I Am the God of Games

Chapter 395 - Hidden Class

Chapter 395 Hidden Class

Since the Great Lion had put it that way, Xi Wei did not hold back and took the divine fragment of the Lord of the Peaks.

He had more or less sensed then that Aslan was consciously grooming himself.

While he didn’t know the Great Lion’s specific reason for doing so, it was perhaps to strengthen the Invisible Pantheon’s overall strength so that their cabal would gain more authority amongst the gods, increasing their odds of survival if a divine war really kicked


After all, the Great Lion seemed to have been shouldering the Invisible Pantheon on his own, and it made sense that he would find it hard to keep things together by himself. Moreover, Xi Wei had the greatest potential to improve amongst the other gods, which was why it was normal to develop him.

And once Xi Wei returned to his Divine Kingdom, he began absorbing the divinity fragment of the Lord of the Peaks.

This was a different case compared to the First Flame that he got from Flintman the Fire Thief. Xi Wei did not dare to absorb the First Flame since it had been stolen from the God of Flames, in fear that he would come knocking down his door, string him up and use him as a punchbag.

On the other hand, the Earthweaver had directly torn the Lord of the Peaks’ divine fragment off his body. Xi Wei learned it legitimately and it was fine to use it. Even if the Lord of the Peaks’ kept a grudge and attempted revenge, the Lord of the Peaks was no match for Xi Wei now, not to mention that there was the question on whether the Earthweaver would allow that. After all, Peaks’ divinity had a third of it torn off by force, and it would take him a long time to repair that damage. On the other hand, Xi Wei had that portion for use as supplement, and would have finished digesting it when Peaks’ eventually come to settle the score. “Eh? Although this divinity fragment belongs to the Lord of the Peaks, it is resonating with the fragment I got from Amazon, the Rainforest Guardian…”

Although directly fusing divinities would improve a god’s power quicker, Aslan had reminded Xi Wei that ‘Justice needs no impurities’—to maintain the purity of his Divine Order as the God of Games, Xi Wei decided to resort to a stabler measure of absorbing divinity.

Hence, he ended up realizing while absorbing it that it had a resonation with the divinity fragment that he got from the Seira Marshes, which once belonged to Amazon, the Rainforest Guardian.

“So the Rainforest Guardian isn’t a Deity of Nature, but an Earthen God?”

It was an unexpected finding. No wonder he felt an incompatibility while designing the Junglewalker class… since he had designed it with a deity of nature in mind.

But back to the point at hand… how did the Rainforest Guardian fall? With the existing barrier between the divine realm and the mortal realm, there shouldn’t have been much left of a lesser god that fell below, which meant that it was likely that Amazon had fallen in the last divine war…

“Hold on. The Great Lion mentioned just now that the Earthen Gods were not a part of the divine war… since even the Earthweaver was forced to offer his true name in an oath of neutrality…”

When Xi Wei connected that to the sudden death of the Mossland Spirit, one could tell that a sinister entity lingered in the divine realm.

Could that entity who was targeting lesser gods be collecting their divinity to strengthen themselves, or were merely spreading terror and to ignite the fourth divine war?

At first, Xi Wei was a third-rate god and doesn’t have the right to interfere with something as important as this—all he could do was run away with his Transmigration Authority if the culprit came looking for him.

Now, however, it was different. As he continued becoming stronger and ascended up to intermediate, he gradually gained some ability to protect himself (although he would just be blown up against an opponent of the Seven Divine Father’s caliber), reaching the level where he could fight as equal against most gods.

That was also why he was vulnerable to get caught in the culprit’s conspiracy.

As such, Xi Wei regained a sense of urgency after becoming an intermediate god and a little lazy.

Being intermediate was still too weak. He would at best be an equal to Aslan the Great Lion even if he improves his combat ability to his limit, and powerless against the greater gods who rank just below the Seven Divine Fathers.

Either way, he has to continue thinking of ways to improve.

“Anyway, let’s distribute the event rewards to the Players first…”

Being distinct in rewards and punishment was important for a god in maintaining his sovereignty. Since he had promised a hidden-class for this event, Xi Wei would have to create it.

It was fortunate, however, he did not promise the number of hidden-classes, and having control over that meant he did not have to put out additional divine power.


(Your contribution points are sufficient for a class-change to hidden-class. Would you change class to Magma Lord?]

Edward was as startled by the sudden notification from his System as he was delighted

“I got the hidden-class!” He exclaimed in joy to the others in his party. “It’s Magma Lord, a mage class with double attributes of fire and earth!”

“I’ve got enough contribution points too, but the hidden-class I get is called Lithic Trooper and feels quite weird…” Joe said, having slung his greatsword over his back. “Must be a tanking class of the earth-element, it’s not too suitable for me…”

“Looks like the class-change offer would be passed on to the next Player with most contribution points if you refuse,” Jessica said then.

“Did you get the offer, Jessica?” Edward asked.

“Nope. I didn’t fight much this time around and couldn’t earn enough points…” Jessica shrugged.

“If that’s the case, it must be those two.” Gou Dan joined in.

He was naturally referring to Terry and Jom who alone had swindled the Scepter of the Temple of Glory and had them help destroy an entire detachment of hill-folk, reducing the event difficulty from normal to easy.

That was why their contribution points were the highest too.

“By the way, the hidden-class available to Players seems related to their original classes.” Jessica continued. “Mister Mufasa could change class as well, but he doesn’t like the ‘Steel Honor’ class available to Swordmasters either and rejected it. The offer was therefore extended to Marni, and since he’s a Spirit Swordsman like Joe, so the hidden-class he got is Lithic Trooper too.”

“Could it be because we defeated the hill-folk? I have the feeling that all the hidden-classes are connected to earth…” Gou Dan muttered.

“Probably just a coincidence.” Edward smiled lightly. “Or what, did the God of Games rob the hill-folk’s deity off his divinity?”

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