Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 1635 - You Have a Nice Dog

Chapter 1635: You Have a Nice Dog

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“Amaterasu Oomikami? That is a top God of Sakura Island!” No one expected a God of this level to sneak up on Bu Fang. “This fellow is too shameless!” Many people who saw this were cursing.

The golden figure shining like the bright sun was forcefully pulled back by Bu Fang’s divine sense. The God of Sakura Island, Amaterasu, was horrified at this moment because she found that she could not break free of the shackle of divine sense.

‘An Immortal Emperor! He’s an Immortal Emperor of Hua!’ Amaterasu began to despair. She never thought that the man would suddenly become an Immortal Emperor. ‘How could this be?!’

The Empyrean Fairy, like everyone else, was appalled. Suddenly, something even scarier happened.

As everyone watched with wide eyes, Bu Fang looked at the God he had pulled back, twitched the corner of his mouth, then lifted his hand and lightly slapped it out. Immediately, the shining Amaterasu broke into pieces, scattering and disappearing in the sky. A top Immortal King, who was not weaker than Brahma, was killed just like that.

All the people were stunned, while the group of Internet users aflame with indignation did not know what to say.

The Empyrean Fairy sucked in a cold breath. Suddenly, she felt a terrifying aura envelop her. ‘An Immortal Emperor! I can’t believe this guy has become an Immortal Emperor! How is this even possible?’

Her mind trembled… and she suddenly felt how ridiculous her remark had been. Staring at Bu Fang, her eyes were filled with despair. ‘That Queen Mother of the West actually sent me to my death!’

After killing the sneaky Amaterasu with a casual slap, Bu Fang turned his eyes and rested them on the Empyrean Fairy. It was time to settle some debts. With the Kun Bird carrying him, he came before the lady in a flash.

A small cup appeared in the Empyrean Fairy’s hand, which contained the Empyrean Thunder. She thought of resisting, but Bu Fang just stared indifferently at her. In the end, she quietly put away the cup, dejected. She was no match for an Immortal Emperor.

“I… I yield,” the Empyrean Fairy said in a gloomy voice.

Bu Fang glanced indifferently at her. This time, however, he did not kill her. With a flick of his finger, a silver divine flame darted out, seeped into the Empyrean Fairy’s forehead, and turned into a silver marking.

“Well… From today on, you are a maid,” Bu Fang said mildly.

The Empyrean Fairy looked horrified as she held her forehead with both hands and stared at Bu Fang in disbelief. “You…”

“Didn’t you say you want to take Nethery as your maid? In that case… From today on, you will be her maid,” Bu Fang said. “Don’t worry. As long as you bear no ill intention, you will be safe. Besides… as Nethery’s maid, you lose nothing.”

At his moment, Nethery had finished her peacock wing and was licking her red lips, savoring the flavor. When she heard Bu Fang, she put on a straight face and glanced indifferently at the Empyrean Fairy.

The Fairy bowed her head, her face dark. She seemed to have accepted her fate. In fact, she did not think that being a maid was a bad thing. After all, she had met an Immortal Emperor, and she was lucky to have escaped death.

Chief Luo and the others stared in mute amazement. They never thought it would end like this. Senior Bu had suppressed all his foes with great strength and even took a fairy as his maid!

“An Immortal Emperor? Senior Bu is actually an Immortal Emperor?” Those who knew what it meant were terrified.

Bu Fang had subdued the Empyrean Fairy, and the Kun Bird also turned into a little bird that looked like a sparrow, perching on his shoulder. He glanced at the bird, realizing that the little guy would not leave him now. But he did not mind.

Foxy had just finished her peacock tail, and she was looking curiously at the Kun Bird. However, as a divine beast who lived on the World Tree in the wilderness of Kunlun, the big bird was proud. Except for Bu Fang, who had captured it with his delicious food, it would not take notice of any other spirit beasts, not even a vixen.

Suddenly, Bu Fang raised his brows, turned around, and looked into the distance. His eyes seemed to see through the illusion.

There, True Lord Erlang emerged with an embarrassed look. He put away his three-pronged halberd, and with the Howling Celestial Dog in his arms, he flew over to face Bu Fang.

He was not too terrified, though. After all, he was Yang Jian, a top Divine General of the Celestial Court and an existence who was one step away from becoming an Immortal Emperor. Even if he were to face a real Immortal Emperor, he could fend for himself.

“Your Excellency’s immortal power is truly unparalleled…” True Lord Erlang said smilingly.

“Hmm… You have a nice dog,” Bu Fang said as he glanced at the Howling Celestial Dog in Yan Jian’s arms.

Yang Jian’s face stiffened. He suddenly recalled that the evil man before him would eat anything, and he immediately felt worried for his dog. “Your Excellency must be joking. I was just passing by…”

“You really have a nice dog,” Bu Fang stared at the dog and said again.

The Howling Celestial Dog began to shiver in Yang Jian’s arms. “Haha! I can see Your Excellency still has things to do. I’ll take my leave now.” Yang Jian’s face grew dark, and the corner of his mouth twitched.

“You really… have a nice dog…” Bu Fang repeated, but this time a faint smile brushed his lips.

Yang Jian was somewhat speechless. ‘Can’t you f*cking say something else?!’ he thought to himself. “Your Excellency, please don’t push others too far.” He was beginning to get angry. He could not let anyone bully his dog.

When he saw Yang Jian fuming, Bu Fang lifted a hand. Immediately, the Howling Celestial Dog was pulled out from its master’s arms, clawing and kicking. The next moment, it fell into Bu Fang’s arms with a despairing look.

Yang Jian flew into a rage. He was about to pull out his halberd when he saw Bu Fang’s movement, making him pause…

Bu Fang held the dog in his arms and gently stroked its head. The dog no longer looked so frightened. Instead, it narrowed its eyes and enjoyed the touch.

