Fortunately, I met you in this life

Chapter 32

Chapter 32: Chapter 32 there was an abandoned house in the west of the city. Do you know its origin?


He lanjin hung up the phone and wore a casual sportswear. She walked downstairs and smelled a fragrant smell. When she saw the table full of delicacies, she was stunned and asked, “did you make all these? ”

“Try them, ” Qiao Hanye said and handed her chopsticks.

She took the chopsticks, took a few bites, and asked, “did you really make them? ”

“Or what? ” Qiao Hanye chuckled softly and invited her to sit down. It was their first dinner together, but they enjoyed it very much.

After the meal, she saw that he was tidying up the food and chopsticks with practiced movements. She narrowed her almond-shaped eyes and sized him up again. Until now, she still did not know what his identity was, but he had a noble aura about him, as if he came from a wealthy family and had a good education and upbringing.

However, the children of wealthy families never cooked, and they even disdained to wash the dishes. As for Qiao Hanye… …

“Qiao Hanye. ” He lanjin stood up and walked towards the kitchen. She grabbed his arm and dragged him away. She raised her wrist to look at the time and said, “you’re new to Jiangcheng, right? Today just happens to be Tuesday. I’ll take you somewhere. ”

“Okay. ” Qiao Hanye was invited by her and pulled her back. He reminded her, “Go and put on a coat. ”

“Oh, right. ” She looked at the thin clothes on her body and turned to go upstairs to change into a thick set of clothes. Qiao Hanye was already neatly dressed and standing downstairs. When he heard her footsteps, he picked up the car keys.

The two of them drove to the outskirts of the city. From Afar, they could see an old house with two rows of red lanterns hanging outside. It looked particularly pleasing in the dark night.

“I heard from the old man that this house has a history of more than a thousand years. Today, I’ll bring you to see it, ” he lanjin said in a low voice. She unfastened her safety speed and could not wait to go in.

She had brought him here tonight as an excuse. She wanted to investigate the abandoned house outside the school. In this place, there was an old man who was almost a hundred years old. Back then, he was a storyteller and knew about the old matters in Jiang city like the back of his hand. Therefore, she wanted to ask him.

There were some things that couldn’t be found on the Internet, but it wasn’t necessarily that no one knew.

Qiao Hanye looked at this drama house. His dark eyes darkened slightly, and the coldness was restrained. He held an umbrella and walked in with her.

“I’ll go to the toilet first. You go find a seat first. It’s by the window, ” He Lanjin said. She turned around and went to the back hall of the Drama House. At a glance, she saw the hundred-year-old man sitting there alone, reading an ancient book.

“Grandma, sorry to bother you. I want to ask you about something, ” he lanjin walked over and said politely.

She knew the rules. She changed the money into a jade token and put it at the corner of the table to show her sincerity.

“little girl, what do you want to know? ” The old woman looked at her and liked it very much. She closed the book and poured a cup of tea for her. Her wrinkled face showed a kind smile.

He lanjin sat down and said softly, “there is a deserted house in the west of the city. Do you know its origin? ”

“Clang! ” The old man’s hand that was holding the tea trembled, and the Cup fell. Her kind smile disappeared and she said to her, “little girl, you have found the wrong person. ”

The old woman said, got up, took the book, and left, leaving her with her back view.

She was very confused. A place that could not be found, a person that did not exist in Jiang city.

Who exactly was Qiao Hanye Why did he pick up her phone and not return it, but deliberately let her find out about it? Was He teasing her for another purpose?

“Miss, the visiting time in the back hall is over. Please return to the hall, ” At this moment, the drama house manager came forward and said politely to her.

He lanjin responded and walked alone in the ancient corridor. She looked at the ancient beauty of the house, but she heard the sudden sound of footsteps, and a powerful killing intent attacked her… …

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