I Am A Prodigy

Chapter 661 - Top Secret File

Chapter 661: Top Secret File

The second document was a record of the pyramids.

The mere existence of pyramids defied common sense because it was impossible to build such structures using the technology present at the time. Later research by people studying the pyramid revealed a plethora of many unimaginable things, forming the source of many legends.

Ye Lingchen took his time to read it. Based on the rumors, many people who entered the pyramids died bizarrely. In fact, they did not enter the pyramids for the sake of fame, but were elites chosen jointly for an expedition by various countries. In the end however, every single one of them did not come out alive!

Elites chosen jointly by different nations?

Ye Lingchen was keen enough to take note of that information. Elites were mentioned in both documents, and his guess was that they resembled warriors!

Those individuals surely had ample strength!

In that case, the pyramid was probably the second Hell’s Gate.

The document after the pyramid brought a conjecture to the fore and it was answered in the third document—the pyramids were constructed by a pre-human civilization and its purpose was to seal off Hell’s Gate!

There were many pre-human civilizations, such as the Mayans, the City of Atlantis, so on and so forth.

Various signs indicated that those pre-human civilizations prospered tremendously but disappeared overnight without any reason. Even dating back to the time of the dinosaurs, extinction of those eras was unforeseeable, and there were hardly any signs of extinction.

Continuing to the fourth document, it was a record of the unexplained accidents regarding various ships and aircrafts in the Bermuda Triangle.

The fifth document detailed the purported existence of various water monsters, but those rumors had become fact, as several photos of those water monsters were attached.

The sixth document spoke about the rumors of wild people.

The seventh was regarding suspected alien creatures in Area XX. While the outside world viewed it as being a mere rumor, the file recorded the incident as being an unknown creature coming from under the ground!

Ye Lingchen perused through them one by one and his expression became increasingly solemn. Many rumors which had been denied in the past were recorded there. Judging from the timeline of the occurrence, the frequency of those strange incidents was getting higher and higher!

Something was brewing!

Ye Lingchen’s eyes narrowed slightly.

It appeared that martial artists were not the only ones who were able to break through their bottlenecks—even animals had begun to be subtly influenced. Old Tortoise and the giant python were good examples. That they even existed was obviously against all common sense.

Those changes were probably just the beginning, and it was probably still unknown as to what they would end up evolving to in the end.

Could it be that…spiritual revitalization was making a comeback?

Ye Lingchen could not control himself from laughing. Damn, who would have thought that the stuff written in novels would become reality? Countries were clearly still putting a lid on all those things and were not yet prepared to make it public. However, Ye Lingchen noticed that China had begun to gradually adopt measures to gradually allow the public to accept some of those unusual occurrences.

As the world underwent changes, hiding it was impossible and it was still best to make earlier preparations.

Ye Lingchen clicked on the last file.

The title of that document was ‘Strictly Confidential’.

[Location: Buff Island, Egyptian Pyramids, Amazon Rainforests, Bermuda Triangle, Shennongjia, Paektu Mountain…

Features: No features have been discovered for the time being. Technological equipment and thermal weapons fail to function after entering Hell’s Gate. Firearms had limited lethality on unknown creatures. After death, their corpses will melt. It was suspected that the unknown changes on earth were correlated to the increasing number of mutant creatures.

People in charge of controlling it: Warriors, mostly distributed in Asia, relying on acquired cultivation. Transcendents, mostly distributed in the West, relying mainly on awakening.]

That was the initial outline, followed by a map with several locations marked with red. In addition, there was also an introduction to some warriors and superpowers, but it lacked details.

“F*ck, is this for real?” Little Li’s face had an incredulous look.

“If this is the case, aren’t we in danger?” Hao Yun asked too.

Ye Lingchen exited the file and said, “Whether it’s true or not, no one can say anything.”

“We know how serious this is. But even if we say it, someone has to believe it first,” Dong Miaomiao said, then paused before continuing, “Chairman Ye, do you think this is real?”

Everyone stared at Ye Lingchen. It was something that destroyed their worldview, and if Ye Lingchen urgently needed to suppress it, he was the only one who had the right to say anything about it.

Ye Lingchen pondered for a moment, then smiled and said, “If I say it’s true. Would you believe me?”

“I’ll believe you.” Dong Miaomiao and Ouyang Qing nodded at the same time. They had seen Ye Lingchen’s in action and were somewhat prepared for it.

Ye Lingchen did not speak. He raised his hand and slammed into the open area in front of him!

He appeared to do that movement on a whim, but what happened next made their pupils contract at once!

An inexplicable gush of wind rushed out of his fist, followed by a muffled sound. Ten meters away, a hole appeared in a tree, which then collapsed to the ground.

“This, this…” Despite being somewhat prepared for it, Dong Miaomiao and Ouyang Qing were still rather shocked at that point.

“I’m a warrior,” Ye Lingchen looked at the crowd and said in a calm yet pretentious manner.

Since those people had been with him for so long, certain things that had to be told to them in advance. Ye Lingchen could not care less for ordinary people, but he must make sure that his people were mentally prepared in advance!

That Stick Nation folder was 100% true!

Unfortunately, the content was not very detailed and Ye Lingchen did not know the specific situation as of then. Regardless, it was not going to be optimistic.

Moreover, he recalled a few large explosions that were recorded on earth.

For example, the Tunguska explosion at 7:17 am on June 30, 1908, still shocked people until the present day. The explosion occurred near the Tunguska River, 800 kilometers northwest of Lake Baikal, at 60.55 degrees north latitude and 101.57 degrees east longitude. The force of the explosion was equivalent to 20 million tons of TNT, burning down 80 million trees over 2,150 square kilometers.

According to records, the strong light produced by the explosion nearly surpassed the sun’s brightness. The shock wave generated by the explosion shattered window glass within 650 kilometers of the blast and was accompanied by extremely strong mushroom clouds. Within a few days of that incident, the entire night sky in Asia and Europe was a dark red!

Such a strong explosion was far beyond the technology that should have been available at the time, and its cause was still an unsolved mystery. It was a pity that the SS-level archive had no record of that explosion.

In addition, there were several atomic bomb explosions that, on the face of it, seemed to be due to war. However, Ye Lingchen had the sudden realization that it was probably to deal with the Hell’s Gates!

There was no choice but to use super-large lethal weapons to destroy an area and destroy oneself with those unknown creatures. That in itself was a show of how grim the situation was at that time.

Needless to say, once an unknown creature appeared among the lives of ordinary people, what followed would be none other than mass killings…

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