“Well… Your dog reminds me of my black dog… Once upon a time, Blacky is as handsome as this,” Bu Fang said as he thought of the old days.

Yang Jian paused for a moment, then he chuckled. ‘It turns out that… he’s also a man who loves dogs.’

Bu Fang produced an oyster pancake and gave it to the dog, who took it with its mouth and ate it happily. “A pity that my black dog has… grown too fat now and is no longer cute,” he said, sighing.

Nethery was speechless. ‘Bu Fang, do you think it’s a good idea to talk like that behind Lord Dog?’

The Empyrean Fairy watched sulkily from behind Bu Fang. She knew Yang Jian, and she also knew that he must be here for the same purpose as her, that was, to capture the evil man. ‘But he is lucky to have a dog…’ she thought to herself.

“Alright… For the sake of the dog, you may go now,” Bu Fang said. He naturally knew Yang Jian’s purpose of coming here, but he did not mind.

Yang Jian paused, then he nodded solemnly at Bu Fang. ‘This evil man doesn’t seem to be as abominable as the Sect Leader had said…’

“Thank you, Your Excellency. I, Yang Jian, will remember this kindness, and I will repay it when the time comes.”

Bu Fang nodded, put the dog down, and signaled them that they could leave now.

“Howling, let’s go.” Yang Jian turned around and was about to leave when he suddenly froze. He found that the dog, who was supposed to follow him, was missing…

“Hmm? Howling?” He was a little confused, but when he glanced over his shoulder, his face darkened instantly. He saw his dog squat beside Bu Fang’s feet, sticking out its tongue and looking up at the evil man.

“Howling! It’s time to go!” Yang Jian shouted, his face dark.

Howling the Celestial Dog turned its head, glanced at its master, wagged its tail a few times, then turned back to stare at Bu Fang with its big, round eyes.

Yang Jian suddenly felt an urge to kill this dog and cook a hotpot with its meat! ‘What kind of dog have I been keeping? He just gave you an oyster pancake, and you have decided to follow him?!’

Bu Fang did not expect this either. The Empyrean Fairy, standing beside Nethery, could not help but giggle. In the distance, Xiao Ai, Chief Luo, and the others did not know what to say, while the Internet users burst out laughing at the sight of the scene.

“I pity True Lord Erlang for one second. The centuries of friendship between him and the dog had been shaken by a pancake…”

“If I were the Howling Celestial Dog, I would choose Senior Bu also…”

“Kudos to the Howling Celestial Dog! As Senior said, this is a nice dog!”

Yang Jian, of course, had no idea what the Internet users were talking about. Otherwise, he might have pulled out a knife and killed the dog on the spot. Dark-faced, he grabbed the dog by the neck, stepped on an auspicious cloud, and sped away.

‘Dammit… What a disgrace!’

Bu Fang could not help but twitch the corner of his mouth as he watched Yang Jian leave. This True Lord Erlang did not come with a strong killing intent. He was just here to carry out a task, and because his dog looked a little similar to Blacky, Bu Fang decided to let him go. It would not affect anything.

The Empyrean Fairy felt a little sulky… Why didn’t she have a black dog? Why did she bring a bird with her?!

After Yang Jian left, Bu Fang landed in front of Chief Luo with everyone else. The battle was finally over, and he had also succeeded in awakening the White Tiger. All that remained now were the Black Turtle and Nicholas the Handsome Dragon. Narrowing his eyes, he left the place with Chief Luo and the others and returned to the base in Jiangdong.

The Empyrean Fairy followed resentfully at Nethery’s side. She did not dare to escape, for the power emanating from the silver flame on her brow was too terrifying.

On the way back, Bu Fang asked her many questions, and she answered them all truthfully. She dared not refuse to answer. After all, the divine flame was like a blade suspended over her head.

“The Immortal Mountain of Kunlun, the Immortal Island of Penglai…”

Bu Fang was organizing the information supplied by the Empyrean Fairy. According to her, both the powers had Immortal Emperors. However, due to the Ancestral Planet’s influence, they could not make a move. He also learned from her that they had just returned from the Primitive Universe.

As Bu Fang learned more, he realized that the world was much larger than he had imagined. The universe he was in before was called the Chaotic Universe, and he knew there was a Soul Demon Universe, a universe where Curse Goddesses like Nethery came from, and the Primitive Universe.

As for the universe where Earth was in, the Empyrean Fairy did not know much about it. She just called Earth the Ancestral Planet.

Bu Fang did not dwell deeper into this. There were many secrets on Earth, and he was not in a hurry. He could slowly uncover them.

In the conference room, the Fairy sat nervously in a corner. The young man before her, who had retracted all his aura, filled her with dread. She knew that he was definitely not from the Primitive Universe. Because if he did, she would have known him—she knew all the Immortal Emperors in the Primitive Universe.

The young man in front of her seemed to be shrouded in mysteries, and his power was not what she was familiar with. At this moment, with his aura concealed, she could not find out his actual strength at all. It was as though he was just an ordinary man.

‘This is too… cunning! How could an Immortal Emperor appear like an ordinary man? He could deceive even other Immortal Emperors!’

While the Fairy was lost in thought, Chief Luo pushed open the door and walked into the room with a terrified look.

“Senior Bu…” he hesitated.

“What’s the matter?” Bu Fang, slouching back in a chair, asked suspiciously.

“The Western Church has sent you an invitation to appraise the Divine Artifact… Do you want to have a look?” Chief Luo took a deep breath. Then, with a flip of his hand, he produced an envelope with a cross of two swords on it.

When Bu Fang’s eyes rested on it, the cross burst into light, which stabbed toward him like a sharp sword!

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