I’m Not Shouldering This Blame

Chapter 20

Jian Hua is in front of supermarket shelves buying biscuits and canned food。

Now that Major Zhang warned him that monsters will emerge in the Abandoned World,of course he should take preventive measures。

——He hadn’t figured out what his abilities are but just have to count on it to save his life at the critical time if it’s reliable.

So the person responsible for monitoring him was nervous to see Jian Hua drove all the way to the supermarkets. He bought bone knives,large hammer, as well as 10 awl tools. He also bought a national map at a kiosk: Huai City, Haicheng and even a map of the North. It’s like he’s planning on committing a crime。

They worried, but since Jian Hua did not make any outrageous behavior before,they have no reason to interfere。

The team tasked to monitor Jian Hua has useful technology, so though Jian Hua paid particular attention,he didn’t find them。

It does not feel good to be watched by the National Secret Services,however the other side is careful and quietly implementing tasks. It’s a far worse feeling。

After adding mineral water to the shopping cart, Jian Hua checked out of the supermarket。

This purchase removed several pink notes. His pockets are shriveled putting him in a dull mood. Jian Hua found the car lukewarm when he rode it. He was continuously passed over by cars along the way as he only applied even pressure on the accelerator, making him almost pass over a red light。

A young man with yellow hair was whistling this way with a defiant face. When he found out that such a secure driver is a big man and not the imaginary sister,he cursed and stepped on the accelerator to cross the intersection。

Jian Hua had no response。

It’s the guy in the other car who’s been sweating over the young man:If someone who doesn’t have a nice car or doesn’t have enough support or drives carefully was provoked,how do you know that an honest driver on the road is not a villain?

Villains will not write on their faces。

To swallow a few insults,they’re probably not a nice guy,but a fugitive!To suffer or not utter a reply,they’re probably not a doormat,but a psycho killer that’s going to explode one day. Why doesn’t anyone understand that!

Jian Hua appeared in the sixth volume of the book to embrace the identity behind the many unresolved mysteries of the previous chapters. Li Fei acted as the public figure, so Jian Hua didn’t have that concern. The men who tried to challenge him are buried in the Abandoned World. Even the protagonist almost died two times,and such a person is kind?

The Red Dragon members are also depressed。

Trusting in the Chat Group Records is too ridiculous。They don’t believe those fairy tales, but why don’t you find a reason to explain this series of bizarre events?Never mind,anyway it’s Zhang YaoJin’s decision. If Major Zhang said to monitor, then they have to watch well!And cautiously act!

Jian Hua glanced at the phone in front of the window glass. The caller on the screen shows “Lu Zhao”. This guy won’t call unless there is an emergency. Otherwise, he won’t dare to call since he’s afraid Jian Hua might dislike him。

After yesterday afternoon’s no reply to the message,Lu Zhao waited until now to make a phone call。

Pressing the hands-free button,Jian Hua listened to Lu Zhao’s familiar and nervous voice with great interest:”Hello, Jian Hua……where are you?”

The hand still holding the steering wheel honked the horn. The Lu Zhao who’s on the other side of the phone calmed down immediately:”You’re outside?I have an emergency,how about having lunch together?”

He spoke pathetically and hesitantly:” Jian Hua,don’t you think what happened recently is not normal? It happened again yesterday. Everyone’s gone. I don’t think this is going to work.”

Jian Hua said with an even tone:” I’m looking for a job,there’s no money in the house.”

The words blocked what Lu Zhao was going to say causing him to choke. He almost blurted out: the world will soon be messed up, and you’re looking for a job,whis is more important your life or money?

With more than 20 years of restraint, he suppressed the impulse to shout. Lu Zhao tries his best to sound sincere:” I don’t understand the circle where you work. If you lack money,I will lend it to you。Jian Hua, you and I have been buddies for years,shouldn’t it be a little thing for you to tell me?”

Lu Zhao has never advised Jian Hua to leave the film circle,because of his relationship with Li Fei. He felt that the plot will develop autonomously with Jian Hua being able to recognize Li Fei。Six months ago when he heard someone suppressing Jian Hua,he immediately made an excuse to go abroad to do business. He’s afraid that when Jian Hua feels desperate,he’ll ask him to help find other jobs。

It’s not that hard to find a job,but if because of his intervention,what would he do if he missed a plot that wasn’t written on the book but was very important?If there is no Li Fei on Black Abyss,the strength was halved。

“No matter what it is,I’ll give you the money.”

“You do business,your funds must have a turnover。” Jian Hua rejected。

“There is no shortage of……well,I mean,there’s recently no major event so I can give you thousands of dollars as an emergency!” Aa few years ago, Lu Zhao made a fortune in real estate. He is not short of money,delicious cuisine, good drinks or a nice car. But in front of Jian Hua,he did not dare show it。Lu Zhao asked himself, if a brother has a fortune,and he’s still hard at work,this will certainly affect the feelings of brotherhood!

“Hey,I also know how to do business,it’s not a fixed one. Now that the economic situation is not good,I was told that it’s just like a bird squatting by the river,finding a chance to fly over there and fish. It must not be greedy,and must know their own ability,or let the big fish slip away……”

Lu Zhao wants to spit out a bitter complaint. As long as he didn’t see the other person,Jian Hua is not that annoyed。

“Then count on me if you want to borrow money,let’s call it an investment OK!”

