I Don’t Want To Defy The Heavens

Chapter 630 - Start To Swallow

Chapter 630: Start To Swallow


Lin Fan reacted with a punch that clashed against the tentacles forming a net with a shocking explosion.

Energy waves surged in all directions.

“A little amazing, no wonder you are so arrogant.” Lin Fan retreated a few steps back. The impact of the attack was really powerful. He was at Dao Realm Stage Seven and was a dual cultivator. His strength could compare to those of Dao Realm Stage Nine but even then he still took a slight loss.

One had to say that evil god Calamity was really strong.

He couldn’t be compared to those weak evil gods.

Within the City of Hope, Mo Fu looked into the distance in terror. Even from so far away, the terrifying aura swept forth like a wave, covering the sky above City of Hope.

Too strong…

It was really too strong…

Mo Fu felt really fortunate. He was fortunate that Sect Leader Lin was willing to help their city. If he wasn’t, then their city would be finished.


Evil God Calamity was furious. Rage reached the limit. He didn’t believe it. He suffered a loss in the hands of the fatty and now was unable to take him down even after a long time.

What happened to the times?

Why were the changes so huge?

Didn’t the evil god just take a nap? Why did he face such things? He really saw a ghost.

Even if he had once fought against those experts, something like this had never happened before.

Naturally, he was referring to being eaten raw by Monster Emperor.

Those scenes were just too brutal and whoever saw it felt heartpained and wanted to cry.

The 10th evil god suffered such a thing, that was just too much.


The battle entered its most intense moment.

At that moment, Lin Fan welcomed his most dangerous moment in history. He didn’t underestimate him and his special abilities.

A power that Lin Fan had never comprehended before turned into a demonic palm which landed from above.

“Is this the special skill of those above stage eight?”

Lin Fan raised his head and he didn’t dare to be too careless. The enemy was not much stronger than him and was even a little weak. But this special skill caused there to be a slight gap between them.

If he could break through to Dao Realm Stage Eight, then this gap would turn to dust and not exist.

But it wasn’t time to think about all of that. He had to use his skill to fight him.

At that moment, Lin Fan hollered. His aura swelled and a shocking power exploded. With a crack, his body grew bigger. 300 dao patterns surged out like dragons and wrapped around his right arm, slowly condensing together.

“How can a living being have such a terrifying number of dao patterns?” Evil God Calamity was shocked. His eyes opened wide like he had seen a ghost.

He had fought with the experts from the Blood Food World. Not many could reach such an amount. How did this person do that?

But all of this wasn’t important anymore.

The gap between realms couldn’t be crossed.

“Oi, although you are strong, you are not as strong as Postline. You can’t do anything to me with your skills.”

“Let’s see how strong your demonic hand is.”

The moment he said this, Lin Fan punched and a bright light surged into the sky to clash against the demonic palm.


The dimension started to crack and those cracks swiftly spread towards all directions.

Ripples enough to rip the sky open spread out.

Such a battle exceeded everything. Lin Fan felt like the space that wrapped around him was quite weird. Like a power was suppressing him but because he was too strong, he was going against such a power.

“Fortunately, the gap between this evil god and Postline is huge, otherwise, I would be finished.”

Lin Fan could look down on other evil gods but not those in the top 10. Old Ancestor Xiao told him that.

Although when he listened it seemed filled with disdain, he remembered it all.

Those higher ranked evil gods forced Old Ancestor Xiao and the others to a corner. They had to use the dao patterns of the entire world to suppress them. That was enough to show how strong they were.

Suddenly, Lin Fan realized that Calamity had disappeared. Suddenly, the dimension ripped open.

Towards that, he only wanted to laugh.

He wanted to fight close combat?

Right as Lin Fan was about to retaliate, his expression changed. He realized that his body couldn’t move. Space froze and he could only watch as a tentacle struck him.


Lin Fan struggled. The terrifying power wrapped around his body like hot water boiling around him.


The frozen space shook but it wasn’t able to restrict his movement. Everything turned sticky. Right as Lin Fan gained control of his own body, the tentacle was in front of him.

He couldn’t dodge.

