I’m Not Shouldering This Blame

Chapter 26

The flame was extinguished。

Both of them struggled to get out of the deformed to beyond recognition car,and lied on the ground。

Jian Hua is covered in cold sweat and with a pale face. His fingers are twitching spasmodically. A colossal pain spread out,like his organs was being crushed by some kind of power——his abilities are fully awakened at the moment of life and death。

In Li Fei’s eyes,the beast that slept in the dark,stood up roaring and dissatisfied. Its anger was directed at the monster,but also staring at himself with greed。He instinctively wants to resist,but the crisis and killing intent receded like a tidal wave。

Jian Hua coughed with difficulty because of the smoke left behind, and he came to. Removing the black ash on his face,he was shocked that in front of him is a large carcass of a car that he’d never seen before. The four-wheeled vehicle was entirely deformed by that monster。

“Li Fei?”

“I’m here.”

Because they crawled out of the window on opposite sides,with the car in the middle,they just can’t see each other。He can only reach out to Li Fei ,moving his body half a meter forward to indicate that he’s still alive。

Jian Hua is determined,but he was so weak that he can’t get up,and can only continue to lie down。

But Li Fei is relieved. He stood up and walked around the car to Jian Hua. When the two saw each other,they want to laugh。

Surrounded by soot and with their hair in a mess,there is no difference between his Paris’ new autumn clothes and Jian Hua’s supermarket goods. There are bloodstains on their arms,and their pants are also pierced by broken glass。

If the two of them grabbed bowls and went to the subway to beg,they will undoubtedly be ignored and driven out。Comapre to them right now, the beggars in big cities would be considered dressed up. They would not be tattered,not be dirty,not to mention, probably not be like someone who came out of a disaster film。

Li Fei does not pay attention,freely sitting beside Jian Hua. He rubbed his forehead and said, “The next time we go out,remember to remind me to use an off-road vehicle!The kind with good quality,should be made in Germany.”

“Cayenne,do you have it?”

“If we go back this time, I’ll buy it.” Li Fei solemnly said。

Jian Hua rolled his eyes,he don’t want to speak with such a noveau riche。

——his heartbeat is fast,probably because of the narrow escape from death,or the sequelae from the awakening of his ability。

Li Fei picked up a tentacle of the rainforest squid. After looking at the corpse,he went back to Jian Hua,contemplating on how the monster died。

At that time, he “saw” countless thin threads taking away the power from its surroundings。

His flame was absorbed,and the rainforest squid also violently convulsed……

Confirming from the tentacles that he brought,and that the entire body of the rainforest squid “shrunk” into a circle,Li Fei felt a chill on his neck。

Despite this,Li Fei did not reveal any flaws,and also able to ask with a smile, “Huai City News reports spontaneous car combustion,but how would they explain the presence of a giant grilled squid in the middle of the road?”

Jian Hua took a deep breath. “Are you sure that the monster’s corpse from the Abandoned World will appear in our world?”

Li Fei thought for a moment,realizing that it makes sense。

“Hold on,what are you doing?” Jian Hua is puzzled by Li Fei’s actions。

“Shooting a photo of the culprit with my phone. If the Red Dragon people came looking for a fight,i’ll give it to them.” Li Fei casually said。

Just the chase spread to four blocks. It did not cause any considerable losses to the buildings. Only, the cars on the road that were smashed,overturned,and pierced with two holes on the front and back window by the tentacle,can be found everywhere。

The guardrail in the middle of the road collapsed,and there are also a few rare gingko trees that are much damaged。

“Shoot?” Jian Hua held hope。

“Can’t……” Li Fei looks at the dark screen,sighing and shoving the phone back into his pocket。

“We need to leave here as soon as possible. We don’t know if there are several of this squid in Huai City.”

Jian Hua can barely support himself to stand up. Li Fei intended to help him,but Jian Hua rejected. His strength gradually recovered ,it’s just that his body is still uncomfortable, but the feeling of hunger from before was gone。

“Leave the car here?” Jian Hua raises his eyes to consult Li Fei。

Li Fei determined that the car was scrapped. It’ll be more expensive to get it back and repair it than to buy a new car. “I can deceive all but the Red Dragon. We left traces of fire on the ninth floor of the hospital,it’s enough to explain everything。As for the other things……we can just conceal it.”

They don’t know where the Ferrari’s license plate went,but they don’t want to get in trouble later, so they better get it back。

The two walked two blocks towards the original place,and successfully retrieved the license plate。

“Does your body hurt?”

“It’s all skin injuries,not too deep. The clinic is in front. I don’t know whether the medical alcohol inside has an effect,but at least there is gauze。” Jian Hua points to a direction。

Two wretched people walk into the alley,seeing Jian Hua’s car first before the clinic’s signboard not far from it。

No one was in the clinic,and he guessed that Old Cheng did not enter the Abandoned World。

Jian Hua takes off his coat and shirt. He was injured on his back,and when the clothes are off,the wounds that have just started to scab opened again,making a bright red trail of blood run down the line of his spine。

Li Fei:”……”

Jian Hua turned, puzzled. How is it that the tacit understanding between them from before suddenly disappeared?Seeing the wound on his back,why is he still not helping him to handle it?He naturally can’t reach it himself。

“How do you use it?” Li Fei looks down at the bandages and medicinal alcohol,as if he didn’t know how to do it,to cover up his late reply。

“You haven’t played a doctor role?” Jian Hua blurted out。

Li Fei calmly answered, “Even if I acted in such a role,those movies can’t be regarded as a common sense,can you?”

