Fortunately, I met you in this life

Chapter 38

Chapter 38: Chapter 38: Why am I always the one who gets hurt?


Hearing her question, Lu Zifan and he ruoxue looked at each other in dismay.

Lu Zifan’s expression changed drastically. He looked deeply at he lanjin and said, “Ah Jin, I said that I only love you in this life. Ruoxue is still in school, and she’s your best friend. I’ve always treated her like a younger sister. ”

“What happened at the nightclub before was all a misunderstanding. Don’t read the rumors online. Someone wants to sow discord between the LU and he families. You and I in the business world are lying to each other. You don’t understand, ” Lu Zifan lectured her shamelessly, thinking that she was insensible.

He lanjin listened. She handed her phone to him and said, “the photos are out. ”

Everyone took out their phones one after another and saw that the Internet was exploding. He ruoxue’s video won sympathy. The search for it did not decrease for a day and a night. Unexpectedly, someone anonymously sent a few photos. It was a high-definition photo of the two of them entering the hotel and leaving the hotel.

“D * MN, Scheming B * Tch. She even stole her best friend’s FIANC?. She’s too shameless. ”

“So miss he didn’t come forward to explain. There’s something else going on. She must have been bullied badly by this B * Tch. She even slept with a man. What else could she not do? ”

In an instant, the internet attacked he ruoxue violently. Some people even wanted to kill her.

“How could this be? ” He ruoxue was shocked when she saw that some people on the internet said that they wanted to kill her.

Yesterday, when they went to get a room, she and Lu Zifan deliberately staggered the time. How could they take photos of the two of them? Could it be that someone was following them?

The video from last night had completely cleared her name. She didn’t expect that a few photos would push her into the abyss again.

“You’re still trying to quibble. You can’t help yourself. Why are you still getting a room? Isn’t it more convenient under the overpass? ” He Lanjin said coldly. She stood up and walked upstairs.

He Wenqing had just finished his phone call and came back. When he saw he lanjin, he was terrified. He was afraid that she would expose his crimes.

“Look at what you’ve done. ” He Wenqing had a bad temper. Although he usually pretended to be good, this was a serious matter after all. He couldn’t help but step forward and give he ruoxue a slap, causing her to fall into Zhao Yuyi’s arms.

Zhao Yuyi didn’t comfort her. He felt very happy when he saw her blushing face.

“Dad, I didn’t Seduce brother-in-law. I didn’t, ” he ruoxue choked and said. She looked at Lu Zifan with red eyes, but found that he chased after he lanjin and didn’t even look at her.

He ruoxue was very flustered and wanted to explain. However, she saw that the Internet continued to reveal that she had entered President Huang’s room before he was arrested.

“What happened? Don’t hit the child for no reason. ” Tang Zhilin was cooking when she heard the noise. She ran out of the kitchen and saw he ruoxue’s swollen face. Her heart ached.

He ruoxue saw her and threw herself into her arms. She hugged her and said, “mom, why am I the one who got hurt? ”

Zhao Yuyi stood there, looking a little embarrassed. His gaze was locked onto Lu Zifan’s figure. Looking at how anxious he was to explain to he lanjin, he was furious. If it wasn’t for the bigger picture, how could he swallow this Lu Zifan promised him that he would announce their relationship after the deed was done.

“What kind of sin did my he family commit to adopt an ingrate like you? If it’s nothing, why did you post a video last night? ” “Now, everyone in Jiang city is wondering if there’s a problem with my he family’s character. If it affects the company’s stock, watch how I’ll deal with you, ” He Wenqing scolded rudely He was so angry that he kicked the table.

He ruoxue sobbed softly and gripped the corner of her clothes tightly. She stared hatefully at he lanjin’s figure.

However, they didn’t expect that he lanjin was currently thinking about how to tamper with Lu Zifan’s car. There was a smelly puddle not far away. Since he could send someone to ambush her, she would definitely take revenge.

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