Fortunately, I met you in this life

Chapter 49

Chapter 49: Chapter 49 women I only like men like you


Lu Zifan took the car keys and pressed the Intercom, saying, “come in for a moment. ”

Not long after, a man with a crew cut and a black suit walked in and asked, “young Master Lu, what are your orders? ”

“Go and find out WHO Shengshi group has been in contact with recently, and also find out if Shengshi group is behind the incident with CEO Huang of Tianchang Group, ” Lu Zifan said in a deep voice, his eyes shining.

He threw the car keys on the table, picked up a dart, and threw it at the wall.

“Young Master Lu, you suspect that Shengshi group had a premeditated plan to drive a wedge between the investors of our Lu group, and then frame CEO Huang to lose his reputation and gain benefits from it? ” Secretary Yang stood there and listened to his words.

Lu Zifan took a sip of coffee and said, “the problem with my car that night was probably done by someone. ”

“They want to kill you? ” Secretary Yang was shocked. He didn’t expect this.

Lu Zifan sneered and said, “they won’t kill me, but their warning is true. ”

“These years, the Lu Corporation has some connections in Jiang city. Do you want to fight with me? He’s still too young. Contact these people immediately and give them some gifts. ” Lu Zifan made a list and handed it over.

Secretary Yang took the list, looked at it and said, “yes, I’ll do it now. ”

“Wait. ” Lu Zifan suddenly thought of another matter. He called his secretary and told him, “Go and order some flowers and buy a box of chocolates. Find out where he lanjin is renting a room recently and send someone to deliver it for me. ”

“okay. ” Secretary Yang understood.

Lu Zifan pulled on his tie and raised his head. He touched the handsome face and said, “I don’t believe that you don’t love me. ”

He was determined to get the he family. He Lanjin.. He also wanted to conquer her.

“Baby, when are you coming back tonight? ” Zhao Yuyi sent a message and asked, “did you go to that woman’s place last night? ”

Lu Zifan was annoyed for a few seconds before he replied, “woman? I only like men like you. ”

Zhao Yuyi sent a message. Before he could read it, a call came in. He said, “hello. ”

“What? ” Lu Zifan heard the words on the other end of the phone and felt that something was out of his control. He said in a low voice, “that person didn’t appear again? Send someone to look for him immediately. If he’s alive, I want to see him. If he’s dead, I want to see his corpse. ”

That person had done a lot of shady things for him. Once he fell into the hands of someone else, the consequences would be unimaginable.

That night, Lu Zifan had originally wanted him to assassinate he lanjin so that he could be a hero and save the Damsel in distress. Who knew that she was quite skilled and actually failed to ambush him. And after his assassin returned, he actually lost contact with her again.

Could it be… Lu Zifan was stunned. He thought of a possibility, but it was quickly denied …

At this moment, in Jing Garden.

After drinking the sobering soup, he lanjin got up and was about to go out. However, she found that the car had broken down. She tried for a long time, but it did not work.

“Mr. Qiao, can you give me a ride? ” He lanjin was sitting in the driver’s seat. When she saw that Qiao Hanye and Han Beicheng were about to go out, she immediately ran up and asked.

Qiao Hanye glanced at her and reached out to take the phone in Han Beicheng’s hand. He said, “yes. ”

Her hand was empty. He took the car keys and threw them at Han Beicheng. He said, “drive yourself. ”

” … ” Han Beicheng took the car keys and looked at he lanjin’s car. He stood there for a long time, unable to come back to his senses. He scratched his head and said, “didn’t this car break down? When did master start to value relationships over friends? ”

Seeing this, he lanjin bowed and said to him, “I’ll have to trouble Mr. Han to send it to be repaired. ”

“…”Han Beicheng’s smile froze when he heard this …

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