Jian Hua could not refute for a moment。

“Clean the wound first……you can wipe it with a cotton ball.”

Jian Hua wanted to say something when he felt a cold palm holding his naked back. He couldn’t help but shake it off. To cover up his embarrassment,he whispered, “Isn’t your ability fire?How do you have such cool hands?”

“I just washed it!” Li Fei is helpless,don’t you wash your hands before handling medicine?

He was very close to Jian Hua, looking carefully at the beautiful smooth lines. His shoulder blades spread like butterfly wings. He also has a lean waist. With his palms on warm skin, the other hand put medicinal alcohol on a cotton ball to clean the wound。

The tingling sensation makes Jian Hua’s entire back taut。

Li Fei cleaned the wound very carefully,full of patience. Jian Hua found it unbearable。

When being sprinkled with hemostatic powder,the wound contracted involuntarily. Li Fei’s breathing is a mess,but Jian Hua turned,picked up the bandage and wrapped it two times around himself。

It only took moments. Li Fei regrets that he can’t treat the other wounds like the ones on his arm since the other injuries on Jian Hua doesn’t need any help。

“How much money do you have?”

“I only have cards.”

“……Forget it.” Jian Hua opens Old Cheng’s drawer,pulling out a piece of paper. He takes a pen and writes down what they used,marking it to keep it in his tab. After signing his name, he returned the paper to the drawer。

“You know the doctor here?”

“Nn.” Jian Hua hesitated,adding,” He’s also an ability holder.”

Li Fei understood. Even if the drugs disappeared mysteriously,with the note’s bizarre appearance,the other person would not be surprised。

After leaving the clinic,they switched to Jian Hua’s car this time. Li Fei throws his car’s license plate in the trunk,and consciously chose the backseat. The vehicle leisurely entered the residential area,and parked downstairs of a residential building。

“There seem to be no signs of monsters on this side.”

Li Fei did not relax his vigilance. The black hairballs are good at hiding,not to mention the rainforest squid。

Looking around,Li Fei’s expression gradually became strange. Because he found mushrooms in the cracks in the ground between the bushes. Is the rain in Huai City so rich in autumn?Enough that fungi can grow on the ground?

The gray and white cap is quite thick,piled up on a very vigorous stalk。

They grow quietly,and look very harmless。

This is not a wild, mountainous countryside where with rotting wood everywhere,so why are there so many mushrooms?

Li Fei took a step back,looking alert. After all, no one can guarantee that the Abandoned World’s monsters will definitely be able to run and jump,what if plants are counted?

“How?” Jian Hua blankly stared at his home。

“Is there something strange?” Li Fei has put the other’s ability as a safety detector。

Jian Hua shook his head,staring at the mushrooms on the ground。

——isn’t this like the box of mushrooms that disappeared in his home?

There are no black hairballs here,and no other monster. The wind blew, but there is only silence in the area。

“Let’s go to your house first.” Li Fei entered the corridor first,but he came out again the next second,trying to calm down. He can’t help but talk to himself,”Am I dreaming?”

Jian Hua is full of doubts,and also entered the corridor. Then he froze in place,staring dumbfoundedly。

Huge mushrooms arrogantly occupied all the space in the corridor. Even the door to the second floor was blocked. The mushrooms also squeezed through the gaps on the railings,becoming a thick layer on the ground。

You can’t see the wall at all,and also can’t look at the stairs. The endless gray mushroom cap is like a depression on a leather sofa。

The entire corridor is no different from a panic room in a mental hospital,ah. It’s the kind of thing that prevents the patient from hurting himself,a room with all four sides along with the floor and ceiling padded。


What surprised Jian Hua is that,not only did he not exit the corridor because of this strange scene,instead, there is a sense of security like being at home——even though his home is indeed upstairs of this building。

“These are not mushrooms.”

Jian Hua is in there, so Li Fei can only come in. In contrast with Jian Hua, after he entered the corridor,his nerves tighten,and his blood vessels throbbed under his skin. His heart was full of premonition。

Closing his eyes,Li Fei “sees” the power wrapped around this building. They became real,its morphology exactly the same as fungi. A huge umbrella cap was held by the power slowly gathered by the mycelium,then the mushroom slowly “grows”。

“What do you mean it’s not a mushroom?”

“Ask yourself……”

This force is the same as the invisible white silk that killed the rainforest squid. Li Fei can even see many “mushroom mycelium” reaching out to him,but because Jian Hua did not intend to attack,the “mycelium” finally reluctantly left。

Li Fei’s expression somewhat look blank, “Probably, it’s the visualization of your power?”

“You can call out a flame,and I plant this mushroom?” Jian Hua felt it really absurd,what is this ability?

Li Fei shook his head. “The mushroom can kill the rainforest squid,don’t you remember what happened?”

“……I held the tip of the tentacles.”

“Then it died。”

Looking at the dazed Jian Hua,Li Fei added a sentence, “I maintained the flame through my ability,but it was also absorbed by your ability.”

The author has something to say:

Oyster mushroom,oyster mushroom……kind of what we eat

It’s said that it’s actually a murderous mushroom. When nutrition is not enough,the mycelium will plunge into passing insects,and absorb them  ( ̄0 ̄) oh!

Mushrooms are not monsters of Abandoned World,nor is it something cute. It’s not different from Li Fei’s flame,it’s the manifestation of ability……

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