Fortunately, I met you in this life

Chapter 31

Chapter 31: Chapter 31: A fake best friend


He lanjin returned to her room and paid attention to the news. After that perverted CEO Huang was caught, more breaking news broke out. It was as if someone was secretly manipulating him, trying to cut off his escape route and kill him.

The turmoil in the Tianchang Group would involve several other partners. This was someone secretly showing off to those city lords in Jiang city.

Thinking of this, she ran into the bathroom. After taking a shower, she stood in front of the French window, lost in her thoughts. She made a call and said, “help me find out what kind of deal he Wenqing and CEO Huang have in private. The sooner the better. ”

He Wenqing suddenly wanted to sell her to CEO Huang. What exactly was his leverage She had never heard of them working together before.

She was lost in her thoughts when she heard her phone ring.

“sister. ” He ruoxue’s call was picked up. He lanjin had just pressed the speakerphone when she heard he ruoxue sobbing pitifully. “I miss you so much. When are you coming back? It’s so lonely at home. I’m not used to it. ”

“I really miss you so much, ” he ruoxue said with a choked voice. She held a needle and stuck it into he lanjin’s photo. The Red Pen had the words “go to hell” written on it.

He lanjin listened to her sweet cry like her mother had died. She was a little annoyed and said, “I’m recuperating. I need to change my dressing. Hang up first. ”

“sister, are your injuries… serious? ” He ruoxue caught the main point and deliberately asked.

That day, she went out with Tang Zhilin. When she came back, she found that he lanjin had moved out to live. She knew nothing about he lanjin, so she naturally did not have any countermeasures. Therefore, she tried every means to find out more information.

If he lanjin had not moved, she would not have needed to go to President Huang to falsely accuse him. In the end, he had sullied her reputation. She would repay this humiliation doubly.

“Yes, ” he lanjin answered.

Hearing her words, he ruoxue was in a good mood. She said hurriedly, “can you walk on your legs? ”

“Yes, it’s crippled, ” He Lanjin said perfunctorily.

Through the phone, he ruoxue could hear he ruoxue’s smug look. Sensing someone approaching, she looked up and saw Qiao hanye pushing the door open and standing outside. She said, “If there’s nothing else, I’ll hang up first. ”

“sister… ” He ruoxue wanted to say something, but she heard a busy tone.

Seeing that he lanjin had just hung up the phone, she squeezed out two drops of tears, turned around, and ran out, throwing herself into Tang Zhilin’s arms. Tao Tao cried loudly and said, “mom, what should I do? Sister’s leg is crippled. She may not be able to stand up again in the future. ”

“Boom! ” Tang Zhilin was so scared that her mind went blank. She hurriedly asked, “impossible. Although she was injured when she came back, her leg can still walk. ”

“She lied to you. She was afraid that we would worry. ” He ruoxue was choked with sobs. However, he Wenqing, who was sitting at the side, was lost in thought. When he lanjin was almost betrayed by him that day, she ran for her life very quickly. It didn’t look like her leg was broken at all.

Could it be that she was beaten up by President Huang’s men after the incident?

“Wenqing, where do you think Ah Jin went to recover from her illness? If anything happened to this child, how should we explain it to the old master? ” Tang Zhilin sobbed as she hugged he ruoxue and cried.

Hearing the two women cry and mention the old man, he Wenqing got up and said, “don’t drag the old man out for no reason. ”

“You, get your ass up here, ” He Wenqing said fiercely. He ruoxue, who was pointed at, shivered and subconsciously slipped into Tang Zhilin’s arms. It was a long time before she got up and followed.

They went upstairs to the study

He Wenqing smoked a cigarette and looked at he ruoxue. He asked, “is her leg really broken? ”

“Dad, that’s what sister said, ” he ruoxue said in a low voice. He Wenqing pulled her to sit on her leg. She hurriedly jumped up and said in a panic, “mom is looking for me. I’m going to accompany her. ”

He Wenqing looked at her running away and smoking a cigarette with a deep look on his face.

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