Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 1634 - Howling the White Tiger Returns!

Chapter 1634: Howling the White Tiger Returns!

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Bu Fang’s voice echoed faintly through the air. Suddenly, the thunder in the sky rumbled. At last, the purple thunder could not hold back anymore and began to fall.

A purple dragon plunged from the vault of heaven. At this moment, the air began to boil as if it was on the verge of exploding. The lightning’s power was disquieting, and it made everyone feel as if the end of the world was here.

The Empyrean Fairy’s pupils constricted. The lightning bolt had frightened even her. However, she did not care too much about it. After all, she was not the target of the thunder tribulation.

The lightning bolt went straight toward Bu Fang. Looking at him with an indifferent face, she said, “It amazed me how you can be so unbridled when you can hardly fend for yourself…”

She was dead set on taking the evil girl as her maid. Drawing a circle with her toe in midair, the Empyrean Fairy sped away, retreating to the distance.

Bu Fang watched as the lady backed away. He did not chase her. Instead, he stood on the Kun Bird’s back, looking up at the purple dragon, which was coming down at him with doomsday’s power.

It was the dish’s thunder tribulation. However, Bu Fang furrowed his brows as he stared at it. To him, the tribulation seemed a little… strange. It was too strong. When compared with the grilled roc wing’s tribulation, it was overly powerful.

Was that mysterious existence on Earth warning him again? Every time he cooked something, there was a warning. This time, however, the warning was extremely powerful. Could this be an ultimatum?

Bu Fang remembered the System telling him that Earth was dangerous for him. He started to have a feeling that those Gods and Immortals, who returned from other universes because of the recovery of spiritual energy, might not be the main threat. The danger mentioned by the System was likely to come from Earth.

He took a deep breath, raised his Taotie Arm, and threw a punch toward the sky.

In the distance, the Empyrean Fairy sneered. As an existence in ancient mythology, she had very strong control over thunder, and as an expert who was just one step away from becoming an Immortal Emperor, she could see the horrible power contained in the lightning bolt.

“This evil man actually intends to resist with his physical body? That’s an Immortal Emperor’s thunder tribulation! At the very least, he should resist it with some magic artifact, shouldn’t he? He would be smitten into nothing by the lightning bolt!”

While the Empyrean Fairy was watching, somewhere in the distance, True Lord Erlang narrowed his eyes. His third-eye seemed to look through the void, and he sucked in a cold breath as it rested on the man standing on the Kun Bird’s back.

“This man is… very strong! No wonder the Four Heavenly Kings were defeated,” he muttered. The next moment, he shook his hand. The three-pronged halberd in his hand spun, shining with bright light. Suddenly, he clutched the shaft, and his eyes turned sharp.

“Howling Celestial Dog, let’s go!”

At his voice, the black dog beside him grew large in an instant, transforming into a huge, fierce dog. Barking, the dog turned into a beam of black light and shot toward Bu Fang.

“The evil man will be weak after transcending the tribulation, and that is when I will strike, capture him alive, and bring him back to the Sect Leader…” True Lord Erlang said.

The dog bared its teeth, growling.


The lightning fell, causing thousands of smaller thunderbolts to rain down as well. In just a flash, the purple thunder dragon had surrounded Bu Fang as if to devour him. When the scene was uploaded to the Internet, all the viewers were stunned.

“Is Senior Bu transcending tribulation now?!”

“It’s scary! Is that lightning?”

“A purple thunderbolt… Senior Bu is indeed an Immortal!”

While the people were exclaiming, Xiao Ai’s hands shook with fear, and a worried look came over Chief Luo’s face. Chief Luo knew that Immortals had to transcend tribulation from time to time, but there was always a risk during the process.

‘If Senior failed to transcend it and was killed by the thunder tribulation, it would be a great loss to Hua. We would lose an existence who could deter other Gods and Immortals…’

Meanwhile, White Tiger had finished his peacock leg, and he was staring at Bu Fang, who was trapped by the thunder dragon. His eyes flickered with a strange, white light.


The sky seemed to have caved in. The storm caused by the falling of the purple lightning bolt was even more dreadful than when a nuclear bomb fell to the ground. All the people were forced to retreat and watched from across a great distance.

A shrill cry lingered between heaven and earth. That was the Kun Bird’s cry. With Bu Fang standing on its back, it was now withstanding the impact of the thunder as well, which left it a little confused.

The people were worried. They thought Bu Fang might not be able to survive the thunder, judging by its power. Was the peerless Senior Bu, who had wiped out so many Gods and Immortals, about to be killed by the lightning bolt? Did he attract the punishment because of his arrogant attitude?

The Empyrean Fairy watched, sneering. “This is Purple Heavenly Thunder. He will be severely wounded when the tribulation is over, if not dead… By that time, he will be a fish on the chopping board. An individual with two Divine Artifacts surely has attracted heaven’s wrath…”

She took a deep breath. Suddenly, her pupils constricted as she found that the falling purple thunder dragon was being ripped apart! Yes, it was being torn from the middle by some mighty force, accompanied by a tearing sound!

The Kun Bird looked wretched and miserable, its aura weak. Its feathers were charred by the lightning, but it still flapped its wings to keep from falling. On its back, however, the man of great radiance was unscathed, and before his raised arm, the thunderbolt shattered.

Bu Fang’s eyes gleamed goldenly as he looked up, peered through the lightning and the thunder clouds, and saw a vague figure. His eyes narrowed. ‘Is this the man who warned me repeatedly?’ He took a deep breath.

Soon, however, the lightning and the clouds dissipated, and the sky was calm and clear once more. The figure seemed to have sensed that Bu Fang was looking at him, so he cut off their connection and shrank back like a thousand-year-old turtle.

