His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light

Chapter 42

Chapter 42: How Do I Float If You Don’t Hold Me Up?

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Lu Yanchen placed down his chopsticks and squinted his eyes dangerously, “Is there anything else?”

This was his way of chasing someone away!

Chu Mubei stood up with his hands stuck in his pockets, “What are you coming at me with that black face for? The way you are, aren’t you just going to bring harm to that young lass? I’ve got to hurry and go chase after that young lass downstairs, Shi Guang, before bringing her into my warm embrace…”

“Since you’re so free, your holiday ends now!!” Lu Yanchen laid down those orders articulately without even looking at the other, bringing forth an authoritative might.

Chu Mubei was taken aback, “Fine! You win!”

After he was done with that reply, he turned around to walk away. But, all of a sudden, he snorted out coldly as though he had just remembered something, “Earlier on, I heard the young lass downstairs mentioning that she liked you. I had wanted to remind you about it out of goodwill, but fine! You just remain single this way then!”

That last sentence was filled with half-truths, as Chu Mubei purposely said out of spite. But of course, Shi Guang did not know, neither would she have guessed, that Chu Mubei would say that to Lu Yanchen.

The next day, she went to the Shen Family’s Water Cube as usual.

After she changed out of her clothes and came out, she saw that Lu Yanchen had done the same, wearing the trunks she had bought yesterday! The figure of this man was tall and well-built, with his muscles wrapping his body tightly and bursting forth with life. He was even sexier than two years ago!

Ignoring the naked parts of this man, Shi Guang walked before Lu Yanchen and said in an extremely professional way, “Today is your first lesson of entering the water. We can start by learning some basic strokes. But, because you’re…different, we shall start with…”

Without waiting for her to finish, Lu Yanchen had already walked toward the pool.

Shi Guang’s lips took on an ‘O’ shape as she wondered, ‘Wasn’t he extremely reluctant to enter the water no matter what for the past two days? Why is he so eager today?’

“…You will face some resistance when walking through water. You can first slow down and manage your balance. Perhaps, walk a circle around the perimeter…” Even though she had pushed him into the water yesterday, Shi Guang was still afraid of Lu Yanchen’s legs wobbling if he were to enter the water normally, causing him to fall over.

Before her words were over, Lu Yanchen who was in the water, had already come to a stop in his steps.

Shi Guang did not rush him. She entered the waters as well, albeit a far distance away from Lu Yanchen, “It’s fine if you don’t wish to walk as well. You can lean by the side of the pool and just feel the water. Take it that you’re soaking in a bathtub.”

Lu Yanchen did not move at all. Instead, he was just looking at her with a particularly intrigued look.

Shi Guang had completely missed out on the feelings of affection in his eyes as she asked out, “What’s wrong? Are you feeling uncomfortable? Are you breaking out in cold sweat? Are your hands and feet feeling wobbly?”

Lu Yanchen: “…”

He had water vertigo, the type where he was afraid of being enveloped in water entirely to the point that he would feel entirely weak.

And yet, as this woman stood before him with that careful expression of hers and that worried look in her eyes, he could no longer feel the shackles of the water.

However, he still threw out a single word casually, “Suffocating.”

Shi Guang chuckled out, “Water has a pressure that will push out on your chest. Therefore, it’s only normal for you to feel a little suffocated. You’ve got to breathe in slowly. Breathe, and you will slowly get used to it. Don’t be afraid.”

Lu Yanchen looked at her quietly just like that; his gaze was deep yet complex at the same time. A little embarrassed over that intense gaze, Shi Guang spoke up, “Perhaps we could try…floating…?”

She spoke of some of the theory involved and demonstrated out how to float for him.

But still, Lu Yanchen did not move for half a minute. Shi Guang raised her hand and indicated for him to try. In her heart, she felt that his water vertigo was not something that was extremely overwhelming. But, at the same time, water vertigo might not only relate to someone feeling faint when looking at water surface—they could start to feel faint after staying in the water for some time as well.

Lu Yanchen did not move as he continued looking at her deeply, “If you’re not holding me up, how am I supposed to float?”

Shi Guang hadn’t understood just yet, “Hold you up?”

Lu Yanchen’s lips curled up slightly with an exceptionally mesmerizing charisma, “Shouldn’t coaches be holding their students up to float?”

Shi Guang’s eyes opened wide as her jaws were about to drop as well.


She finally seemed to understand why Lu Yanchen said yesterday, ‘Get into the waters… right? You’re going to regret this!’

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