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Chapter 912 - Go to the King's Domain

Chapter 912 Go to the King’s Domain

If this matter could be lasting and stable, perhaps Lord Nan Shan would also join the team. His main purpose was to find out the other party’s temperament to see if it was feasible.

He would leave this matter to Lord Liu.

10 days later, he asked Si Nan to send a message.

Si Nan found a martial artist of the Heavenly Knights Sect to send a message.

Lord Nan Shan invited Zhang Hanyang to meet him in the King’s Domain.

Zhang Han ignored it and told the man that he didn’t have time.

A few days later, there was news saying that if Zhang Hanyang wanted to promote his cooperation with Lord Nan Shan, he should send some people to cultivate there.

The original words were: “As long as I, Lord Liu, am alive, I’ll definitely guarantee that they are safe.”

They were somewhat similar to be held hostage.

However, Zhang Han felt that it was also a good choice for them to go to the King’s Domain in the Ancient Mine to hone their cultivation.

But he still didn’t give an accurate answer.

Seven days later.

Wu Ming arrived.

“Zhang Hanyang, I heard that you are in touch with Lord Nan Shan?”

In the pavilion under the Thunder Yang Tree, Wu Ming took a sip of wine and added, “That guy is also very powerful. He ranks fifth among the 13 magnates.”

“Does your Palace Master want to go out? It seems that it’s better to go to the Black White Palace than to Lord Nan Shan’s place to cultivate,” Zhang Han said directly.

He didn’t like to keep people guessing and would ask everything in his mind.

Hearing this, Wu Ming pondered for two seconds and said, “I don’t know about this. However, I heard it once from that old guy, but I didn’t hear it too clearly. It seems that he brought the Palace Master and their daughter to the secular world before. By right, the Palace Master and her daughter have the bloodline of the Dark Shadow Clan, so they can’t go out. Maybe that old guy also knows some secret skills?”

“It’s almost as I guessed.”

Zhang Han smiled.

Yue Wuwei bringing his wife and daughter out was different from him bringing others out. Perhaps Lord Qing Lan would also be interested, but Zhang Han didn’t like to be active. He was not in a hurry and just wanted to wait and see.

“I suggest you cooperate with Lord Nan Shan. Lord Nan Shan does not care about worldly affairs and is devoted to martial arts. He is a good man. Although he is selfish, there are a few martial artists who are not selfish. The most important thing is that Lord Nan Shan has a large territory and loads of resources. The Black White Palace is just a huge city. Over the years, there have been many people and martial artists in it. Relatively speaking, everyone has fewer resources. They need to fight for them by themselves. With Yue Wuwei there, the Palace Master has enough resources, but the others are not in his consideration. What I mean is that if you cooperate with Lord Nan Shan, you may get something really good. But if you cooperate with my Palace Master, you won’t be able to get anything good because they will all be left to the Little Princess,” said Wu Ming.

“It seems that I have to talk to Yue Wuwei if there is a chance.”

Zhang Han narrowed his eyes slightly.

Yue Wuwei was somewhat mysterious, and even Zhang Han was a little curious about what role he played on this sealed Saint Warrior Planet.

It was no exaggeration to say that he could even feel the auras of Lord Liu and Lord Nan Shan when they were in the secular world, but as for Yue Wuwei…

Zhang Han guessed that the restrictions he might be subject to in the secular world were much fewer than those of others.

“There’s one more thing I didn’t say.”

Wu Ming took two big sips of wine and said with a smile, “The Black White Palace and Lord Nan Shan are neighbors. If you send some disciples over, Lord Nan Shan will not care about this matter, given his cautiousness. Lord Liu has made a promise to you. He is a man of his word. With his words, their safety will not be a problem. It seems that Lord Liu sincerely wants to cooperate with you. It’s nothing strange. The secular world is too attractive to the Dark Shadow Clan. But I still have to remind you that don’t bring too many people from the Dark Shadow Clan here.”

“Is it because in this Main World, there are some places that will make their strength improve by leaps and bounds?” Zhang Han replied casually.

“Yue Wuwei even told you about this?” Wu Ming was a bit surprised.

“It’s a secret. If it weren’t for the good relationship between me and the Little Princess, I wouldn’t have been able to hear it.”

In this regard, Zhang Han smiled but didn’t say anything.

The Dark Shadow Clan had always been the favorite of the Saint Warrior Planet. Although this world was sealed, there were still some places that could help the Dark Shadow Clansmen to improve their strength rapidly.

Wu Ming said with some emotion, “The first time I saw you, I felt that there was nothing special about you. But since you could talk jovially with Si Nan, I think highly of you.

“In the younger generation of the world, I consider myself the best. But after you killed a few people in the Kunlun Immortal World, I found that there are some real talents in the secular world. We are the same kind because you are excellent enough. There are not many people in the whole world who can sit and chat with me. I hope that in the future, if you are in the King’s Domain or the Kunlun Immortal World, we can learn from each other when you reach the Elixir Realm.”

Zhang Han picked up the cup, took a sip of tea, and asked, “Do you think you are my match here?”

“The two of us are evenly matched. I’m not like those pompous men from the Kunlun Immortal World. They don’t understand the secular world and this kind of suppression. They can’t show their strength at all.” Wu Ming chuckled. “When I become a Giant, I’ll call myself the Nine Sword King. I have nine secret skills of swordsmanship. Meanwhile, ‘nine’ shares the same pronunciation as ‘wine’. Wine and sword are my favorite. Zhang Hanyang, grow up quickly. Don’t be left far behind by me.”

“You’re very confident.”

Zhang Han shook his head slightly and didn’t say much.

