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Chapter 35

Chapter 35: Chapter 35 Mr. Qiao rarely suffers from insomnia


He lanjin went back to her room to take a shower. Looking at her blood-stained coat, she casually threw it on the ground.

“Lu Zifan sent him to attack me. What a hero saving the Damsel in distress? hehe. ” She picked up her phone and asked someone to check. She found that the first person who attacked her was sent by Lu Zifan, but the second group of people was sent for Qiao Hanye.

She didn’t expect Lu Zifan to use such a dirty trick in order to save the Damsel in distress.

However, the Lu family was well-known in Jiang city. They were rich and powerful, and the he family could not compare to them. However, Lu Zifan had repeatedly tried to make a move on her and even sacrificed a man to sleep with he ruoxue in order to achieve his goal.

Could it be that the he family had something that he wanted?

“How is it? Are you hurt? ” Qin Nan asked anxiously.

She withdrew her gaze and remembered that Qin Nan’s phone call had not been hung up yet. She said, “No, it can’t hurt me. ”

“Lu Zifan is really detestable. Why don’t I find a few people to cripple him? ” Qin Nan suggested, but she smiled. She stretched and climbed onto the bed. She crawled into the quilt and said, “Don’t interfere in my matters. I can handle it. ”

“I’ll go to bed first, ” he lanjin said. Qin Nan was obviously flirting with a girl. She vaguely heard a woman’s voice, so she hung up the phone.

Qin Nan was the third young master of the Qin family and also her best friend The two of them met because he always lost in games. He was not convinced and went to her door to seek justice. After he was beaten by her, he followed behind her and called her “Ah Jin. ” After two rounds, the two of them became good friends.

It was very late at night. Qiao Hanye stood alone on the balcony and did not sleep the whole night.

“Master, it’s time to sleep, ” Han Beicheng came forward with a cup of coffee and said in a low voice.

He took a coat and draped it over Qiao Hanye’s shoulder. Looking outside, it seemed as if it was snowing again, as if it was trying to cover up all the blood tonight. A snowy night was the best time to kill.

“master… since you don’t want miss he to get involved, why don’t you return the phone to her? ” Han Beicheng was silent for a long time, but he still couldn’t help but say.

He had never known why Qiao Hanye took the phone and lured he lanjin to his side. In order to let her live in Jing Garden, he even got someone to seduce Qin Nan. He took Qin Nan’s phone and sent her the address of Jing Garden. He also asked the secret guards to remove the infrared ray and let her in smoothly.

Wasn’t everything because of a broken phone Couldn’t he just return it to her?

“Ah. ” Han Beicheng had just finished speaking when Qiao Hanye reached out to pick him up and moved him to the side. He turned around and returned to his room, leaving Han Beicheng alone.

Initially, he had warned Qiao Hanye that it was time to sleep. He did not expect that when his master went to sleep, he would suffer from insomnia. F * CK Was this the result of talking too much? Was it retribution?

That night, Qiao Hanye suffered from insomnia. He looked at the cut on his palm and gently tightened his grip.

“He Lanjin, what kind of woman are you? ” Qiao Hanye said in a deep voice. A righteous and arrogant woman who was not afraid of death. It was much more interesting compared to the woman who wanted to curry favor with the Qiao family and wanted to take off her clothes and climb into his bed.

Although it was cold in the winter night, he lanjin slept until dawn.

A night passed, and in the blink of an eye, it was morning again… …

It snowed last night, and it was gray outside the window in the early morning. She lay there for a long time before she got up to pick up her phone.

“F * Ck, your shameless Bestie. I want to kill her. ” Qin Nan’s message came in with a small video.

He lanjin opened the video She saw he ruoxue’s red eyes and said, “hello, everyone. I’m he LANJIN’S GOOD BESTIE! ” “Two days ago, the matter was in a heated discussion. I want to come forward and clarify that there was a misunderstanding between me and Lu Zifan. This matter has hurt he lanjin a lot, and I don’t want to let the rumors hurt her. “If there’s anything, just come at me. Even if the sky falls, I’ll protect her. I hope this incident ends here and stop the damage. ”

This incident was forcefully suppressed by the he and Lu families, and the heat had already faded. Unexpectedly, he ruoxue’s video from last night brought up that incident again.

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