Hunting for Love for 101 Times

Chapter 20 - Disappointment

Chapter 20 Disappointment

Xia Nuan could tell from his face that he was not satisfied for what she did.

She knew that she made a mistake this time, but she was not intentional. She was so dizzy for anemia or something. Besides, the situation at that time was not under her control.

Xia Nuan followed Ye Sichen upstairs as before. Unexpectedly, Ye Sichen went directly into Wuyou and Nianci’s room instead of the study room. Then Xia Nuan lowered her head and followed him in a messy and nervous mood.

She decided to resign.

After receiving the mail, she was in a low mood. A stain person like her was not eligible to take care of the two babies.


Xia Nuan was so preoccupied with herself that she bumped into a thick and solid “wall”. Looking up, she found that it was Ye Sichen. She was surrounded by his faint mint scent.

The scent overlapped with that of the dream…

She rebounded from his chest, keeping a distance from him.

“Don’t you walk without looking?” Ye Sichen frowned.

“Sorry, sir.”

She had a feeling that he felt like suffocated when he heard her voice, which was as low as a mosquito.

Ye Sichen opened the door and walked in.

Inside the room, the two babies were crying. They were hold by two strange women who comforted and tried to feed them separately. However, the two babies showed no interests. Instead, they looked towards the direction of Xia Nuan.

Seeing this, Ye Sichen seemed more worried.

Xia Nuan resisted her urge to go forward and carry them, standing behind Ye Sichen.

Coade walked in flurriedly.

“Mr. Ye, these two nannies from Modu City were hired by Madam Ye. She said that they were here to take care of Wuyou and Nianci. She also called me personally and persisted to make them stay…”

Coade explained why the two new nannies could enter this bedroom without permission.

Without a word, looking at the crying babies, Ye Sichen took off his coat and walked over, “Give me the babies. You two go out.”

The two nannies stumbled and looked at each other for a while without actions.

Ye Sichen was displeased for that. He took Wuyou over and swayed him back and forth, “Both of you are required to be trained about the babies’ temperaments. Coade will tell you all of these. Go ahead and do it.”

As he said that, he looked towards Xia Nuan.

Receiving his message, Xia Nuan walked over and took Nianci away from the other nanny.

Nianci stopped crying, looked at Xia Nuan with her big round eyes, and smiled through tears.

Xia Nuan couldn’t help but kiss her on the cheek.

Ye Sichen put Wuyou on the cradle, and then carried Nianci over. He looked at Xia Nuan, “You look pale. Are you uncomfortable?”

“Just a little dizzy. I feel better now.”

“Don’t run around when you are not feeling well next time. Of course, I won’t stop you when you want to meet Ming Sen.”

He said that in a heartless tone, which was simply unacceptable for Xia Nuan.

Xia Nuan did not explain the affair. She felt it unnecessary since she had decided to leave, even though she was not willing to depart from Wuyou and Nianci.

“Sir, I want to resign. I feel that I have failed your expectations. I can’t devote myself to take care of Wuyou and Nianci.” Xia Nuan took a deep breath and summoned up her courage to look at Ye Sichen.

“I totally agree.” Ye Sichen categorically agreed to her resignation without even thinking.

Just as Xia Nuan expected, Ye Sichen did not hesitate to allow such resignation. However, she was a little disappointed. She hid her emotions deep inside, and then forced a smiling face, “Thank you, Mr. Ye.”

“Before you leave, take the Confidentiality Agreement out and look it over again.” Ye Sichen reminded her calmly and gazed at her.

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