Forty Millenniums of Cultivation

Chapter 2648 - Cut the Darkness of the Whole Universe!

Chapter 2648: Cut the Darkness of the Whole Universe!

Crazily, Li Yao retrieved medicines and medical tools from his Cosmos Ring.

Firstly, he injected a lot of fragrant green gel into the hole on Li Linghai’s chest with a glittering syringe to stop the blood from squirting out.

Then, he injected a nutrition drug around Li Linghai’s neck, which could provide oxygen and nutrition for the brain as a microcycle.

In such a way, even if her body was destroyed, her brain would still be intact.

After everything was done, he pressed Li Linghai’s temples softly and stimulated her brain cells with feeble electricity so that her soul would not fall into eternal sleep.

Li Linghai’s eyebrows finally shivered, and she opened her eyes.

When she saw Li Yao, shame, regret, worry, and relief flashed in turns in her eyes.

“Don’t talk. Take a rest!”

Li Yao read Li Linghai’s eyes and declared resolutely, “I’m definitely going to save Li Jialing and the Empyreal Terminus Sector!”

The ripples in Li Linghai’s eyes gathered into two tears that dripped onto her cheeks. She said weakly with her last strength, “I was wrong. I was… really wrong!”

“It’s true that you made an unforgivable mistake.”

Li Yao took out a freezing spray from his Cosmos Ring, which could temporarily hibernate the brain of the injured until reinforcements arrived. “So, you better make up for it for the rest of your life!”

Li Yao softly put Li Linghai on the ground and covered her wounds with a broken robe, before he rose and gazed at where Wuying Qi’s soul disappeared.

At this moment, Long Yangjun had also finished the last of the bald experts. They searched every inch of the Gold Crystal Pyramid with their telepathic thoughts.

They did not find Wuying Qi’s remaining soul or any sign of it.

But they found a terrible thing—the cocoon where Li Jialing was imprisoned had exploded.

Like a blooming flower, its tough iron shell was curled and dangled down, but Li Jialing was no longer inside.

Li Jialing’s body had been taken away by Wuying Qi’s remaining soul!

Li Yao and Long Yangjun looked at each other. They both saw the fear and the burning fighting will in each other’s eyes.

“In any case, we must repair the Cosmos Rings first!”

Long Yangjun said, “Even if he has truly possessed Li Jialing, he can’t stabilize himself so quickly!”

Li Yao nodded quickly. He searched for the maintenance tools that had been scattered just now.

Every maintenance tool had been baptized with his blood and marked with his soul. Thanks to the mysterious connection between them, he was able to retrieve the tools very soon.

While Long Yangjun stayed on alert, Li Yao sat cross-legged with the two Cosmos Rings floating before him and glowing more and more dazzlingly.

Low laughter came from the depths of the Gold Crystal Pyramid again.

It sounded both like Li Jialing and more and more like Wuying Qi.

The infinite bloody and black fog came back again.

Li Yao, however, ignored it. He focused his full attention on the tiny Cosmos Rings while he dredged the retrieval rune arrays and constructed new spatial circuits with telepathic thoughts.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The whole Gold Crystal Pyramid was trembling, as if a gargantuan beast had crawled out of the tower and was about to swallow the whole universe.

“This power can’t be just possession. It’s…”

Sensing the ripples from the depths of the Gold Crystal Pyramid, Long Yangjun couldn’t have looked more awful. “It’s a Colossus!”

A weird scene happened in Li Yao and Long Yangjun’s visions.

The depths of the Gold Crystal Pyramid was twisted, and indescribable darkness was appearing.

The edge of the darkness was blurry, and it was still expanding. Wherever it reached, it would contaminate everything into darkness, the darkness that even light would be absorbed and no matter could escape!

It was like the world had been bitten by an invisible animal, and the missing part turned into a… black hole!

When Li Yao and Long Yangjun scanned the dark area, their eyes, senses, and telepathic thoughts could not detect anything in the darkness at all. Or maybe, there was nothing in it at all. It was merely absolute darkness!

Shua! Shua! Shua! Shua!

Long Yangjun stomped on the ground, and hundreds of broken pieces of blades were darted into the darkness. But they were also instantly absorbed when they touched the darkness, as if they had sunk into the sticky gel.

The phenomenon reminded Li Yao and Long Yangjun a super Colossus, one that was definitely among the top five in the history of war. It was Blackhole’s Heart, Blackstar the Great’s special weapon!