“OK!We’re brothers!Wait,where are you……hello?”

Jian Hua has hung up the phone. Though Lu Zhao is angry,but also helpless. Because Jian Hua’s attitude to everyone is never close,not giving others the opportunity to get close to his life。

Maybe this is the BOSS’s nature。

“Forget it,after a while……” Lu Zhao turned to his cellphone calendar,muttering. Visiting him now will make Jian Hua unhappy. But wait until Huai City became complete chaos,even if Jian Hua does not come to him,he has every reason to find each other!

Lu Zhao does not know,this phone call has exposed him。

Under the order of Zhang YaoJin,every call to Jian Hua’s phone will enter the team’s line of sight。

Although they did not listen in on the phone call,but in the era of network information,Lu Zhao’s name came out of the mobile number input system. The order for further investigation is waiting for approval. Zhang YaoJin’s subordinates are too busy that they felt faint headed,and temporarily not available to find Lu Zhao。

The detention center detained the suspect for the Pearl Hotel explosion. The people who put fireworks on the riverside bridge are charged with obstructing public order. Zhang YaoJin incited that to remove the scale in their eyes believing that they’re in a  “book” at the fastest speed,they must verify messages extracted from the chat groups。Relatively speaking,tracking Jian Hua is the easiest——if you ignore the danger level。

“Where is he going?” The person who performed the task alerted his companion。

Jian Hua’s car came out of the supermarket and went in the direction that looks like he’s going home,but he suddenly turned a corner。

The time was nine o’clock in the morning, and the thick fog didn’t go away completely. Because of not being able to get too close to the target,they were almost too late to switch lanes。

“Trying to get rid of us?” The driver speculated to his companions. Even if he has a movie talent,they also don’t believe it。

After 10 minutes of complete concentration,they see a gas station up ahead. Jian Hua drove in and lined up. Their faces became awkward。

Pulling out his last few bills and filled the car with oil,Jian Hua went back to the road. He turned on the radio,the host is talking about the highway congestion caused by the fog this morning。

After coming home,Jian Hua carried his purchases up the stairs。

The surveillance team is relieved. They were ready to find a comfortable place to sit and wait when suddenly, they saw Jian Hua walk out of the residential building again with a man on his back。

“This is?” The Red Dragon members sucked in air。

Jian Hua put down the person on his back. The person was covered with mud and unconscious。

His uniform is in rags. There is blood on his drooping face,and the best thing to recognize him is the tear-shaped mole under his eyes。

“Didn’t Major Zhang go to Haicheng?How did this happen?” The stunned members squatted。

Jian Hua put the person on the bench,and look around with suppressed anger in his voice:”Take your major back,or he will die!”


This time, the surveillance team had to admit that he acted like the BOSS.

Not waiting for the Red Dragon members to figure it out themselves,Jian Hua rushed back to the corridor。

Seeing Zhang YaoJin lying there unconcious,the Red Dragon members finally decided that saving him is the first priority. The result is that once they came near,they found Zhang YaoJin with his lips chapped,pale,and his whole person curled up into a ball. It feels like he had a dangerous encounter in the desert。

“Fast,get some water!”

They’re not done yet when Jian Hua came down again carrying another person。

It seems more difficult since the unconscious person is taller than Zhang YaoJin,but with the same dangerous situation: faint breath and clothes in a mess as if cut by a sharp weapon。

“Geng Tian?” The Red Dragon members recognized that this is the bodyguard of the actor Li Fei,and they suddenly looked at each other。

Another one that should be in Haicheng。

Jian Hua does not want to mind Zhang YaoJin’s life and death,but if something happens to Major Zhang,he’s in for a lot of trouble。

He was carrying something upstairs when he saw two people lying on his doorstep. They were in an unconscious state, and it’s as if they’re fleeing from Africa. One of them is a Major from the National Secret Services making Jian Hua is speechless。

“At the hospital,give them some glucose and saline!” Jian Hua threw Geng Tian into his car. He said without looking back,”You should be good if you say that he was trapped below a mine and suffered excessive hunger and thirst.”

Red Dragon members:……You seem to have a lot of experience。

Jian Hua hit the accelerator and drove the car towards Old Cheng’s clinic door。

“Hey,what is this situation?” Old Cheng is surprised。

“Save him!He hasn’t eaten in days!”

Old Cheng’s stared. He immediately remembered what happened to Jian Hua,and apart from anything else,let the nurse to quickly prepare some bottles。Old Cheng took out a stethoscope,groping to see the situation。

“There’s a trauma!”

Geng Tian has cuts in his clothes,it’s like he’s attacked by some kind of animal。

“Is this like the danger you encountered like with backpacker?Why don’t you take him to the hospital?” The nurse inserted a sentence. Such a big problem, their small clinic cannot accept。

“First, emergency treatment. We’ll call 120 later。” Old Cheng frowned,then he nodded,”He’s unconscious due to thirst and starvation,and fatigue too.”

Old Cheng suspects that he fought with a group of mad cats,looking at all the scratches。

“He can’t go to the hospital?” Old Cheng asked Jian Hua in a low voice。

“This……” Jian Hua thought,taking out his phone and calling Li Fei’s broker。

The author has something to say:

Jian Hua⊙v⊙:Tell the movie actor,his bodyguard is in my hands

Broker:Excuse me?

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