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Chapter 1944 - Commencing the Assault

Chapter 1944: Commencing the Assault

The eight groups of warships traveled extremely quickly, and after a short while, they arrived at the Deathkin’s barracks.

The eight barracks constructed by the Deathkins were very particular, and they were the eight gates guarding the core area of Xianji Mountain. They were fully integrated into the mountain’s terrain and it was extremely difficult to breach them.

The reason Zhang Ruochen was able to silently sneak into the depths of Xianji Mountain earlier was his mastery of the Path of Dimensions. Additionally, the Deathkin were relatively relaxed back then and not as guarded as they were now.

It was impossible to sneak in now.

“Commander, what should we do? Do we attack directly?” Tu Tian asked.

Zhang Ruochen was the commander of their squadron, and it was up to Zhang Ruochen to decide what to do.

Standing at the bow of the ship, Zhang Ruochen stared at the Deathkin’s war fortress. This war fortress was massive, like an ancient beast standing guard in the area, causing everyone to feel extremely stressed.

After a moment of contemplation, Zhang Ruochen said. “Prepare the warships for an all-out attack. Let me see how strong this war fortress is.”

Tu Tian did not hesitate at all, and immediately passed down the order.

The Northern Region Basecamp prepared these warships for them not only for the journey, but the warships themselves had astonishing offensive powers, capable of bombarding Saint King-level elites to death.

On the Battlefield of Merit, this type of warship was undoubtedly of great value. It was a literal slaughter machine as any random blow could kill a large number of Infernal Court cultivators.

It was just that refining this kind of warship was extremely prohibitive, and was not available to everyone.

Zhang Ruochen actually had a better warship on him, it was one of the spils he had obtained from the Sword Vault, called the Saintkiller Warship. If it was in the hands of a Supreme Saint, it was enough to pose a threat to a Supreme Saint.

However, it was a shame that the fighting was too fierce back then, and of the four Saintkiller Warships, one was almost completely destroyed, two were severely damaged, and only one was not seriously damaged.

As they involved Supreme Saint inscriptions, even if the people of the Sword Sanctum were to work on it, repairs will take a very long time and they may not even be able to restore it to its original state.


At the same time, all four warships erupted with terrifying saint power as bursts of blazing saint light blasted out.

Many arcane patterns appeared on the surface of the war fortress, forming a powerful protective shield to ward off the warships’ bombardment.

“Again!” Zhang Ruochen said.

Immediately, the four warships attacked again, and blasted out fifteen consecutive cannonades, completely ignoring the saint stone expenditure.

The number of saint stones equipped in each warship was limited, and it was impossible for it to launch too many attacks.

There was no choice, although the warship’s attack was powerful, but the consumption of saint stones was very high. As they were deploying over a dozen warships, Zhen Yuan and Xuanyuan Liekong also had to consider the cost.

From the eleventh salvo onwards, the saint stones consumed were provided by Zhang Ruochen. He was filthy rich anyway, and did not care about this bit of saint stones.

After several more salvos, the Deathkin finally made their move as a gate opened in the war fortress as a team of Deathkin warriors walked out of it unhurriedly.

Seeing so, Zhang Ruochen immediately ordered the attack to stop.

The reason for the continuous bombardment was to provoke the Deathkin and draw them out of their fortress. Otherwise, how would they fight the battle?

Clearly, his goal had been achieved, and everything was as planned.

“You lot dare to enter Xianji Mountain, means all of you are looking for death. None of you will not leave this place alive.” A burly Deathkin in battle armor said coldly.

Tu Tian stepped out of the battleship, looking condescendingly at the Deathkin elite, as he spat coldly. “You sure speak loudly. We are here to take to flatten Xianji Mountain. You Deathkins will all perish.”

“Who do you think you are? Die!”

The burly Deathkin’s eyes was full of murderous intent. He then stretched his hand out and the evil death Qi transformed into a short spear as he threw it at Tu Tian.

An incomparably powerful aura radiated from the burly Deathkin, and tens of millions of precepts floating faintly outside his body as the precepts of heaven and earth were completely rotating with him as the nexus.

Seeing the short spear flying at him, Tu Tian frowned as he quickly roused the saint Qi in his body, and quickly forming dozens of layers of shielding in front of his body.


The short spear was incredibly powerful, and there was nothing it could not destroy, as it instantly pierced through the dozen layers of shields.

In the end, the short spear collided against Tu Tian’s body, and was blocked by the armor he wore.

The short spear exploded and the devastating force sent Tu Tian flying.

“A Path’s Anterior elite!”

Tu Tian stared intently at the burly Deathkin.

Before his opponent struck, he had not been able to fully see through the former’s cultivation base, and thought that at most his foe was of the Heaven’s Reach realm. With his strength, he could easily crush one, but he did not think that he would have struck an iron wall instead.

“Who are you?” Tu Tian asked coldly.

The burly Deathkin said proudly. “I am one of the three generals under Yuanmo Shenzi, Commander He Yun, and by the order of Yuanmo Shenzi, I guard the Xianji Mountain. Any Celestial Court cultivators who dares step into the mountain shall be killed without mercy.”

Hearing this, Tu Tian’s gaze changed slightly, as a tinge of wariness appeared in his heart.

The Commander of Death was a very high status, and on the Battlefield of Merit, one could command an army of a million Deathkins.

For a person to be a commander, their cultivation need to reach the realm of Path’s Anterior, and most of them were directly under the orders of a Deathkin Supreme Saint, even Shenzis would find it difficult to order them around.

