Fortunately, I met you in this life

Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Chapter 8: She was really hit


Looking at the cold weather on the road, it was almost empty at this time.

At this time, a luxurious car drove by. A tall figure was elegantly leaning against the back seat. When he was resting with his eyes closed, he caught a glimpse of the figure not far away. He said in a deep voice, “stop the car. ”

“screech” the Godly car quickly braked and stopped for two seconds.

Han Beicheng sat in the driver’s seat. As he stopped the car, he said respectfully, “master, as you expected, the surveillance video in the nightclub has been destroyed. ”

Unexpectedly, a small matter had attracted the attention of Qiao Hanye. Could it be that there was an important secret involved Otherwise, why would Qiao Hanye, who could control the business and political world, pay so much attention to it?

Qiao Hanye held his phone and looked at the half-deleted video sent by Nan Feng. His gaze was fixed on the latest news from Jiang City two minutes ago.

Looking at the figure standing on the bridge in front of him, he couldn’t help but wonder what she was trying to do.

“Master. ” Han Beicheng didn’t get a response for a long time and called out in a low voice.

Qiao Hanye looked up. His deep black eyes were unfathomable. Looking at the hesitant figure not far away, the corners of his mouth curled into a meaningful smile. As if he knew what she was going to do, his fingertips lightly tapped on the armrest and said in a deep voice, “Ram it over. ”

“Huh? ” Han Beicheng was stunned. He turned around impolitely and looked at the sedan not far away in front of him. It seemed that the owner of the car was a little impatient. Wait a minute, why was this figure so familiar? It seemed like he had seen it somewhere before.

“Ram it over. ” Qiao Hanye repeated in a deep voice. Han Beicheng was so frightened by his glance that he trembled and his legs were tightly clamped together.

Han Beicheng held the steering wheel and stepped on the accelerator as he sped over. With a bang, the luxury car crashed into the car, but it cleverly avoided the driver’s seat. The Front car was dented and thick smoke was emitted. Although the person in the driver’s seat fainted, it was not a big deal It was really a car accident that tested one’s skills.

“send him to the hospital. ” Qiao Hanye got out of the car to make sure that the person was fine and said in a low voice. Han Beicheng looked at the familiar face and could not keep up with his master’s thoughts.

You said that master was interested in him, yet you deliberately ran him over. Are you trying to kill each other? When Han Beicheng was in a mess, he heard his master continue, “Tell Nan Feng that he has a severe concussion and send him to the first aid. ”

“…”Han Beicheng did not dare to breathe heavily and quickly made a call.

He lanjin read the news report and said that she was bullied by Lu Zifan and was looking for stimulation in public. It was very likely that she would commit suicide. She originally wanted to choose a place to crash the car to cater to the news and Push Lu Zifan’s prostitution to the g wave.

She did not expect that after hesitating a few times, when she was about to hit the railing, the other party seemed to know what she was going to do and really bumped into her!

After the incident, she was forcefully sent to the hospital and was even labeled as having a severe concussion and a massive heart bleed.

She looked at her entire body, which was covered in bandages. The doctor even warned her, “Miss, your injuries are too serious. You can’t move around recklessly. ”

Hearing the doctor’s words, he lanjin didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“Doctor, do I look like I’m going to die? ” He lanjin looked at her bandaged forehead and arms. She didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Were all the doctors nowadays blind?

She was clearly alive and kicking. Where was she injured The doctor said that her injuries were serious. He even wrote down a medical record for her and forcefully bandaged her inside and out, as if he was afraid that no one would know that she was “injured” .

He lanjin raised her hand that was wrapped in thick gauze and touched her forehead. She felt that the gauze on her body was at least heavy, which made her very tired.

“The news has already aired. You committed suicide because you were cheated on. There are plenty of men who are good with big tools. Why do you want to commit suicide because of a short mushroom “So you don’t look like a person who is about to die. Instead.. You’re so stupid,”said the doctor who was wearing a mask and had a sharp tongue after rolling his eyes He closed the medical record and turned around to close the door.

He lanjin’s mouth twitched when she was reprimanded by the doctor with a dirty joke. This… This was really a misunderstanding ! !

How would she know if Lu Zifan was long or short Even though the two families were connected by marriage, she had never let him touch her hand. She did not even have any interest in this man other than her parents!

When she thought of this, she lay heavily on the VIP bed and looked at the entertainment news. It was half-naked he ruoxue and Lu Zifan hugging each other and saying that they were a couple, while Lu Zifan said that this matter had nothing to do with him. She was so angry that she laughed out loud It made her stomach cramp.

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