‘Whoever you are… I will find you one day.’ Bu Fang had decided that when he had woken all the Artifact Spirits, he would meet that mysterious existence in person. Did that man have a problem with him? If not, why did he send down lightning punishment whenever Bu Fang cooked?

Bu Fang had once again shocked the world with his overwhelming strength. With his palm, he almost wiped out all the Gods of India and scared off Brahma. And with his fist, he shattered the thunder tribulation! In many people’s eyes, he was a true Immortal!

Just then, a beam of light suddenly shot out from under the ground. It stunned everyone, including the Empyrean Fairy and True Lord Erlang in the distance. No one had expected that a God was hiding beneath the ground!

The light beam struck Bu Fang with a rumble. He did not dodge, or rather, he did not mind it hitting him. But the Kun Bird under him was knocked away by the impact. It coughed out some blood and shrieked. It was suffering from an undeserved disaster.

Bu Fang glanced at the big bird and furrowed his brows. Suddenly, the Kun Bird’s figure flickered and came back under him, carrying him once more. Although its aura was weak now, it still behaved friendly toward Bu Fang.

‘Hmm… What a sensible Kun Bird.’ Bu Fang was in a bit of a dilemma. The bird was so friendly and clever that he was a little reluctant to kill it. He stroked its head, then, with a shake of his hand, he produced an oyster pancake and gave it to the bird.

As soon as the Kun Bird swallowed the pancake, its eyes lit up. Glowing energy radiated from its body, and in just the blink of an eye, it had recovered its mighty appearance as if it was given a shot. It let out a sonorous cry and flapped its wings, climbing higher into the sky.

“Alright, let’s find out which sneaky bastard attacked us just now…” Bu Fang said.

Standing on the Kun Bird’s back, his eyes were cold. He glanced at his body. There was strange, dark energy spreading all over him, corroding his flesh. It was an evil force, which was trying to soil the Vermilion Robe and his body. It showed how despicable the attacker was.

In the distance, White Tiger roared, his voice shaking the skies. In front of everyone’s stunned gazes, white light radiated from his body, so bright and dazzling that it made him look like the glowing sun in the sky! Then, with a humming sound, he grew larger abruptly and transformed into a huge white tiger!

The moment the white tiger appeared, he slapped out his paw. The ground crumbled and burst apart, and a grunt rang out. Suddenly, a golden figure broke through the earth and came to the surface, intending to flee.

However, White Tiger opened his mouth and roared, his voice causing the mountains to crumble and the ground to split. “I am Howling, and I am invincible!”

Rumbling filled the air as a tiger paw fell from the sky. The golden figure turned around suddenly and uttered some gibberish. Then, he waved his hand. A glowing ball immediately appeared in front of him, and he pushed it out with both hands.

A loud boom rang out as the ball and the tiger paw collided. Taking the opportunity, the golden figure sped away, fleeing in panic. But then White Tiger roared again, filling the air with his deafening voice.

Everyone was shocked by the huge tiger in the sky, while Bu Fang, standing on the Kun Bird’s back, curled up the corners of his mouth as he looked at him.

The next moment, White Tiger turned into a white stream of light and shot toward Bu Fang. In just a flash, he burrowed into Bu Fang’s forehead.

Inside Bu Fang’s spirit sea, monstrous waves began to rise. Suddenly, a white tiger appeared under the God of Cooking’s Menu, walked in the air, and sat down across from Vermilion Bird.

With White Tiger’s return, Bu Fang’s spirit sea boiled instantly. The power of his divine sense skyrocketed at an astonishing rate, and its true-form was almost taking a physical form.

At last, Howling the White Tiger had returned!

Outside, Bu Fang opened his eyes. The Kun Bird under him immediately felt a force as heavy as a mountain fall on its back, which pushed it straight down toward the ground. It flapped its wings, but no matter how hard it tried, it just could not climb back up into the sky.

Although Bu Fang was tiny compared to the Kun Bird, he was now as heavy as the world! At the same time, his aura began to transform. Rings of energy spread from him, sweeping out in all directions.

Down below, all the people were retreating as fast as they could, their faces filled with shock and horror. The Empyrean Fairy’s eyes widened in disbelief, while the pupil of True Lord Erlang’s third-eye constricted and the three-pronged halberd in his hand trembled with fear. Even the Howling Celestial Dog had shrunk back to a puppy, shivering in its master’s arms.

True Lord Erlang was shocked. He felt his head reel, then he opened his mouth and muttered in a hoarse voice, “Immortal Emperor…”

A rumbling sound could be heard as the Kun Bird flapped its wings one last time. It stabilized itself at last, but it was just one inch away from crashing into the ground. It was so scared that cold sweat broke out all over its body. It thought it was about to become the first Kun Bird in history who fell to death…

Bu Fang’s aura was wild and aggressive. He turned his head and looked into the distance, where the God who had attacked him had fled. “Trying to run away from me?” He raised his chin. The next moment, his divine sense poured out of him. For a moment, the whole world seemed to be enveloped by it.

The Empyrean Fairy felt her flesh creep as fear filled her heart.

A miserable shriek rang out in the distance as the golden God, who looked as if he was wrapped in the sun, kept flying backward in Bu Fang’s direction. He was forcefully pulled back by Bu Fang’s divine sense.

Down below, Xiao Ai and Chief Luo were dumbfounded. Chief Luo fixed his eyes on the God, and this time, he saw who the God was. He sucked in a cold breath instantly.

“That is… Sakura Island’s Amaterasu Oomikami!”

It turned out that it was the God of Sakura Island who attacked Bu Fang! Why did a God of Sakura Island dare to show up again?!

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