworld and inform everyone that the Dragon King isn’t dead!”

The young man started editing the thread before sending it to the Underworld website.

“The Dragon King has returned. He’s not dead yet. Moreover, he’s even more terrifying than before!”

Although he had started the thread, there wasn’t any interest. Even if there were comments, most people wouldn’t believe it.

[The death of the Dragon King was confirmed by Sect Leader Nie Wushuang and Emperor Qi.]

[Tsk! So what if he isn’t dead? Even if the Dragon King were to show himself in Rivertown at this moment, he would have to die!]

At this moment, he was taken aback by a reply he saw.

It was a link to another thread.

[Live Streaming of the annihilation of the Dragon Sect!]

He clicked on the thread and browsed through quickly. When he saw the latest few replies, his face stiffened.

[The strongest experts that are leading the annihilation of the Dragon Sect aren’t Sect Leader Nie Wushuang or Emperor Qi. They are four old men who are far stronger than Sect Leader Nie Wushuang and Emperor Qi. Even if the Dragon King is still alive, the Dragon Sect will definitely be annihilated this time. The Dragon King would also meet his end!]

“Four old men that are even more terrifying than Sect Leader? Those four old men!”

The young man was dumbfounded and frowned. He recalled the moment several days ago when he had caught a glimpse of the Sect Leader.

“Sect Leader only allied with Diabolism after he returned from that world. Could it be…”

“There are four other characters that are even stronger than our Sect Leader. In other words, even if the Dragon King has the guts to return, he would also be killed!”

“Haha! This is great! Perfect! Dragon King! How dare you kill my Senior brothers. You shall die too!”

“Sending the entire Underworld to hell? You can head there yourself!”

Recalling the peaks and valleys of his life, the young man couldn’t help but burst into laughter with a sinister grin!

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