The target was his brain.

He wanted to kill him in one strike.

He didn’t want to give him a chance at all.

Even if he had the Blood Demon Reversal Technique, as long as his brain was struck, he was definitely dead.


Right at that moment, Lin Fan swelled. He opened his mouth and the tentacle entered. He bit down onto it, making it hard for it to get further.


He directly broke it.

His body was free. He flashed and got far away from that attack range. It was just too dangerous. If not for his movements being really quick, the outcome would have been catastophic.

He didn’t expect to nearly die to his hands.

“Small blood food, you actually dare…” Evil God Calamity grumbled. Those scenes made him think back to what Monster Emperor did to him. This was his greatest humiliation as an evil god.

He didn’t expect for there to be people who dared to do that to him.


Rage burned in his body.

He just wanted to rip Lin Fan into pieces.

Lin Fan’s mouth was covered in fresh blood. His first thought was that this was disgusting. Damn he actually bit the tentacle, it really just dirtied his mouth.

Right as he was about to spit out that rubbish, his expression changed.

“This taste…”

Lin Fan frowned. Was there something wrong with him, he actually felt that it tasted good.

Such a situation was terrifying for him.

But really.

When he couldn’t help but swallow it, the Darkness God Domain shook. Numerous threads spread out of the God Hall and wrapped towards the meat.

“This is?”

Suddenly, he realized something shocking. There was a Darkness Chief God statue in the hall and although it gave off some aura, in the end, it was just an ice cold statue.

But now, meat seemed to appear around it. Although it was small, Lin Fan saw it.

“No, can swallowing evil god meat really help Darkness God Domain form?”

Lin Fan was in deep thought.

If that was the case, apart from cultivating, he had another way of improving. At the same time, this system had a high starting point. He needed to recover and heal and the requirements for doing so were quite high.

During this period of time, he accumulated faith, but after the Darkness God Domain formed, there were no other changes.

He could use faith for many things.

But the only thing he couldn’t do was to further develop the Darkness God Domain.

If not for such a thing happening by luck, he wouldn’t have noticed that he needed evil god flesh.

At that moment, Evil God Calamity was furious. But suddenly, he realized that the way the blood food was looking at him was a little wrong.

What kind of gaze was that?

It made him angry.

At the same time, it was familiar, like the way the fatty had looked at him.

“You… What do you mean?” Evil God Calamity’s voice trembled. He felt like he had become a prey and that Lin Fan looked like a hunter.

“Hehe.” Lin Fan smiled and his smile reached deep into his heart.

Although evil god looked disgusting, since he could help him, he could accept it.

At that moment, Lin Fan twisted his neck and slowly said, “I have a form that is too ugly that I don’t want to show to others.”

“But just now, you are worth me showing that form.”

“So be prepared, I am going to be serious now. ”

The moment he said this, Lin Fan hollered. Bug Controlling Technique power spread in all directions. Like a radar sweeping all around, not missing even the smallest of holes.

Feng Feng!

Things started to shake.

An ear-piercing sound spread out in the area.

Shortly after, a black patch from all around swept forth like wave. It looked weird and one didn’t know what it was.

“It is here, it is here.”


Lin Fan opened his arms and allowed the black patch of bugs to cover him. When they totally covered him, he could sense an unprecedented power descend on him.

“Damn thing.” Calamity grumbled. His tentacles pressed down once more but that was faced with that huge patch of black insects.



The corpses of the insects fell. But in front of absolute numbers, they were actually able to block the tentacles.


It roared.

Lin Fan’s insect body appeared in front of Evil God Calamity.



Lin Fan’s body was covered in sharp mouths that opened and closed. This was the first time Lin Fan showed such a form.

Although it was a little ugly, it was effective.

He could rip off evil god Calamity’s flesh from every part of his body.

Evil God Calamity was furious. He sensed Monster Emperor’s aura. Although Monster Emperor had changed Bug Controlling Technique, they came from the same source, so the core aura was the same.

“Damn thing, your aura is the same as his. I am going to rip you apart.”

Lin Fan found it weird but now wasn’t the time to think about all that. He had to swallow this person.

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