Fortunately, I met you in this life

Chapter 43

Chapter 43: Chapter 43 would definitely be a hit


“Sister He, you’re finally here? The financial statements for this month have been released. After deducting all the expenses, we earned a net profit of 20 million. ” A girl with a round face and a doll-like appearance walked in, but she was very close to he lanjin.

He lanjin turned on her computer and heard that it was 20 million. She was a little surprised and asked, “that much? ”

“More than 20 million? If you develop those games, they will definitely be a hit. Why are you taking so long to do it? I’m dying of suffocation. ” An nuan placed the financial statements on the table She approached her and whispered, “sister he, can we quickly develop them? ”

He lanjin looked at her approaching body and reached out to block her. She said, “the time isn’t right yet. ”

“Not yet? The Games on the market are too common now. As long as we take the lead, we’ll definitely become popular in one shot, ” an Nuan said.

He lanjin looked at the report and stuffed a bag of snacks into her arms. She said, “Do you Know Glory World Corporation? ”

“I do. They appeared out of nowhere overnight and acquired many corporations. They overpowered many of Jiang city’s leading companies, ” an Nuan said. Her face was full of excitement and even a bit of admiration.

“That’s right. What we want is an opportunity. If we can’t suppress it forcefully, it will be quickly forgotten and even imitated, ” he lanjin said in a low voice. She took the coffee an Nuan handed over and took a SIP.

An nuan seemed to understand and said, “Oh, I know. Right… recently, Qin Nan brought two Internet celebrities to the studio. ”

“He also brought Internet celebrities? Does he think I’m a brothel? Next time, tell him to get lost, ” he lanjin scolded with a smile. An Nuan took the snacks and ran away. The atmosphere was very harmonious.

He lanjin leaned against the boss’s chair and looked at the smoke rising in the studio. She fell into deep thought. This was the money she earned from working alone. She worked hard to build a studio and made a living by developing games and cultivating hackers.

She had told he ruoxue before that she wanted to give her a surprise. She did not expect he ruoxue to have such an ugly face. As her best friend, the surprise she originally wanted to give had turned into… …

Thinking of this, she withdrew her gaze and focused on the code. Her fingertips tapped quickly, dancing like the wind on a willow branch.

“Ring. ” He lanjin picked up the call. Her fingers paused on the keyboard and said, “got it. ”

She stood up, put on her coat, and walked toward the basement. She saw that the person was covered in injuries and paralyzed on the ground. She stood there and looked down at him. She turned around and said, “save your breath. ”

“But he was sent by Lu Zifan to assassinate you. ” An nuan raised her foot and kicked the person who was paralyzed on the ground. It was the assassin who wanted to assassinate her in the theater last night so that Lu Zifan could save the damsel in distress.

Unfortunately, when he left the theater, he was crippled and taken away. There was no chance for him to go back and report back.

“I have my own use for keeping him, ” he lanjin said. She was curious about Lu Zifan’s motive for not letting go of the he group.

“Yes, ” an Nuan replied. She locked his hands and feet to prevent him from escaping or self-harm. Her mouth was stuffed with iron, and she didn’t even give him a chance to speak.

He lanjin stayed in the studio for three days and three nights.

After she was done, she stretched and realized it was already 11 o’clock at night.

He Lanjin took the car keys and drove around the city. She accidentally passed by Shengshi group and saw a familiar figure. She wanted to see it again, but that figure was escorted in.

“Who is the BOSS behind the scenes? ” He lanjin asked in a low voice. She was obviously interested in a person who dared to take over the Huang Corporation and even dared to go against Lu Zifan.

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