Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 1636 - A Vicious Invitation From the Western Church

Chapter 1636: A Vicious Invitation From the Western Church

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There was a trap hiding in the invitation!

Chief Luo never thought that the invitation from the Western Church would contain such a hideous trick!

“Senior! Be careful!”

Chief Luo’s expression changed in an instant. The Western Church’s reserve was unfathomable. In today’s Earth where spiritual energy had returned, it was a boss-level power, so no one should underestimate its tricks.

“It’s fine.” Bu Fang was calm, though, as he looked at the glowing cross. He did not sense killing intent in it. In other words, the cross was not intended to kill him.

The people of the Western Church were no fools. The footage of Bu Fang killing all the Gods of India had gone viral on the Internet, and surely they had watched it. Unless an Immortal Emperor was here in person, a mere invitation could not hurt Bu Fang.

And so it was. When the beam of light shot out of the cross and approached Bu Fang, he shattered it with a flick of his finger. With a popping sound, it exploded into a small firework, and the tiny dots of light gradually turned into a vague figure.

It was an old man in a red robe. He had a white beard, and he was looking at Bu Fang with a kind, ruddy face. “Greetings, Mister Bu Fang. I’m Cardinal Hagens from the Western Church,” said the old man as he bowed slightly. He looked respectful, and he seemed to be talking from somewhere far away.

Bu Fang paused. He felt great respect from the old man. An angry fist does not hit a smiling face, so he just looked indifferently at him.

“Of the four Holy Artifacts that govern Earth’s spiritual energy, Your Excellency holds two. The Western Church, on the other hand, has acquired the other two after going through unimaginable hardships…

“Your Excellency is a Chosen One. Therefore, with sincere respect, this humble one invites Your Excellency to attend the banquet held by His Holiness the Pope for the Holy Artifacts at the Western Court. We heard that Mister Bu Fang loves food, and we will prepare the choicest cuisines in the world. This represents our highest tribute to Mister Bu, and we hope Your Excellency could honor us by attending the banquet.”

After saying that, the old man bowed deeply.

The expressions of the people behind Bu Fang, including Chief Luo, changed drastically. With Bu Fang here, the Jiangdong branch had become the central location of the State Supernatural Agency, and most of the agency’s S-class superhumans were working here. The Cardinal’s words shocked them.

“How could it be… When did the Western Church acquire the second Divine Artifact?!”

“Isn’t the second Divine Artifact held by the Gods of Egypt?”

“I heard there was a battle between Egypt and the Western Church… But the result was unknown. It seems that the Western Church had won.”

The superhumans were talking to each other, shocked.

“I will be there,” Bu Fang said indifferently.

Upon hearing that, the old man beamed. “This humble one will be looking forward to seeing Your Excellency. His Holiness the Pope and his servants will welcome Mister Bu with the grandest ceremony.” After that, the light faded, and the invitation fell into Bu Fang’s hand, no longer glowing.

“Senior, are you really going to attend the banquet? The Western Church’s reserve is unfathomable, and its people are dangerous. They are more treacherous than the Indian Gods…” Chief Luo’s face was unsightly.

“It’s fine… I’m planning on going there anyway. I have to take back the two cooking utensils,” Bu Fang said in a relaxed manner. He did not think this was a serious matter.

His nonchalant attitude left Chief Luo somewhat speechless.

Suddenly, a commotion broke out outside of the base, and then a man ran into the conference room in a panic.


Chief Luo walked up to the man, who hurriedly told him what happened.

“Senior, the Western Church’s escorts are here. They are waiting for you.”

Chief Luo’s face turned very ugly. The Western Church was too hospitable. After acquiring two Divine Artifacts, it was now targeting the last two, which were possessed by Bu Fang. The so-called banquet was definitely a trap.

“Oh? They’re quick…” Bu Fang’s expression remained unchanged. With his hands clasped behind him, he walked out of the base with a group of people.

Outside, a coach stopped on an empty field, surrounded by a group of men and women with golden hair and blue eyes. They smiled when they saw Bu Fang. Clad in holy white robes, the men were handsome and the women beautiful, and they had circlets made of fresh grass set upon their heads.

The coach was luxurious, shining brilliantly as if it was made of pure gold. Strange images were drawn all over its surface, which told different stories. The horse that pulled the vehicle was a white unicorn. Although it did not have wings, it was emanating holy spiritual energy.

As Bu Fang walked up to them, their faces grew warmer and kinder.

“Greetings, Mister Bu.” A tall, handsome man with blond hair stepped forward with a smile. He was followed by two beautiful women.

“Let me introduce myself. I am the commander of the Third Legion of the Holy Cross Army under the Western Church. I have been sent by Cardinal Hagens to escort you to the Western Church,” the man said gently. Then, he took a step to the side. The women behind him and all the others stepped to the side as well, revealing a path that led to the coach.


Bu Fang glanced at them. The man was different from the Cardinal. Although he was there to escort him, his tone was aggressive and almost provocative, mixed with a hint of doubt.

“A coach?” Bu Fang looked at the man.