Blackhole’s Heart was naturally not a real black hole.

Yet, it boasted the best designs in distortion, stealth, and energy absorption, allowing it to block 99.99% of hostile scanning and swallow most of the damage. It was truly like a deadly black hole that would absorb all lives on the battlefield!

A thousand years ago when Wuying Qi was active, the arrival of Blackhole’s Heart meant the end of a battle and the start of a slaughter.

A thousand years later, the storm of blood had started again!


Wuying Qi’s crazy laughter echoed in the darkness again.

“Nailed it!”

Li Yao sensed nothing about the black hole. He dripped his blood on the two Cosmos Rings and gave one of them back to Long Yangjun. In the meantime, he activated his own Cosmos Ring.

Space ripples raged out. Another two Colossi, “Arsonist” and “Heavenly Crystal”, which also ranked top among all Colossi, emerged from the void and arrived at the human world!

Shua! Shua! Shua! Shua!

Staying in the spiritual residence of Arsonist, Li Yao allowed Little Black to envelop him as liquid metal. Infinite streams of information flooded in his brain and his body. He felt so comfortable that he was almost roaring.

With Arsonist in his hand, he would blow it up even if a real black hole were in his way!

“You are more stupid than you are shameless. Do you really think I would completely bind my soul to Li Linghai’s body?”

From Blackhole’s Heart, the mixed voice of Wuying Qi and Li Jialing was coming over. “Powering the Gold Crystal Pyramid will significantly damage the body, particularly the brain cells. Even a Divinity Transformation Stage expert cannot bear the recoil. I was already planning to look for a new body before the massive inculcation, and you brought Li Jialing’s body to me in one piece!

“Just now, I was only talking to you so that I can assimilate Li Jialing’s body faster. The body was perfectly modified to accommodate my soul in the first place, and thanks to the cleansing of the Transformation Cocoon, it is even more powerful and perfect!

“Hehe, hehehehe! Now that I’m capable of using Blackhole’s Heart, your Colossi are nothing but garbage in my eyes!”

“Save your strength. We know each other too well. Let’s not insult each other’s wisdom with such lowly lies.”

Li Yao said casually, “Soul possession is too dangerous. Besides, your soul was not complete in the first place, and it had been brutalized by us before your possession.

“I don’t believe that you can 100% occupy Li Jialing’s body in half a minute with your incomplete soul. If it’s so convenient, you would’ve done it a long time ago!

“And I don’t believe that Li Jialing, my brother, will be suppressed by you so easily. He came to the capital to save his mother even though he might die. He is more determined than anyone. He’s our final weapon!

“Jialing, I believe that you can hear us. We won’t give up on you. You must not give up on your mother either. You’re going to live and reunite. Now, fight with me. Let’s blow up this scumbag together!”

As Li Yao roared crazily, Arsonist fell on one of its knees and opened its arms, activating all the offensive magic equipment that could be activated. Hundreds of streams of light gathered into a torrent of destructive and pressed at Blackhole’s Heart!

However, the attacks did not cause any damage at all before they were swallowed by the darkness.


Wuying Qi’s scornful laughter echoed in the darkness. “Do you not know the features of Blackhole’s Heart? Your attack won’t work on Blackhole’s Heart even if it’s ten times more powerful. This is the strongest Colossus in history!”

“Oh? Is that so?”

Long Yangjun’s Heavenly Crystal also joined the battle. As if it had turned into a transparent turret, every facet of the crystals on the Colossus glittered in the darkness. “I don’t believe it!”


Wuying Qi’s voice was obviously more anxious than before. The all-consuming darkness was also shivering, revealing different shades.

“Wuying Qi, you can’t brag about yourself anymore!”

Keenly sensing the tremor of the darkness, Li Yao burst into laughter and almost transmitted his blood into Arsonist as fuel. “The fact is obvious that you are not a god but only a mortal, and that what you’re equipped with is not a real black hole but a Colossus. A powerful Colossus requires a powerful man to use it, but you are not a powerful man. You are just a scoundrel!

“Even if it’s a real black hole that you’re using today, it will still be blown up by us. Even if you control all the darkness in the universe, I will cut the darkness apart and let light in. Die now!”

As he roared crazily, a fire that could burn through the firmament rose on Arsonist. He raised his arms, and the two weapons in his hands were combined into a gigantic sword fifty meters long that almost slashed the Gold Crystal Pyramid into halves.

With the gigantic sword in his hand, Li Yao charged at the black hole!

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