It was enough to have a casual chat. Wu Ming was really talented. At least Zhang Han thought that he was the best among the people he had ever seen!

They were referring to the younger generation. The mysterious Yue Wuwei, Zi Yan—his wife, who had a big secret, and some others were not on the list.

Compared with Ye Longyuan, Mu Xue, Shi Fenghou, Su Beimu, and Chen Changqing, Wu Ming was indeed the best.

“It’s nice to know you after I left the Black White Palace and went to the secular world.”

Wu Ming took another sip of wine and said leisurely, “There are not many treasures on the periphery of the Boundless Sea. Even if there are, they are guarded by horrible fierce beasts. This time, I didn’t get anything. I plan to go around the Main World and go to the worldlets of other countries. It’s a short distance in the secular world if I enter the Ancient Mine from there. But in the Ancient Mine, the Beast Land is endless, covering an unknown distance.”


“Goodbye. I’ll come and drink with you after this.”

Wu Ming left in a neat and tidy manner.

Zhang Han didn’t see him off. He sat in the pavilion under the Thunder Yang Tree and thought for a while.

“Martial artists gather here.”

His voice lingered around the whole Mount New Moon.

All the martial artists, including those who were cultivating and amusing themselves, the security group, the Wang family, and so on, ran over. Even Dong Chen and the Third Elder were no exception.

“What do you want to announce?” Zhang Guangyou asked with a smile.

“I have something to tell you.”

Zhang Han directly told them the news.

“Everyone knows about the Ancient Mine. The King’s Domain inside is almost the same as the Kunlun Immortal World. But people in the King’s Domain can go to the Ancient Mine and return. Among them, Lord Nan Shan, one of the 13 magnates, wants to cooperate with me. His subordinate, Lord Liu, wants me to send some people to cultivate there. Although he means to hold them hostage, their safety is guaranteed. Perhaps for some people, this is a good experience. You go back and think about it. Those who want to go there can apply for it.”

“Go to the King’s Domain?”

Everyone present was a little shocked when they learned the news.

“The King’s Domain is indeed attractive, but I just have a son, so I don’t want to join in the fun.” Chen Changqing shook his head helplessly.

He finally understood Zhang Han’s feelings.

How could he still be in the mood to explore other places when he had a son. Watching the little fellow grow up every day, he felt happy and peaceful.

Even if he wanted to go, he had to wait for Chen Chuan to grow up.

Last time, he quarreled with Zhou Fei for a while, but later, he compromised and came up with a ready-made solution.

Chen Chuan could learn some basic martial arts when he was older and cultivate when he grew up, just like Mengmeng. Well, when Mengmeng began to cultivate, Chen Chuan would be about five or six years old. It seemed that it would be okay.


Zhao Feng was a little hesitant. He and Liang Mengqi felt very at ease here, but as the first disciple of his master, his strength had become the worst among the three disciples.

He was eager to go.

“I’ll go.”

Elder Meng and Xu Yong jumped out and made a prompt decision.

“I’ll go too.”

Many members of the security group raised their hands.

“Your aunt and I also want to go.” Wang Ming and Rong Jiaxin also wanted to go there.

They had known and met Lord Liu a few days ago. Since both sides wanted to cooperate, they would not believe each other in the beginning. It would take some time for them to believe each other. Moreover, they were safe and could cultivate inside. They could also carry out some trial tasks. Indeed, going there could steel themselves.

In contrast, the life on Mount New Moon was too comfortable.

“Alas, if I didn’t have to teach the little girl martial arts every day, I should go there and have a look this time.” Zhang Guangyou shook his head slightly.

The recent life made Zhang Guangyou feel relaxed physically and mentally. There was no conflict, and he felt good.

“The King’s Domain is boring! It will be comfortable to go to the sea of stars with my master in the future. I won’t go.” Mu Xue shook her head firmly.

Her expression showed that she would go wherever her master went.

Jiang Yanlan thought for a while but didn’t intend to go there. Her strength had improved a lot recently. She didn’t waste any resources but just relied on the spiritual Qi of heaven and earth on Mount New Moon to improve her understanding of her cultivation methods.

On the contrary, Ah Hu and the others had a good understanding of their cultivation methods and were not short of resources. They lacked all kinds of knowledge and fighting, which was also the reason why they wanted to go there.

There was no fighting in the secular world. However, there were Light Gates in the King’s Domain. They could fight with Bone Demons and various forces.

Their blood seemed to have been ignited.

They raised their hands one by one, and most of them were members of the security group, including Leng Yue and several other women.

“Master, when can we come out?” Zhao Feng asked.

“It depends on your mood. If you want to come out, you can go and find Lord Liu,” Zhang Han replied.

“I’m going back to ask Mengqi for her advice.”

He returned to his villa.

“Just go ahead.”

To his surprise, Liang Mengqi waved her hand casually.


Zhao Feng was stunned. “She agreed so quickly. Don’t tell me that she doesn’t want to see me?”

“Really? I don’t want to go after I heard you say so.” Zhao Feng looked a little suspicious.

“I know. As the boss’s eldest disciple, you are under pressure. I’ve also heard that Lord Liu will guarantee our safety.”

“But I still…”

Before Zhao Feng could finish his words, he walked into the bedroom and saw the two big suitcases on the bed. He was astounded.

“You want to go too?”

“Why can’t I go? I’ve heard that there are many ordinary people in the King’s Domain.”


After thinking for a while, Zhao Feng agreed.

As such, most of the people in the security group, the Wang family, the Zi Clan, and the Liang Clan set out. They arrived at the Kun Xu World and entered the Ancient Mine.

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