Fortunately, I met you in this life

Chapter 45

Chapter 45: Chapter 45 women, are you playing with fire?


Qiao Hanye heard her muttering “Qin Nan” . His dark eyes narrowed slightly, and his hand holding the wine glass tightened. He finished the wine in the glass and said to her, “you drank too much, go to bed early. ”

He lanjin heard him speak and narrowed her almond-shaped eyes. She stared at him with a hazy gaze and pinched his chin. “Mr. Qiao, you seem to be a little handsome. ”

” … ” Qiao Hanye’s eyes darkened slightly as she pinched his chin. He reached out to hold her hand and moved it away, but she pressed down on his hand and said, “don’t move, you… ”

In the dead of the night, Han Beicheng returned to the scenery garden.

Seeing that Qiao Hanye’s original bedroom was dimly lit, he looked at the new bedroom and hesitated for a few seconds before saying, “master, have you moved back again? It seems that miss he won’t be coming back in the future. ”

As he spoke, he pushed the door open and entered. Just as he stepped in, he saw he lanjin pinching Qiao Hanye’s Chin. The two of them were in an ambiguous position, and he could faintly hear the man’s rough breathing. Han Beicheng was so scared that his anus tightened and he retreated out.

“Bang! ” When he closed the door, he pinched his foot. He was in so much pain that he did not dare to make a sound. gritting his teeth, he pulled at his flattened foot and silently closed the door.

Qiao Hanye’s Adam’s apple moved. As he watched her body move closer, his hazy eyes seemed to be covered with a layer of mist.

“Woman, are you playing with fire? ” Qiao Hanye’s magnetic voice sounded like a thousand-year-old wine brewing, intoxicating. He lanjin stared at his beautiful eyes, rubbing his cheek with her fingertips. She climbed all the way up to his eyebrows and slid down. She caressed his thin lips and said, “playing with fire? I never smoke. ”

“You. ” Qiao Hanye looked at her charming smile and suddenly reached into his pocket. His body was stiff from talking with her fingertips.

She took out a lighter and leaned in front of him.

“PA! ” Her hand slipped, and the lighter slipped from her fingertips and fell under his body. She reached out to pick it up.

The woman’s slender, White, jade-like fingers gave off a cold aura as they landed under his body. A wave of scorching heat assaulted him. He lanjin’s fingertips trembled, and her intoxicated eyes saw wrongly.

She saw that the lighter slipped and she didn’t catch it. Instead, she grabbed the wrong place.

“You… Umm. ” He lanjin raised her head to look at him …

The man’s tall body rushed over and pressed her down on the SOFA. He said in a hoarse voice, “you shouldn’t have provoked me. ”

He lanjin was pressed down by him. Her breathing was rapid, and her body was burning hot. She struggled with her jade-like shoulders and presented herself in front of him.

“Umm… Umm… ” the man lowered his head and kissed her cherry-like Lips. It was like a dragonfly skimming the water, but also like a wild wave, trying to forcefully submerge her. Her body fell into his tide and was struck by an electric current. Her entire body was numb and trembling.

An unprecedented pleasure continued to assault her. He lanjin’s mind was blank. The scorching heat wrapped around her and made it difficult for her to breathe.

“He lanjin. ” A magnetic voice called her name. He lanjin wanted to respond, but her body was seduced and propped up. Her small mouth was blocked, and she was entangled by a spirit snake.

She panted softly and felt her body being sucked dry. The violent electric current hit her body so hard that she could not feel herself.

Qiao Hanye looked at the drunk woman. Her delicate little face was pink and charming. Her eyes were hazy and blurred, as if she was silently seducing him. He could not help but tighten his arms and carry her to the soft bed.

“Don’t… tickle, ” He lanjin whispered. He kissed her little mouth, neck, and all the way down.

It was as if there were two big palms, slowly moving upwards… “…”.

Qiao Hanye had kept himself clean for 28 years. The suppressed desire was suddenly awakened, like a volcano erupting. It was uncontrollable and wanted to burn the world to the ground.

“Bang! ” Qiao Hanye did not come back to his senses. His body was lifted into the air, and the man’s tall body was kicked away. He fell off the bed and landed on his butt.

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