I Have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World

Chapter 1504 - Himalia Landing

Chapter 1504: Himalia Landing

Why is Celestial Trade doing this?

The question not only bothered the Russians, but it also confused the people in Hua.

“The prospects for the colonization of Himalia and the feasibility study report.”

In Shangjing, the same document was placed in the hands of a man who also contemplating like Putin.

From the moment Lunar City was built, the Hua Aerospace Group had worked tirelessly to shorten the technological gap with Future Heavy Industries. However, with the successive “launching” of the Seagull-class and Envoy-class, the scientists who fought in the forefront not only felt powerless but also hopeless.

The plan to colonize Himalia, which Celestial Trade could complete by itself, and the “generosity” for cooperation made the allies surprised.

In this elegantly decorated office, a man in military uniform looked through the documents repeatedly for a long time.

At this time, there was a knock on the door.

“Come in.”

Wu Changfeng, the former Major General of the Hua Army, the Minister of the Second Department of the General Staff, and the current representative of Hua at the Earth Defense Alliance Committee, came in.

Perhaps it was his illusion, but the man in military uniform always felt that Major General Wu looked much younger than before.

Is it because of work?

People do say that work can make you feel younger. The man thought of this and shook his head with a smile.

I have been in this position for so many years, and I have worked a lot for this country. I did not feel young at all. Rather, I grew more white hairs.

“Chief, are you looking for me?” Wu Changfeng asked after a military salute.

“‘Space Colonization Summit’ will be held in Celestial City on April 1st. Little Lu and you will attend this meeting on behalf of the country. I chatted with Little Lu just now, and now I want to ask you for your opinion.”

Little Lu was Lu Wei, another representative of Hua in the Earth Defense Alliance Committee. He was the same rank as Wu Changfeng, but he was from a different force, navy.

After he carefully organized the thoughts in his head, Wu Changfeng replied cautiously.

“It’s rare for Celestial Trade to throw out an olive branch. My suggestion is that we should try our best to catch their ride. From the perspective of Himalia’s resources, as long as Celestial Trade can solve the transportation cost problem, we at least don’t have to worry about the Himalia’s project losing money.”

In fact, his real thought was that even if the project lost money, it was best to catch this ride. When the future development prospects were not clear, the best choice was to follow the people who understand. It was best to disregard how much the country could improve, but at least Hua could see the future prospects.

“Lu Wei is even more radical than you. He thinks that even if he loses his pants, he has to follow,” The man smiled and said in a gentle but majestic voice.

Actually, I meant the same.

Wu Changfeng added the sentence in his mind but did not say it out loud.

Until now, he hadn’t figured out what the person above wanted.

Not long ago, Celestial Trade defeated Hua’s imaginary enemy, the UA. However, he did not feel the obvious joy from the above, but rather, the reaction had been incredibly peaceful.

Perhaps this had to do with his complicated sense of belonging. When Celestial Trade and Future Group has grown to its massive size today, many people realized their negligence and what kind of monster they released. Now that this monster has swallowed their enemy, what was the monster going to do next?

“My thoughts are the same,” The man slowly said.

After Wu Changfeng heard those words, he breathed a sigh of relief.

With this man’s agreement, there was no obstacle left.

After a pause, the man in military uniform continued.

“The development of space technology is the general trend and the only way we can save ourselves. The crisis 20.5 light-years away is on the way, and it is likely that it has already reached our doorstep. This is a challenge and an opportunity.”

“But I’m still a little unsettled.”

“I just explained a task to Lu Wei, now I’ll repeat it to you.”

“If they need people, give them people, if they need money, give them money. You can go negotiate with Celestial Trade. I have only one request, and that is to place our national flag on the land of Himalia. For participation in Himalia’s colonization, I very much agree with the plan.”

“But, you have to pay attention to one thing for me.”

“I always feel that Celestial Trade is hiding something from us.”

When Wu Changfeng heard the man’s words, he was slightly stunned, then said with hesitation.

“Are you worried that Celestial Trade will be detrimental to us?”

The man didn’t answer and just stared into Wu Changfeng’s eyes.

After a long time, he spoke slowly.

“This is my task for you.”

In the deep and gloomy darkness, a sleek-looking survey ship slowly approached the dead planet.

Long before the outbreak of the Xin-UA War, the Himalia colonial plan had just started. This survey ship set off from Celestial City and brought more than 20 colonists and colonial units to Himalia to establish an outpost of human civilization on Jupiter.

From above, this moon was more beautiful than imagined.

The hydrocarbons that extended for more than six hundred and twenty miles were like fluffy cotton balls as they covered the planet like a veil. A huge, clear lake decorated the south pole of Himalia. The area of this lake was much larger than Lake Ontario in North America. It looked like a sea from the distance that emitted a blue halo under the chaotic atmosphere.

The female astronaut with black hair gently touched the transparent window with her finger while the beautiful planet was reflected in her pupils. It was probably the first time that humans examined this place at such a close distance, rather than through the lens of a probe or an astronomical telescope.

“So beautiful…Is this the sea of Himalia?” She stared at the moon for a long time, then said softly with emotion.

“The sea of minus two hundred degrees Celsius. Although it is flowing, it is definitely not water, but liquid methane or ethane,” An astronaut about 30 or 40 years old walked to her with his helmet in his hands. He then also gazed at the moon with fascination in his eyes, “This will become an outpost for human civilization to conquer Jupiter, and we are fortunate enough to be the ones writing this history.”

With that, he patted her on the shoulder.

“Get ready to land. Go to the hibernation cabin.”

As the survey ship slowed down gradually, it finally entered the orbit of Himalia.

Three probes were dropped from the ship and descended to the surface of Himalia.

“The acceleration of gravity is 0.062 meters squared per second.”

“Atmospheric data survey is completed, the nitrogen content is 94%, the methane content is…”

“The surface temperature is minus 180 degrees Celsius.”

“The third probe landed successfully.”

“The analysis of the best landing point is complete, and guidance is in progress…”

Everyone was already inside the hibernation cabin and closed their eyes. The survey ship orbited Himalia three and a half times, and then dropped the colonial unit located in the front half of the ship’s hull and landed into the thin atmosphere.

Without oxygen, naturally, there was no splendid spark.

The colonial unit hit the ground hard and sent debris high up.

In the Celestial Trade Space Command Center 700 million kilometers away, people jumped up, cheered, and high-fived as they celebrated the advancement of several astronomical units outside the boundaries of human civilization.

It would not be long before human civilization could reach the type II civilization in the Kardashev Scale, or the so-called stellar civilization.

By that time, humans would rule the entire solar system.

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