Fortunately, I met you in this life

Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Chapter 9 slandered her for going to a nightclub to find a man?


This relationship was so messy that it really hurt her head Lu Zifan was gay, and he even slept with he ruoxue. Now, in order to cover up Lu Zifan’s lie and deny that they had a threesome, she had to pretend to be in love with he ruoxue. This relationship was really complicated.

Although the matter had been exposed and the threesome had been grand and vigorous, the storm seemed to have been resolved.

Now, she could only reveal the truth by taking back her phone. He lanjin felt excited just thinking about it.

If he ruoxue found out that the man she loved was actually gay Before she went to the toilet, she had already had a 300-round battle with the little girl. Just think about that situation… …

“Miss He, Miss He. ” At this moment, the voice of the reporter outside the door rang out.

“I’ve already said that miss he is currently unconscious. Don’t disturb the patient. As long as you have a little bit of sympathy, please go and interview the SCUMBAG men and women. What’s the use of staring at Miss He? “.

Hearing this, he lanjin immediately realized her situation. The role she played was that of the weak, innocent and magnanimous miss who was still reasonable after being hurt. Therefore, she had to say nothing in order to gain sympathy Thinking of this, she immediately closed her eyes and pretended to be asleep.

Last night, her car had just been hit, but it had caused a sensation. It was as if a flawless plan had been perfectly displayed. who was the person who hit her Was it a coincidence, or was he really helping her?

This feeling was very bad But after a night of torment, it was too tiring. In the end, he lanjin could not stand the sleepiness and fell asleep in a daze.

The he and Lu families were caught up in the news overnight. Douban and Weibo were trending. Although the Lu and he families tried their best to suppress it, the news still spread throughout the streets and alleys of Jiang city, becoming one of the topics of gossip.

He Lanjin, who was lying in the hospital bed, had a beautiful dream. Her left hand was torturing the scumbag man, her right hand was kicking little white flower to death, and there was a big wolf dog beside her. It opened its mouth and pounced on he ruoxue’s buttocks, looking at the pained look on her best friend’s face He lanjin was so excited that she fell off the bed.

He lanjin’s body, which was wrapped in gauze, fell off the bed and only got up after a long time.

Looking at the quiet hospital, she quietly returned to the he residence. Before she entered the door, she heard he ruoxue’s sobbing voice. Her hand that was holding the key was stiff, and she subconsciously looked over.

She did not expect he ruoxue to be released on bail so quickly. This also meant that he ruoxue held a high position in her parents’hearts.

When he lanjin thought of this, her heart could not help but sink.

“Dad, mom, I really did not do anything to let my sister down. The news was all nonsense, and the photos were photoshopped. The police even accused me of taking drugs. Did they still find out that I was fine “Last night, my sister was too happy and poured me a lot of alcohol, but I swear that I really did not do anything to let her down. ”

“The nightclub is a mix of fish and dragons. My sister drank too much and did not come home for a night. What If… she was… Dad, mom, do you think she could not take the stimulation and wanted to take revenge on young Master Lu, so she found a man and did something stupid? ” He ruoxue cried until she was heartbroken However, she deliberately went to he lanjin for a night, which made people think.

If she didn’t come home for a night, she could make a big deal out of it. At that time, public opinion COULD SHIFT TO HE LANJIN Otherwise, if the two old fellows of the he family really suspected her, things would be troublesome.

Last night at the police station, Lu Zifan and she had already discussed countermeasures. Even if the news broke a scandal, as long as she could win the he family’s trust, she could turn the tables and crush he lanjin. Perhaps she could even replace him.

He lanjin stood at the entrance. When she heard this, she raised her eyebrows and sneered. He ruoxue’s true colors were exposed, which caught her somewhat unprepared. Now, she actually wanted to defame herself, which really made her look at him in a New Light.

“Dad, mom. ” He lanjin reached out her hand and pinched herself hard. She limped in.

When Tang Zhilin and he wenqing heard her voice, they immediately turned their heads to look over. “something so big happened. Where did you go last night? ”

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