I Have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World

Chapter 1574 - Project Breaking Ice

Chapter 1574: Project Breaking Ice

“Based on the agreement, Mammoth Tribe attacked the stronghold of Water Lizard Tribe. That batch of power armor…”

“Send the batch to them. Since its business, credibility is obviously the most important thing.”


After the employee responsible for the contact in Africa received the order from Xiaorou, he respectfully replied, then walked out of the office in quick steps. He had to contact the manager in Africa, Feng Yuan, immediately, then send the batch of power armor to them before Mammoth Tribe and Steel Teeth Tribe’s conflict escalate.

Future Development shared some grudges with the Water Lizard Tribe from three years ago.

At that time, it was the Water Lizard Tribe who instigated Morsi Tribe to attack and kidnap Future Development employees. However, because these people were sheltered by the Steel Teeth Tribe at that time, Future Development did not take action towards the clown.

Now that Mammoth Tribe sent troops to the Water Lizard Tribe, it was the equivalent of a slap in the face to the War Chief of the United African Tribes. Based on the laws of the jungle, the behavior of the Mammoth Tribe was a challenge to the authority of the Steel Teeth Tribe.

The horn of war already sounded.

The outcome of this war would directly determine the future War Chief of the United African Tribes.

If Mammoth Tribe was ultimately defeated, Steel Teeth Tribe Chief would chop off the head Mammoth Tribe Chief’s head with an ax and then demote all the people in the tribe into slavery. The slaves would get sent into plantations or mines with shackles.

If Steel Teeth Tribe lost, then their ending would be the same.

The tribes on the prairie only obeyed the strong.

“Good job. I didn’t expect you’d even corrupt the Steel Teeth Tribe’s Minister of Commerce,” Jiang Chen, who leaned back against the sofa, smiled as he watched the office door close.

Xiaorou smiled with her lips closed, got up and walked around the desk. Then she sat on Jiang Chen’s lap.

“What do you think? I’m making progress, right?”

“Your progress is impressive,” Jiang Chen grinned, “What’s next? What do you plan to do next?”

“Let this fire continue to burn, and dump more arms on the weaker side. When the two sides are exhausted, find a suitable candidate…”

“There is no need to find a suitable candidate,” Jiang Chen smiled, shook his head, and interrupted Xiaorou’s words, “Directly give the title of War Chief to those eager hounds to bite.”

Xiaorou’s eyes lit up, and she immediately understood.

“That’s it… Speaking of which, brother-in-law.”

“What’s the matter?”

“You always say that I am mischievous,” her index finger was pressed against her lower lip as if she were thinking about this problem seriously. She blinked as she looked at Jiang Chen with the same smile, “But why do I feel like you’re more mischievous than me…”


Is this true?

Jiang Chen temporarily disregarded the thought of whether he was mischievous or not.

Because just when he was about to discuss this issue with Xiaorou in-depth, an untimely phone call arrived on his watch.

The call was from Kelvin from the modern world, and Lilith transferred it to Jiang Chen. Based on what he said, Europa’s Svetovid project was in its final phase.

After Jiang Chen heard the news, he had to put the resentful Xiaorou down from his lap, promise to discuss this matter with her in-depth at night, and then immediately returned to the modern world.

After all, it was a matter related to the future of earth civilization.

At the Europa colony, on the side that faced Jupiter, a storm of ice and snow whizzed in the air and covered the space vehicle and astronauts in a thick layer. Due to the frequent use of gunpowder to blast the ice sheet, water and steam columns erupted from under the ice cover along the cracks, condensed into ice crystals or fist-sized ice lumps in the air, and fell freely with gravity.

Because of the low gravity and low air pressure, this blizzard looked daunting, but the damaging effect was minimal. It was only necessary to avoid staying in the same place for a long time to prevent being buried in a snowdrift and then frozen.

Twenty kilometers from the Europa colony, a huge steel engineering structure sat on the flat ice sheet. It looked like a giant steel beast that crawled onto the surface of the planet. The six supports were each one kilometer long and extended into six different directions. Each support was firmly fixed on the surface of the ice sheet.

The movement of the tectonic plates on Europa was far more extreme than that on Earth. The region between the ice sheets was always affected by Jupiter’s tidal force, and under the action of ocean currents, they collided from all directions. Therefore, the project site had to be located on a stable ice layer, which was the center of the large tectonic plate.

Future Heavy Industries did not master the technology for observing the internal geological structure of the ice layer yet, but the Svetovid underneath the ice sheet solved this problem for them and selected this project site. Soon Future Heavy Industries demonstrated its strong industrial capabilities. The project that originally would take five years to complete reached the final phase in three years.

On the steel tower, the red signal light flickered.

The space vehicles around it seemed to have received an order as they dispersed with astronauts. In the command room not far away, the head of the project, Tan Ming, stared at the structural drawing on the holographic screen and watched the green line sink slowly.

Five hundred meters to go!

Finally, the green line steadily touched the red line, and then stopped there.

Everyone in the institute was happy and relieved when they saw the data fed back by the pressure sensor below.

The scariest thing about drilling a well on Europa’s ice sheet was the possibility of the water pressure erupting and breaking the weakened ice sheet, and causing a blowout. No matter what expensive drilling equipment was used, if the water rushed up, everything would turn into a pile of scrap iron.

Now that the most difficult part was already solved, the next step was to carry out directional blasting of the last layer of ice, and then the Svetovid, which already fused together with the ice on the bottom, would be pushed up by the water flow from underneath, just like an elevator.

“Focus! FOCUS!” Although Tan Ming reminded everyone while he stared into the screen, the corner of his mouth was still slightly curved up

He hardly slept peacefully these past few days.

After all, it was a huge investment of hundreds of billions. If a blowout happened, all the investment would be lost.

“Team One is in place! The ice pressure parameters are normal.”

“Team Two is in place…”

“Team Three…”

The different groups of personnel on the front line sent back reports and gave the green signal light. The drone in the air fed back the situation to the staff in the command room in real-time. As Tan Ming watched the steel support slowly retract, he grabbed the intercom in his hand and ordered in a serious tone.

“Blasting countdown to begin!”

After the staff on the frontline received the order from the command room, he opened the mechanical lock that blocked the blasting button with a key.

“Order received! Beginning countdown!”







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