I Have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World

Chapter 1558 - Unifying Currencies

Chapter 1558: Unifying Currencies

When Loki recovered from his stupefaction, the waiter had already cleaned up the wine glass on the ground. He looked at Jiang Chen, who still had the same calm smile on his face, then immediately smiled apologetically.

“Sorry, that was my mistake.”

“It’s okay,” Jiang Chen said.

“Then…” After Loki swallowed down the dry lump in his throat, he quickly looked around to make sure no one was paying attention here, lowered his voice, and asked in a hasty tone, “What you just said, prolonging life… What’s the deal with that?”

“In fact, this is also a technology that we have only recently made breakthroughs in.” At this point, Jiang Chen stopped explaining further, looked at a Loki with a light smile, then walked to the small balcony of the banquet hall. It was a customary rest area where no one disturbed, and used prevent the conversation from being overheard.

After Loki heard what Jiang Chen had just said, he took a second to process the information, then quickly followed behind him. Jiang Chen placed the glass on the marble guardrail of the balcony, overlooked the view of the night outside the Hilton Hotel, then narrowed his eyes in the evening breeze before he continued in a casual tone.

“Our researchers have found a way to extend DNA telomeres. Although the technology is still in the trial stage, it is possible to delay the aging of senescent cells.” Jiang Chen stopped and looked at Loki.

Loki held his breath.

After a while, he smiled while he pretended to stay calm.

“Do you plan to promote this technology?”

Even if it was something he desperately wanted, he could not act too obvious, otherwise, it was equal to exposing his weakness to his opponent without reservation. It was not even considered an experienced move, but rather, it was common sense in the business world. Loki habitually hid his desire to extend his life, but he did not realize how contrived his actions were in the eyes of others.

Jiang Chen tried his best not to laugh out at the old man’s action of staying calm and reserved. He thought that the old man certainly kept his calmness. After all, it was not a billion-dollar deal, but life that cannot be bought with money.

He did not think Loki was uninterested. The richer people get, the more they valued life. Because once people die, all the wealth, status, and identity would vanish. There were certainly people willing to let go of everything to reincarnation, but Loki was definitely not one of them.

“There is no plan for that yet.” Since Loki did not show his stance, Jiang Chen was not in a hurry. He raised his glass and took a sip, smiled lightly, and summarized the subject in one sentence, “You know if a person’s lifespan has suddenly changed from one hundred to two hundred years. Not only his family will be impacted, but also the society he lives in. Promoting this technology? Believe me, it will definitely be a disaster.”

After Jiang Chen finished his sentence, he naturally shifted the topic to the newly completed space elevator and the synchronous orbit at Port Marchena. Then he went on about the future development of the space industry in North and South America and the expansion of space colonies.

If it were before, Loki would definitely listen carefully to every word that came out of Jiang Chen’s mouth and then remember them. However, his mind was elsewhere at this moment and completely distracted by the previous topic of “prolonging life”.

He was now in his sixties, and his 70th birthday was in a few years. He was getting closer and closer to God. Under his leadership, the B City Consortium grew bigger and bigger, and it managed to get into the camp of Celestial Trade. Now, the consortium even surpassed Morgan and Rockefeller to become the leading consortium in North American, and the surname Loki became a legend on Wall Street.

There was not much regret in his life.

For at least a hundred years, Celestial Trade won’t fall. As long as his descendants did not make serious mistakes, the B City Consortium and Loki family would continue to prosper. Even if God stood in front of him right now, he could quietly leave with him and pass the position of the head of the family to his eldest son

But now…

Jiang Chen told him that he could live longer.

If someone else joked with him and said he has a magical medicine that can extend his life, he would scorn the thought and not take such a stupid comment to mind. However, the person who said this sentence was Jiang Chen, President of Future Group, which made this sentence difficult for him to ignore.

Many people seemed to forget the immense capability of Future Biology. After all, except for the well-known nutrient supply, this company kept a low-key profile, and many people did not even know the existence of this company.

However, Loki did not forget this name. He still remembered clearly to this day that the T virus that stumped the pharmaceutical giants around the world was solved by who…

Finally, Loki couldn’t help but speak first.

“About the method of extending DNA telomeres…” As soon as Loki spoke, he met Jiang Chen’s squinted gaze, and he thought in his mind that it was going to be a big price to pay, so he simply bit the bullet and continued, “Can we go into more details?”

No matter the price, he had to find a way to get it. He only prayed that Jiang Chen’s appetite was not too big.

“I was just thinking how long you could hold out for.” Jiang Chen suddenly laughed.

“No one can resist the temptation of longer life.” Now that he had confessed, he no longer concealed his desire for DNA telomere extension technology. Instead, he also laughed along and looked at the night view outside the balcony. “Since you told me, you definitely didn’t come to see me make a fool on purpose. Come on, how can you help me?”

“Don’t be so nervous, the conditions are actually very simple for you,” Jiang Chen smiled and tapped his index finger on the wine glass. “Have you heard of the term Earth Federation?”

Loki was taken aback for a moment, and immediately understood Jiang Chen’s meaning, and a hint of helplessness appeared on his face.

“You haven’t given up? You know it’s impossible.”

“Why is it impossible?”

Loki stared at Jiang Chen for a long time before he spoke slowly.

“You are serious?”

“Since I mentioned the DNA telomere extension technology, I didn’t joke for a single word, but rather, I’m seriously discussing this issue with you.” After a pause, Jiang Chen said in a serious tone, “If the B City Consortium is willing to stand on our side, we don’t mind letting our partners have a longer life.”

“We have always been on your side, what do you need us to do?” Loki asked.

“It is too difficult to achieve our plan with politics as the starting point, so I decided to start from the economic level,” Jiang Chen smiled as he looked at Loki, whose expression was unchanged, and continued. “We intend to establish the World Bank, not the one of the United Nations, but the World Bank in the true sense. It is independent of any political entities, issues currencies independently, and establishes a currency exchange system with central banks…”

If Celestial Trade took the lead in establishing the World Bank, it would inevitably cause vigilance among all countries. After all, Celestial Trade was the world’s hegemon, and every move was the focus of the top leaders.

B City Consortium taking the lead was the best choice. First, it was for the ease of control, and second, the consortium was prestigious in the UA financial world. Although the status of the dollar plummeted, the skinny camel is still bigger than the horse. The capitalists of Wall Street were still the leader in the financial world, except that the place welcomed a power reshuffle.

“Are you planning to…” Loki interrupted Jiang Chen and said as his voice trembled.

Jiang Chen looked at the Loki, who was in a state of complete shock, then nodded.

“Yes, before unifying the world, we plan to unify currencies first.”

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