Heaven's Devourer

Chapter 1525: Dao Enlightenmen

Chapter 1525: Dao Enlightenmen

Ruyi Jingu Bang actually appeared!

Wu Yu himself did not expect that to happen.

He had never seen it truly existing in this way with his own eyes before.

A long time ago, it was just a simple iron bar.

Sun Wudao called it the Milky Way Suppressing Godly Metal Treasure.

Wu Yu had gone through many changes and transformation. Now when he looked at the Ruyi Jingu Bang, he could see how unique and terrifying its power was.

The winding lines and carvings on it were like endless mountains and rivers.

And under the mountains and rivers were volcanic lava.

Every line and carving carried extreme weight.

Every line and carving had its own will. This was the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal's will. He was unyielding and courageous enough to resist.

He had arrogant eyes and the rules of the world were like smoke to him. Only the orthodox that existed in his heart could remain firm and strong.

"What is this!"

Mighty Miracle God who was standing closest to Wu Yu was attracted by the Ruyi Jingu Bang at the first moment.

He was naturally shocked. Seeing it in such a close range, he naturally understood how scary Ruyi Jingu Bang's power was.

"Is this an epochal immortal treasure? But how can there be an epochal immortal treasure that I don't know existing in this world!

It's absolutely impossible!"

There were only that many eternal immortal emperors in the sky palaces.

There were also only that many epochal immortal treasures. Even if something ancient resurfaced, the eternal immortal emperors would definitely hear about them.

They would never expect something so powerful to suddenly appear before Wu Yu's eyes. Even the large number of unholy spirits were driven away by the Ruyi Jingu Bang's domineering and rebellious power the moment it appeared.

This made Mighty Miracle God lose his face again.

He used the Unholy Spirit Abyss in front of everyone to demonstrate how he would torture Wu Yu but he did not expect his torture to be full of twists and turns! He had just came in to suppress Wu Yu personally and such a marvelous treasure appeared unexpectedly!

At this point in time, the other immortal emperors had just seen that treasure. A thought flashed past Mighty Miracle God's mind and he made his move immediately. No matter what kind of treasure it was, he would control it first and take it as his own so he would not suffer any loss.

He extended his arms and reached out for the Ruyi Jingu Bang in the Unholy Spirit Abyss.

In fact, Wu Yu did the same. He did not know when he could really use it like the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal. However at this moment, since the treasure had appeared in front of his eyes, he would want to try to grab it!

Wu Yu was after all nearer to Ruyi Jingu Bang and faster than Mighty Miracle God. Just as Mighty Miracle God were about to grab the Ruyi Jingu Bang, Wu Yu reached for it first. For the first time in his life, he had the Ruyi Jingu Bang in his hands!

In that instant, a loud roar sounded in his head.

Countless voices sounded in his head.

It was the loud and clear voices of people chanting scriptures. Wu Yu had once recited these scriptures of the Invincible Vajra Body but now they sounded more majestic and domineering.

It was at the first moment that Wu Yu felt the strong encouragement and inspiration of these scriptures! His whole body was filled with infinite fighting spirit and strength!

At this moment, he felt as if he was possessed by that Great Sage, Heaven's Equal's Victorious Fighting Buddha! He could feel the endless desire to fight bursting out from his body. No matter what kind of opponent he would meet, he was fearless.

For example, the Primeval Mighty Miracle God who was now stretching out his huge palms as though they were the heavens pressing onto Wu Yu!


Wu Yu roared and subconsciously swung the Ruyi Jingu Bang in his hand towards the Mighty Miracle God!

Instantaneously, the Ruyi Jingu Bang burst out with a towering golden light, a mixture of cosmic qi and flames. It hit Mighty Miracle God's palm directly.


Even Wu Yu did not expect his attack to suppress and push back the Mighty Miracle God. Its exploding power did not stop. The attack bypassed Mighty Miracle God very quickly and erupted violently, shaking the entire Unholy Spirit Abyss and destroying it!

The Ruyi Jingu Bang had broken through the Unholy Spirit Abyss! Although it was only a short moment, it was enough to let Wu Yu escape from it!

In fact, Wu Yu himself was stunned, because he did not think that the Ruyi Jingu Bang would have this effect. Although the Unholy Spirit Abyss could be repaired, Wu Yu had already escaped from it with the help of Ruyi Jingu Bang.

He appeared in the Dragon Emperor's Supreme Battlefield. The Ruyi Jingu Bang in his hands shone with bright holy light.

This kind of holy light was not inferior to that of people at the Eastern Sublime Gracious Divine Emperor's level. It also had the faint power of competition.

"What is this!"

"Did he break though the restrains of Mighty Miracle God?"

"How is this possible...... Does that mean that not only did the Mighty Miracle God not torture Wu Yu in front of everyone today, he might even have the chance to escape?"

"My god, what kind of monster is this guy! Not to mention the transformation abilities that made him unrecognizable, he even has such powers! "

"Is he a freak?"

It was incredibly humiliating for Mighty Miracle God to let Wu Yu escape from the Unholy Spirit Abyss.