The man paused, then he said, “This is a Sacred Coach, which Cardinal Hagens has specially requested from God to escort Your Excellency.”

Bu Fang did not say anything. He glanced at the coach, then walked toward it with Foxy and the Kun Bird perched on his shoulders. As for Shrimpy, it was spitting bubbles on his head.

As he approached, the calm, peaceful-looking unicorn neighed nervously and kicked the ground, trying to move away from him. It felt a wave of fear that came from the depths of its soul. The driver with the leash in hand struggled to hold it steady.

Bu Fang came beside it, lifted a hand, and gave its head a gentle pat. The unicorn calmed down immediately. Then, two women opened the door for him. Bu Fang stepped into the coach.

Nethery followed. However, as she was about to step into the coach, the man stopped her.

“Cardinal Hagens only invites Mister Bu Fang alone, and he is the only person allowed to board the coach,” the man said.

“Let her come with me. Your Cardinal will not refuse me.” Bu Fang’s faint voice drifted out of the coach.

The man froze. He opened his mouth and was about to say something when Nethery gave him a cold glance. He felt a chill run down his back in an instant, and all his hair stood on end. A golden marking suddenly emerged on his forehead, and then a silver broadsword appeared in his hand.

“Get out of the way,” Nethery said coldly as she lifted her hand and flicked her finger.

The man raised his sword to block the finger. The next moment, he heard a thud, then felt a great force come at him, which bent the broadsword in his hand. He took a few steps back, and with every step, he crushed the ground.


Nethery gave him an indifferent look, then stepped into the coach.

The man was fuming, but he was also shocked by Nethery’s strength. She had almost knocked him flying away with just a flick of her finger! Part of the reason was that he had not received God’s power, and his flesh was that of a mortal, but as a Chosen One, his strength was not weak either.

“Senior Bu, wait for me! I want to go too!” Xiao Ai ran over excitedly with her camera in hand and wanted to board the coach as well.

The man’s face grew dark. ‘Do these people think anyone can ride in this coach?’ He lifted his hand, trying to stop Xiao Ai.

Suddenly, Bu Fang’s faint cough rang out from inside the coach.

The man’s pupils constricted as he felt a terrifying force press down on him, forcing him to fall on his knees. The ground under him burst apart under the mighty force, and he went cold all over, not daring to breathe too loudly.

‘This is horrible… Is this the aura of an Immortal Emperor?! I can’t even move now!’

Xiao Ai stepped into the coach happily. The man could only watch as he was powerless to stop her. At this moment, the Empyrean Fairy walked barefoot toward the coach with her hands clasped behind her. She had never ridden in a coach belonging to the Western Church before.

The man did not know what to say already. “You…” Habits made him try to stop the fairy, but she was too strong for him to stop. She only glanced at him, and the man almost coughed blood under her horrible pressure.

The Empyrean Fairy also boarded the coach. With a dark face, the man got up to his feet. His subordinates were all staring at him.

“Let’s escort our distinguished guests back to the Western Church…” His voice was gloomy, his eyes cold.

At his order, the women all rose into the sky, sprinkling flowers and playing music. The unicorn neighed, kicked the ground, and soared into the air. The coach’s wheels spun as the beast pulled it, leaving a colorful trail behind as the procession sped across the sky. The man followed.

Down below, the expressions of Chief Luo and the others were complicated. They were awed by Bu Fang’s courage. No one knew what would happen in his trip to the Western Church. Compared with the Gods of India, the Western Church was harder to deal with. Besides, it had existences who were as strong as the Immortal Emperors of Hua…

In a temple on the Immortal Mountain of Kunlun, a woman who wore her hair in a bun and shrouded in a mist was holding an invitation. “The Western Church… Interesting.”

At Penglai, the Daoist with a ring of light behind his head had finished his lecture. A golden invitation floated before him.

“The restriction of heaven and earth on us is getting weaker. The time has come for us to strike. The evil man possesses two Divine Artifacts, and the Western Church holds two as well. With that, the four Divine Artifacts that govern the Ancestral Planet’s spiritual energy have all been found. It’s time for me to claim them.”

A faint smile brushed the Daoist’s lips. He lifted a hand, and the four swords behind him immediately began to spin, tearing at the surrounding void with their sharp sword energy. Bright rays flickered under him and supported him as he flew into the distance.

The moment he left the island, invisible chains fell from the sky and thunder dragons emerged around him, roaring and slithering wildly.

On the island, countless Immortals looked up and gasped.

The Daoist held his fingers together. The four swords behind him glowed and flew into the sky, shattering the chains and destroying the thunder dragons. In just a flash, peace returned.

Chuckling, the Daoist sped over the vast expanse of sea, heading straight toward the west. Behind him, all the Immortals on the island looked excited.

“The Ancestral Planet’s power that had restricted the Sect Leader is finally gone! The Sect Leader can finally subdue that evil man in person! The four Divine Artifacts will become one!”

Within moments, all the Immortals rose into the sky. Some stepped on auspicious clouds, some rode Immortal Cranes, and some flew on savage monsters’ backs. By all kinds of strange means, these Immortals flew over the sea, heading toward the Western Church as well.


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