Even after entering Kunlun Realm, a Deathkin Commander still had a great say and will not follow just any Shenzi’s command.

Some of the weaker Shenzi’s only have Death Generals and Death Shoguns under their command, and are unable to contact the Death Commanders.

For there to be three Death Commanders under Yuanmo Shenzi, it was proof enough on how powerful Yuanmo Shenzi was.

Zhang Ruochen’s gaze swept through Commander He Yun, and then towards the several Deathkin elites behind the latter.

The Deathkin elites were clearly a little different as they wore standardized armor and held standardized weapons, each having similar strength.

“Death Knights.”

Suddenly, Zhang Ruochen realizied the identities of the Deathkin elites.

Every Death Knight had cultivation levels above Precept Dominion, and were carefully raised by the Fane of Death, each possessing the potential to become a Supreme Saint.

As for the few Death Knights before him, even the lowest of their cultivation was at the pinnacle of Precept Dominion-realm, two of them had even reached the Heaven’s Reach realm. Their strength was not to be underestimated.

In addition to the Death Knights, there was another team of Deathkin elites, each of them exuding equally terrifying aura, and all of their cultivation bases were above the Precept Dominion realm.

In order words, the fifty-eight Deathkin that had walked out of the war fortress were all top powerhouses with cultivation bases above the realm of Precept Dominion.

For a single camp to have so many powerhouses in it, how terrifying would it be if all eight camps were added together?

“It seems like the information is correct, the Deathkin can use the Altar of Death to train their elites, and the results is quite significant.” Zhang Ruochen thought to himself.

At this moment, the faces of many cultivators on the four warships were a bit solemn.

Compared to the top powerhouses they are facing, they were obviously at a disadvantage, and the situation was quite dire.

For something like this to happen, surely even Zhen Yuan and Xuanyuan Liekong did not expect it.

Looking at the group of Deathkin powerhouses, Xiang Chunan’s eyes could not help but glow. “Big Brother, tonnes of merit points there!”

Hearing this, both Tu Di and Tu Ren had a stunned look on their faces, feeling that Xiang Chunan may be a bit too much of a dullard. That group of Deathkin elites were indeed worth a lot of merit points, but that was dependent on them being able to destroy all of them.

The disparity in strength was so great that they were unable to be optimistic in any way. If they were to clash head on, they will definitely suffer heavy casualties.

Unexpectedly, Zhang Ruochen actually smiled and said. “Indeed, there’s much merit points to be had there. If we destroy all of them, we can change at least 180 million merit points, so what are we waiting for?”

“Hahahaha, you Deathkin oafs, Lord Xiang is here!” Xiang Chunan laughed and rushed out of the warship.

A Precept Dominion-realm Death General flew out, exuding a majestic evil death Qi as he shot out a very contemptuous punch.

With this cultivation level of Precept Dominion, there was no wrong in him treating Xiang Chunan, who had not yet culminated his own Precept Dominion, with contempt.

Xiang Chunan had no intentions to dodge at all, and instead of retreating, he met the attack head-on.

“Eat this!”

Xiang Chunan roared, as clouds of demonic Qi shot out from all of the acupoints in his body, as if he was about to become a peerless demon king.


The two fists collided as demonic Qi and evil death Qi quaked.

Xiang Chunan stood firmly in the air like a sacred mountain, while the Deathkin General was sent flying backwards, crashing into the war fortress like a cannonball.

With just a single exchange, that Deathkin General was gravely wounded, and one of his arm exploded, seemingly no longer able to move.

Xiang Chunan did not stop, and wanted to follow up with another punch to ensure the kill.

“You dare!”

A Death Legate shouted, as he swung his battle axe at Xiang Chunan.

Xiang Chunan roared, “Get lost!”

Numerous demonic runes appeared on the Metan Demonic Crown, unleashing beams of Supreme Power that slammed at the Death Legate.

At the same time, Xiang Chunan blasted out a fist as his demonic Qi transformed into a Demonic Mountain, smashing upon the wounded Death Shogun.

The Thousand-Fold Demonic Mountain Fist was one of the fist arts he was most proficient in. It was a Tongxuan-level intermediate-level saint art, and it was not much weaker than some of the weaker high-level saint arts.


The Death General’s bod instantly shattered, and his saint soul was crushed by the demonic mountain.

Killing a Death General in just two fists was undoubtedly an amazing record.

On the other side, the Death Legate was pushed back by the Metal Demonic Crown, and could not get close to Xiang Chunan.

Seeing the elite of his own side getting killed, a Heaven’s Reach-realm Death Knight immediately swept out, swinging the Death Scythe as he wanted to harvest Xiang Chunan’s life.

The raison d’etre of the Death Knights was slaughter, as they were the heralds of death.

In contrast, the Death King was much stronger than the Death General that had attacked earlier.

As he attacked, a massive Shadow of Death appeared behind him, also waving a Death Scythe. A surge of death Qi was released, locking Xiang Chunan in place.

“Sky Soaring Dragon-Elephant.”

A dragon and an elephant flew out and soared into the heavens as they shone upon the world, revealing a very extremely terrifying vision.


The Death Knight’s expression changed, and he gave up on attacking Xiang Chunan as he focused on blocking the Dragon-Elephant attack.


The Death Knight could not withstand the blow and was sent flying as the Shadow of Death behind him immediately unraveled.

“Did you get my permission to touch my brother?”

Zhang Ruochen stood beside Xiang Chunan and said coldly.

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