Fortunately, I met you in this life

Chapter 33

Chapter 33: Chapter 33: The simple and crude Nan Feng


He lanjin slowed down her footsteps and looked at the reflection behind her. A sharp dagger was coming towards her. She dodged and saw that the other party was wearing a black hoodie and a hat that covered his face. Her face could not be seen clearly.

“You’re new here? Why are you still fighting so late at night? It’s going to rain soon. We won’t be rehearsing tonight. Hurry up and get off work, ” someone not far away saw and said to them.

She looked at the clothes that person was wearing and was sure that it was someone from this theater. That meant that the person who wanted to kill her was not someone from this theater house. Who could have predicted that she would come here and even take advantage of the back hall to end her visit when no one was around to attack her?

“You’re courting death, ” he lanjin shouted coldly. She avoided his dagger and kicked his waist with her long leg.

When he dodged, she attacked with her hand and hit his neck. He was sent flying and the dagger fell to the ground. He groaned and climbed up to climb over the wall to escape.

Although she wanted to know who he was, she also knew the principle of not chasing after the enemy. She made a phone call and said, “catch him. ”

He lanjin finished the call, tidied up her clothes, and returned to the theater. She saw Qiao Hanye sitting by the window, as if waiting for her. /

“Let’s not watch anymore. Let’s go back, ” he lanjin stepped forward and said. Regardless of whether he agreed or not, she reached out and grabbed his arm to take him away.

Qiao Hanye looked at her with a serious expression. He looked at the theater warily and smelled something unusual. He raised his eyebrows and stared coldly, but did not ask anything. He followed behind her and a group of people rushed out from the shadows.

“Be careful, ” he lanjin said. The two of them were forced to separate.

She graduated from a military academy and was quite skilled. She was surrounded by three people and forced to take a few steps back. She saw that most of the people were heading towards Qiao Hanye. Seeing that he was surrounded, she snatched the assassin’s dagger and fought back.

“Qiao Hanye. ” He lanjin was scared. These people were quite skilled. Even if Qiao Hanye didn’t die, he would be crippled.

When she quickly stepped forward, she saw that those people were sent flying. When they fell, blood flowed like a river, but he stood there unscathed. The wind blew past the corner of his windbreaker, like a fairy that was untainted by the mortal world.

“Let’s go. ” Qiao Hanye stepped forward, held her hand, and walked out quickly.

He lanjin was held by his hand and walked away quickly. She raised her head, and with the help of the light from the lantern, she looked at his sharp outline, unable to come back to her senses for a long time.

“These people are coming for you, ” He Lanjin said softly. A person who did not exist in Jiang city was ambushed and hunted the moment he showed his face, and Qiao Hanye’s skills made her even more impressed.

That pair of hands that could make delicious food could kill without a trace.

“Yes, ” Qiao Hanye said in a low voice, but he suddenly stopped walking.

He lanjin vaguely heard a sound, and immediately saw many snakes appear on the ground. The small golden snakes flew over, but Qiao Hanye shook the corner of their clothes and sent them flying. He threw the car keys to her and said, “you go first. ”

“If you want to go, let’s go together, ” He lanjin said. He was brought here by her, how could she abandon him?

“snakes are poisonous, ” Qiao Hanye reminded her. He lanjin laughed and said, “I know. ”

Qiao Hanye did not seem to be surprised by the assassination at all. It seemed as if he had expected it, but also as if he had experienced it often She looked at him deeply and felt that he was like a layer of fog that she could not see through.

He picked up the lighter, lit up his coat, and threw it on the ground. He hugged her waist, picked her up, and jumped forward. The cold wind was biting at her bones, and it was ringing in her ears. However, she glanced into the darkness and saw a snake attacking.

Without thinking, she raised her hand, wanting to block it.

However, Qiao Hanye’s actions were faster than hers. He held her hand and struck back. The snake was split into two, and the snake’s blood splattered on his arm.

“Master, these snakes are controlled by someone in the darkness. Please leave first. ” At this moment, a figure appeared in the darkness. He was wearing a black leather coat, and his entire body was covered in black. It was so mysterious that no one could see his face clearly.

“Be careful. ” Qiao Hanye said.

He lanjin was brought into the car by him. When she looked back, she saw Qiao Hanye’s subordinate dragging a person out from the dark. With a “Kacha” sound, his neck was twisted and thrown to the ground.

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