Fortunately, I met you in this life

Chapter 41

Chapter 41: Chapter 41: That subtle feeling


The fingertips that touched his skin felt as if they were electrocuted, burning through his skin.

“applying medicine? You, come here. ” He lanjin realized that she had lost her composure. She, who had always been calm, met Qiao Hanye in the nightclub.

She let go of his wrist, wanting to pull herself away, but discovered that her sweater was hooked by his pants chain. When she retreated, she pulled Qiao Hanye. He lanjin stretched out her hand to block it, but before her hand could touch it, she subconsciously retreated.

“Bang! ” Their clothes were hooked together. Qiao Hanye was pulled back by her, and both of their bodies fell onto the soft bed.

“…”He lanjin’s heart was beating very fast. She was pressed down by him, and her thin lips pressed against her forehead. She pulled hard on the blanket …

Qiao Hanye turned over and sat up. His expression was somewhat unnatural, and his ears turned red. He stretched out his injured palm in front of her and said, “help me apply medicine. ”

He lanjin’s face was as red as fire. She took the medicine box and opened it. She helped him clean the wound. Looking at the inflamed wound, she asked, “how can it be inflamed when it’s fine? You didn’t do it on purpose, did you? ”

He was silent and did not say a word.

Her fingertips were long and slender. Treating the wound was like playing the piano. Qiao Hanye’s silent black eyes fell on her face. That subtle feeling was really like that. When she touched it, his body inexplicably became hot.

“It’s done. ” He lanjin helped him bandage it. Qiao Hanye stood up and hid the strong desire on his body. He picked up his coat and walked out. He nimbly disappeared in front of the French window.

His breath filled the air. No matter how the wind blew, it could not disperse.

Outside the he residence, a rolls-royce was leaning against the roadside.

“Master. ” Han Beicheng leaned against the car and was playing a game. When he heard footsteps, he put away his phone and respectfully went forward. He said in a low voice, “when Nan Feng arrived, miss he’s people burned down Lu Zifan’s office, so Nan Feng conveniently blew it up. ”

“and the people who attacked you outside the theater last night were all disposed of. Not a single one was left, ” Han Beicheng continued. They did not need to keep him alive to ask questions. No news could escape their eyes.

” … ” Qiao Hanye was silent. Then, with an “en” sound, he got into the car …

Han Beicheng drove in the direction of scenery garden. He touched his nose and looked at Qiao Hanye, who was looking at the bandage on his palm. After a few seconds, he casually pulled it off. He stared at the wound and laughed. He leaned against the wound in a happy mood and closed his eyes to rest.

In the he residence

He lanjin took a shower and leaned against the balcony to enjoy the cold wind. The air was still filled with Qiao Hanye’s aura.

“…”she subconsciously looked next door. If she remembered correctly, he ruoxue and Zhao Yuyi were sleeping in the same room tonight. Could it be that they were cheating on Lu Zifan?

Thinking of Lu Zifan, she took out her phone and saw the headline of the fire in the CEO’s Office of the Lu Corporation. The glass window had been blown up, and the case was still ongoing. Lu Zifan’s car had crashed into the stinking ditch on the way, and his life was not in danger.

“PFFT. ” Seeing that Lu Zifan’s car had gone out of Control and rushed into the stinking ditch, she laughed softly.

Perhaps even Lu Zifan had not expected that she would come back for dinner tonight because of him. Young Master Lu, who had always been praised for his ability to strategize, what would happen if he fell into the stinking ditch and smelled bad all over.

The next day, a matter shook the entire Jiang city.

Overnight, a Shengshi group appeared out of thin air in Jiang city and forcefully acquired many industries. In a single leap, they became the number one company in Jiang City, pushing the Lu Corporation to the second place, causing a sensation throughout the city. They stood tall in the golden zone of Jiang City, looking down on the entire city like a pyramid.

“Ah Jin. ” At this moment, he wenqing knocked on the door and entered. He was dressed neatly and combed his hair with oil as he walked over, exhorting her, “recently, Lu Zifan wants to talk to you about marriage. You have to delay him first. The situation in Jiang city is unknown now. It seems that something big is going to happen to the Lu Corporation. ”

He lanjin drank her milk and looked at he Wenqing, who was so anxious that his face had turned into the color of a pig’s liver. She asked, “Oh? Then who did you find? How much are you prepared to sell me for? ”

“could it be that you’re preparing to find the BOSS of Shengshi group? ” He Lanjin said sarcastically.

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