I Am the God of Games

Chapter 396 - The Players’ Day of Rest (Part Six)

Chapter 396 The Players’ Day of Rest (Part Six)

After capturing or wiping out the hill-folk who had sneaked into Valla, the tides of attacking beasts from around the nation subsided, even though some magical beasts still roamed those places. Perhaps they found that their new hunting grounds were much more convenient, but they were lacking as a wave and were not be a direct threat against Valla.

Kristina, Scepter of the Temple of Glory who led their task forces to attack the hill-folk therefore received her church’s commendations too.

While the God of War did not involve himself in Xi Wei and the Lord of the Peaks’ wager, Kristina had led the sacred corps to deal a vicious blow against the hill-folk, allowing the hierarchs of her faith to vent their grievances against the hill-folk. Indeed, that one battle alone would also prevent the hill-folk from making trouble in Valla for several years to come.

It was worth mentioning here that the hill-folk who were imprisoned in the dungeon within the Unnamed Town were released. After swearing upon their own faith that they won’t attempt revenge and working at the various Players’ bases as laborers, they were then released to the hills.

Nonetheless, only the first major tribe of hill-folk led by the Hill Shaman Kaven Mor (who was given a nutcracking) had been mostly captured. Of the two other major-tribes, one was wiped-out directly by the Temple of Glory and the other being routed by the Players, with not many of them being taken prisoners.

It was also too much of a hassle to have them convert their religion or keep them in the dungeon, and too cruel if they were all killed. The latter might also give the impression to other gods that Xi Wei’s faction was sadistic, which was why after more consideration, Xi Wei decided to have the hill-folk labor for their freedom.

And having been defeated, the Lord of the Peaks would not have much of a say against his followers being punished with menial labor.

But that was getting far from the point.

Either way, after clearing their event, the Players naturally had to organize a feast in celebration.

Moreover, the feast celebrates both the mini-event of the hill-folks’ invasion and the Elven Synchronized Intellect Nation (SIN) event.

After all, the last event was so difficult that even first-rate Players like Edward had died more than once. Almost every Player who took part in the event was beyond tired when it finally ended, which was why no feast was held, aside from the little parties that the more energetic Players organized.

And after the hill-folk event was over, Leah the Warrior Princess came to Angora, asking that he could back the Players for a major feast.

The hill-folk event had not much charm for Leah since she was a hidden-class in the first place, which was why she merely skirted around the event and had a good rest, recharging herself.

Like her, Angora was an Overlord Player and not a fighting-class. Feeling quite spirited himself, he thought that the Unnamed Town had not been particularly attractive to the Players recently and needed some new excitement, which was why he immediately agreed to Princess Leah’s request.

Xi Wei, who was in his Divine Kingdom digesting the divinity fragment from the Lord of the Peaks naturally saw that as well. When he thought about it, he did get that fragment and allowed several top Players to swap for hidden-classes, whereas the unlucky average Players had to drag along their fatigued bodies to fight the hill-folk, which got them nothing aside from EXP, game coins, and certain not-too-rare items and certainly deals a blow to their motivation.

That was why he simply assigned holding a feast in the form of a quest for Angora, with him taking on most of the costs as their patron deity. All Angora had to do was invite as many Players as he could to the gathering at the Unnamed Town.

As an Overlord Player and lacking EXP from a certain point of view, Angora was naturally very keen on carrying out the quest. He did not even bother to rest as he tried his Players to get everyone to join the feast by teleporting from lifestone to lifestone.

To be fair, he was the only ‘Overlord’ amongst all the Players and holds a strong reputation amongst their circle. He was also the one who posted the intelligence he gathered from Kaven Mor on the Player forums, contributing immensely to the Players’ victory even though he was not a part of the battle, elevating his popularity to the next level.

While the other races would not be aware of such reasoning, but it was only reasonable for them to take a trip to the Unnamed Town when someone like Angora had spoken.

Hence, the Unnamed Town saw its most chaotic period since its founding—but chaotic did not mean that the people were causing trouble and leaving the street lawless. Sure, there were the occasional fellow who got confused, but they would soon find themselves in the town’s dungeon after just five minutes of causing trouble.

The chaos in the town was merely the little conflicts that started when different races run into each other.

For example, the Players who were celebrating the Elven SIN event would naturally go to the wood elves and invite some of the individuals who had better relations with humans to have fun. At the same time, when members of other races like Zonyan Grayclaw who often hang around at the Western Continent were unable to sit still when they saw the wood elves increasing, and ran off to the Western Continent to bring in several Long-Ears as guests in their festivities.

Later, the sacred corps who were about to return to base after destroying the hill-folks had arrived after Jom somehow brought Kristina to the feast. And so the latter-half of the event saw the involvement of those soldiers in their plate armor and helms, who, after a few drinks, dragged the Players along as they started to rant about their troubles because they were quite aware of the circumstances surrounding the Temple of Glory.


Watching as her sacred corps cried into the Long-Ears’ shoulders, wood elves drinking fruit ale while pitting their archery skills against Players and other lively scenes, Kristina shook her head in awe, while also finding it a little unreal. “I never thought that such things could happen in this world…”

“Here be the Church of Games.” Jom chuckled. He seemed to have a little too much fruit ale as well: his cheeks were red and his words were not as clear as usual. “We set no boundaries between races, and the only measure we uphold is our devotion and diligence. You might not believe it, but aside from the God of Games’ protection, it is only because we are able to reach this level!”

“This sort of life wouldn’t last. It’s fated to fail….”

Kristina, however, shook her head. “No person could really coexist in peace with a race who looks completely different from themselves.”

“That doesn’t matter.” Jom grinned, with the sweet scent of fruit ale spilling from his mouth. “Because it is a god, not a ‘person’ who guides us to this end.”

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