Fortunately, I met you in this life

Chapter 39

Chapter 39: Chapter 39, who does she think she is A piece of trash that she doesn’t want?


Yesterday, she wanted to use that pervert, President Huang, to cripple he lanjin. At that time, Lu Zifan would give up on the marriage alliance. She didn’t expect that she would be beaten up by him and raped by him.

“could it be her? ” He ruoxue thought to herself. She looked at he lanjin with her dark and beautiful eyes. She thought of the recent events. He lanjin was able to stay out of it and was not affected. On the other hand, she was beaten up, scolded, and raped.

She took advantage of he lanjin’s carelessness and stole her phone to take a look. She found out that she wanted the password. However, she suspected that he lanjin was behind the photo because she was a computer expert and a hacker.

She was physically and mentally crippled. Who was the cause?

However, she had saved he lanjin when she was young. The two of them became good friends from then on. He lanjin had no reason to harm her.

However, what had happened recently was too strange. It was as if an invisible hand was grabbing her from behind. Every time, it would push the matter to Gao Chao and slap her in the face. She was afraid that her reputation would be ruined now.

“Tell me clearly, ” he wenqing roared and glared at her fiercely.

He ruoxue was so scared that she hid in Tang Zhilin’s arms. Zhao Yuyi stood there and watched the show. When he received Lu Zifan’s gaze, he reluctantly went forward to hug her and said, “yesterday, I couldn’t help it and went to get a room with ruoxue. ”

Just as he finished speaking, he Wenqing grabbed his slippers and pulled them over.

“Dad, don’t hit him. ” He ruoxue saw this and immediately went forward to save the Emperor.

He lanjin leaned on the side and was silent.

Zhao Yuyi was beaten badly, but he didn’t dare to say anything. After dinner, Tang Zhilin went to take out the trash. When she came back, her expression was a little ugly. She said, “there are a lot of reporters outside. Should we call the police? ”

“It’s getting late. Why don’t you guys stay? Since you’re a couple, you can sleep in the same room, ” He Lanjin said.

She looked at he Wenqing. He avoided her gaze and didn’t dare to look at her.

“since things have come to this, why don’t you guys get married? ” He lanjin suggested.

“No. ” He ruoxue was a little agitated as she listened. When everyone looked at her, he ruoxue realized that she had lost her composure. She forced a smile and said, “I still have half a year before I graduate from university. My economy is unstable, so it’s too early for me to get married. ”

If she married Zhao Yuyi, her life would be ruined. She wanted to marry Lu Zifan, who was rich and powerful. She wanted to be a rich wife in the future.

“It’s not impossible to get married before starting a business. ” Tang Zhilin listened. Zhao Yuyi was a talented man, and he was not bad for he ruoxue.

He ruoxue was mad with jealousy. Why did he lanjin marry the number one family in Jiang city, and she could only marry another man?

Thinking of this, she hated the he family even more Who did they think she was Was she a piece of trash that they didn’t want Did they give it to anyone they wanted One day, she would make these people regret it and kneel in front of her to beg for mercy.

“double happiness is also a good thing, ” Lu Zifan said.

Zhao Yuyi and he ruoxue were stunned. They both looked at him, and Lu Zifan gave them a warning look.

After the meal, Zhao Yuyi was arranged to spend the night in he ruoxue’s bedroom. He lanjin silently looked at the three of them. She guessed that they were going to lose sleep because of panic tonight. The more she thought about it, the better her mood was.

“I’m going to go back to my room to take my medicine. Good night, ” He Lanjin said. She stood up and held the railing as she walked upstairs.

When she returned to her room, her back was against the door, and she was smiling so much that she could not close her mouth. She felt a powerful aura coming at her, so she looked ahead cautiously.

“Who is it? ” She looked at the pitch-black bedroom. The moonlight was reflected in the clouds. The curtains on the balcony were blown by the wind and a figure appeared.

He lanjin looked at the black figure. She held a dagger in her hand and turned on the light. The warm yellow light shone down and the curtains floated up. She could vaguely see that the other party was wearing a black windbreaker. She smelled a familiar scent.

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