History’s Number 1 Founder

Chapter 34: Buddhist Disciple

Leaving the old temple, Lin Feng crushed a voice-transmitting crystal while hurrying along. A faint white light rose up from the fragments of the crystal, Lin Feng said: “Little Yan, bring along your junior and come to Spring Mountain west of the city to meet up with master.” (TL: The Chinese nickname that Lin Feng calls Xiao Yan is 小焱子, xiao yan zi, which sounds the same as the name of the protagonist princess of My Fair Princess or Return of the Pearl Princess, I know not if this is intentional. )

Very quickly Xiao Yan’s voice came from the white light, the young man’s voice was breathless. He quickly responded saying: “Don’t worry, we’ll be there soon.” After one line the white light gradually dimmed, the crystal fragments also became lackluster, becoming the same as regular crushed stones.

Lin Feng shook his head. This voice-transmitting crystal is indeed handy, but unfortunately it’s just a one-time item and it’s price is too expensive.

Xiao Yan’s hurried voice made him a bit uneasy. The breathless appearance was like he had just fought with someone else.

Lin Feng slightly knit his brows: “Those two monkeys better be alright.”

After being together for a long period of time the relationship between the three people has become increasingly closer. Even though he knows that these two main character disciples won’t be easily bullied, Lin Feng is always worrying for these two kids who have yet to grow up.

Lightly shaking his head Lin Feng expelled the distractions in his mind, using the escape technique of Cloud Dragon Escape to arrive a step ahead at a location that Fatty Zhu must pass-by in his escape, laying down the formation of the Nine Heaven Thunder Summoning.

Just finishing setting it up, Fatty Zhu had already appeared in his sights, completely out of breath from running.

Since knowing that the people who came were from the Society of the Strong Gale, Fatty Zhu completely gave up on the plan of using his background to scare them.

The person these survivors of Snowgale hate the most is probably the Marquis of Xuanji. They can’t do anything with the Marquis of Xuanji, but against Fatty Zhu this kind of dog of the house they will definitely not hesitate.

In the house of the Marquis, Fatty Zhu’s status is very high. The closer the relationship to the Marquis of Xuanji, the harder they’ll hit.

“Dad, mom, why did you guys only give me two legs?” Fatty Zhu groaned incessantly in his heart. He may have a level of qi disciple level 8, but the two people chasing him are all qi disciple level 9. Even though he already mustered up every bit of strength he could, in the end they still caught up to him.

Right when the fatty felt despair, nine points of bluish-purple light suddenly lit up in the surroundings.

“ZZZZ!” The piercing sound of electric currents rose up in the air, bluish-purple arcs of lightning flashed a brilliant radiance in the dark night.

The expressions of the two cultivators of the Society of the Strong Gale changed greatly, their experience from numerous fights tells them that impending doom is at hand.

But not waiting for them to have any further reactions, nine beams of lightning had already bombarded their bodies. In the next instant, roaring lightning descended from the heavens as if divine punishment.

Two qi disciple level 9 cultivators were directly struck to death on the spot by divine lightning!

Fatty Zhu blankly stared at the charcoal-black ashes before him, his two legs shaking as if the lightning had struck him and he was the one turned into charcoal.

Even though he’s escaped danger, Fatty Zhu is unable to relax his mood.

Lin Feng slowly walked out from the forest, a white robe with wide sleeves and a daoist crown, having the appearance of a venerable sage.

Looking at the ashes after the bombardment of the Nine Heaven Thunder Summoning, Lin Feng secretly let out a breath of relief. Luckily he wasn’t too far off on calculating Fatty Zhu’s position of being caught up to.

Besides setting up requiring time and the casting time being too slow, the Nine Heaven Thunder Summoning is still greatly to his satisfaction, directly insta-killing two qi disciple level 9 cultivators.

If he didn’t use the Nine Heaven Thunder Summoning, dealing with these two qi disciple level 9 cultivators would not be this easy.

The level of these two people is a lot higher than that cultivator from the Yu family before, but nonetheless Lin Feng’s level is also incomparable to the him of that time. When the water rises so does the boat, the power of the Nine Heaven Thunder Summoning has also increased more than one level.

After getting a clear view of Lin Feng, Fatty Zhu collected himself, releasing a dry cough: “Thank you for giving a helping hand, all of these Snowgale scum deserve to die. Upon meeting them all citizens of our Great Zhou Dynasty are naturally duty-bound to…”

Not finishing speaking a beam of lightning flew past the fatty’s ear, splitting in half right down the middle the big tree behind him.

Lin Feng didn’t even look at him, his gaze looking towards the temple Zhu Yi is in, his mouth calmly saying: “Don’t be noisy beside my ears, leave the thing behind and get out.”

Fatty Zhu swallowed his saliva: “I will definitely report to the Marquis your achievement of helping out today…”

Lin Feng’s gaze finally looked towards him, not carrying a hint of emotion, calmly saying: “When I have time in the future I will naturally pay a visit to Zhu Hongwu, as for you…”

“I never say the same words twice.”

All of Fatty Zhu’s hairs stood up, listen to what this young daoist calls the Marquis of Xuanji?

He directly calls his name, Zhu Hongwu.