Today was originally the day Wu Yu's name would shock the entire Heavenly Domain. Now, his performance would only shock the Heavenly Domain even more.

Mighty Miracle God was already humiliated. Even if he managed to punish Wu Yu ultimately , he had already lost all his face because of Wu Yu's outstanding performance.

Wu Yu saw it.

Now all the eternal immortal emperors and eternal devil emperors had their eyes fixed on the Ruyi Jingu Bang in his hands. Their eyes were full of shock and unbelief. Many of them were even ready to make a move. All of them wanted to take the Ruyi Jingu Bang for their own and see what kind of treasure it was.

"Maybe this epochal immortal treasure belonged to some ancient eternal immortal emperor."

"He also got the legacy of an eternal immortal emperor?"

When Mighty Miracle God heard those words, he became angry and attacked Wu Yu again. This time, he attacked Wu Yu directly. He threw his eternal immortal emperor's power at Wu Yu who was not even an immortal king but a measly immortal of the Immortal Lord Realm.

At this moment, Wu Yu's hands loosened. That Ruyi Jingu Bang broke away from his grip and appeared on top of his head!

Suddenly, a familiar voice sounded from within the Ruyi Jingu Bang. This voice was ancient but majestic, proud and passionate. When he spoke, a golden shadow rushed out of the Ruyi Jingu Bang and transformed into the Unparalleled Monkey King.

However, Wu Yu saw the shadows of Sun Wudao in the Unparalleled Monkey King.

That golden monkey grinned widely, flashing his teeth and said: "Hello, my old friends. I haven't seen you for a long time! Old Sun misses you guys a lot! It's been such a long time. You have been living aimlessly. Are you all having a good time?"

This must be the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal!

Wu Yu had been waiting for him for a long time!

His tone, his manner and his aura was exactly the same as the Visualizing the Inner Ape.

Mighty Miracle God was about to attack, but he was startled by the sudden appearance of this monkey. He glared angrily at the monkey and said: "You cheeky monkey! Who are you?"

"Mighty Miracle God, don't move!" That Eastern Sublime Gracious Divine Emperor, Central Ecliptic Great Yellow Horn Immortal and other immortals stopped Mighty Miracle God immediately.

They had seen too much in today's fiasco and such a character appeared at this time. That Eastern Sublime Gracious Divine Emperor was wary and said hurriedly: "May I ask who are you? We have not seen you before in the Heavenly Domain? Are you someone from the Demon Immortal Realm? But the Heavenly Domain have already broken all ties with the Demon Immortal Realm."

"The Demon Immortal Realm is long gone!" The monkey shook his head and sighed. He looked at his surroundings and sighed again . He said: "My old friends of the past have all become puppets today. You have even forgotten me! The Sublime Gracious old man's beard and Yellow Horn's smelly feet are still fresh in my memory. It's such a pity. We still have a long way to go! But the sky palaces from the past is already an empty shell today. Such sadness! Such sadness!"

Unexpectedly, after the monkey appeared, he just shook his head and sighed, and was very sad. Eastern Sublime Gracious Divine Emperor and the others asked repeatedly, but he did not answer them.

"How dare you utter nonsense!" Mighty Miracle God wanted to attack again and teach Wu Yu a lesson.

"No matter who you are, you can't change Wu Yu's fate."

The monkey said: "Can't change? You wait and see! The future is still far away. Sooner or later, you will all receive a wake-up call and call me Sir Monkey!"

As that Unparalleled Monkey King finished speaking, he disappeared. In the blink of an eye, it went back into the Ruyi Jingu Bang. At the next moment, the Ruyi Jingu Bang penetrated into Wu Yu's body. It encompassed a force, the power of the Somersault Cloud. This was not exerted by Wu Yu, but by the Ruyi Jingu Bang.

Therefore, at that moment, Wu Yu knew that he could escape from here with the Ruyi Jingu Bang's help!

Wu Yu had yet to react from this change but he knew definitely that this time he had been saved and he could escape from this group of eternal immortal emperors!

This was unbelievable!

But this was the truth.

When he was leaving, his eyes scanned through the crowd and found Luo Pin very quickly. At this moment, she was still standing in the wind and wearing the red wedding dress. Her beauty was suffocating. One would feel heartbroken, especially after seeing her red teary eyes.

She had witnessed everything. They exchanged looks for the last time and Wu Yu could see that she was calm. Then he smiled.

"Wait for me to come back!"

This was Wu Yu's promise to her at the last moment. He knew that Luo Pin would be safe. It was rumoured that she inherited the Dragon Ancestor's legacy, so the other eight dragon emperors would protect her now.

As long as Wu Yu was alive, she could train and cultivate peacefully. They were still young, and there would be many opportunities in the future. Moreover, they had already officiated their marriage today. Even if they could not be together now, it would not change the fact that they were already husband and wife.

After Wu Yu finished speaking, he really disappeared. This was the power of the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal's Somersault Cloud. In an instant, he disappeared without a trace. Although that Mighty Miracle God was standing nearby, he could only be at a loss.

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