Regardless of what this young daoist’s level is and regardless of whether or not he still dares to be so arrogant after meeting the Marquis of Xuanji in person, the fatty is certain the at the very least the name of the Marquis of Xuanji is unable to frighten this young daoist.

The fatty called out unlucky in his heart. In the past using the name of the house of the Marquis he could do whatever he wanted in all of Tianjing City, but he didn’t expect that in one day he consecutively bumped into two groups of people who didn’t place the house of the Marquis in their eyes.

Touching the golden paper in his shirt printed with the Kṣitigarbha Sutra, the fatty was very reluctant. Of course he knows what Lin Feng wants, but he still couldn’t help pretend: “Thing? What thing, I don’t know…”

Lin Feng’s gaze gradually became cold, making Fatty Zhu’s entire body also feel increasingly colder, hurriedly saying: “Don’t be hasty, the item is here, right here.”

Taking out the golden paper incredibly reluctantly from his shirt, the fatty carefully placed the golden paper on the ground, saying with a forced smile: “Can I leave now?”

Lin Feng casually lifted his hand, grabbing the golden paper in his hand under the drawing force of the mana and leaving without even turning his head.

Fatty Zhu felt that the mana Lin Feng used to grab the golden paper did not seem to be outstanding. Slightly hesitating in his heart he closely examined him again, discovering that he was entirely unable to see through the depths of Lin Feng’s level. He didn’t dare to act rashly again, obediently standing on the spot and watching Lin Feng leave.

Seeing Lin Feng disappear from his vision, Fatty Zhu let out a long breath, hurriedly escaping towards Tianjing City: “Something big has happened this time, hurrying back to report to the Lady is what’s the right thing to do.”

Losing the Kṣitigarbha Sutra that he’d obtained, the fatty felt incredibly heartbroken: “Dammit, don’t land in my hands or else I’ll definitely show you who’s boss.”

Lin Feng did not actually leave, he was hiding right in the forest, watching Fatty Zhu escape towards Tianjing City.

He needs a person to go back and notify the house of the Marquis. No matter how unfavored Zhu Yi is he is still the son of the Marquis of Xuanji. Being abducted and moreover involving the adherents of Snowgale, no matter if it’s the Marquis of Xuanji or Lady Shao, they will both definitely concern themselves with it.

Only with the pursuers of the House of the Marquis of Xuanji can Lin Feng tie down the people from the Society of the Strong Gale and take advantage of the situation.

Lin Feng sent out his senses. The crystal that he left with Zhu Yi shouldn’t have been exposed, it was clearly pointing out to him Zhu Yi’s location. The people of the Society of the Strong Gale have already taken Zhu Yi and left the old temple, moving towards the mountains to the east.

Lin Feng followed far behind them. After an unknown amount of time Lin Feng sensed the mark that he’d left on Xiao Yan and Xiao Budian, hurriedly heading towards the mark and finding them.

Just meeting them Lin Feng immediately frowned.

Xiao Budian’s still okay but Xiao Yan’s black clothes are ripped in many places and his aura is unstable, clearly he’s just had a hard battle with someone.

Lin Feng held onto his shoulders: “Who did it?”

Xiao Yan smiled: “Don’t worry master, I didn’t lose much.” He paused and then said: “Originally it was just a small matter. Me and junior apprentice-brother were wandering around in the city square of Tianjing City and saw a couple of lechers bullying a woman, so we butted in.”

“After teaching those lechers a lesson we were originally already prepared to leave but we were suddenly stopped by a short-haired middle-aged man. He had to ask me where I learned the Art of Acala, this guy was very overbearing and wanted to capture me.”

“His level is very high, probably a foundation establishment stage cultivator. If he didn’t attract the attention of the patrol squad it would have been very hard for us to escape.” Speaking here Xiao Yan lifted his eyebrow in confusion: “But the dao technique that person used was actually also the Art of Acala.”

Xiao Budian at the side suddenly said: “That person had short hair, I saw that he had a couple of precept scars on his scalp. (TL: Go look at Krillin’s head.)

Lin Feng did not say anything but he already understood in his heart that even though that person has hair, he is most likely a monk from the Great Thunder Monastery of the past.

Who’d’ve thought that Xiao Yan’s Art of Acala did not attract the attention of the forces of the Great Zhou Dynasty but instead attracted a buddhist disciple.

“Right now I have to go chase after your new junior apprentice-brother, he’s been abducted.” Lin Feng nodded his head, looking at Xiao Yan and saying: “But we cannot just let things go. Remember that person’s appearance, we’ll get him back in the future.”

Xiao Yan nodded his head while Xiao Budian smiled saying: “I’ve got another senior apprentice-brother?”

Lin Feng laughed and patted his little head: “This was your choosing.”


In the forest east of Spring Mountain, the people of the Society of the Strong Gale were rapidly advancing with Zhu Yi.

The leading black-clothed man touched the scar on his face, saying with a frown: “Hui Ku still hasn’t rendezvoused with us?”

A person at his side responded saying: “Not yet, let’s not wait for him anymore. He’s always so unruly, so what if he comes from the Great Thunder Monastery?”

Before the black-clothed man could say anything, a booming voice rose up in the forest: “Not much, I’m just stronger than all of you.”

While speaking a short-haired man wearing grey clothes walked out from the dense forest. The man had a gloomy expression, the short hair on his head could not hide the six conspicuous precept scars on his scalp.

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