Fortunately, I met you in this life

Chapter 30

Chapter 30: Chapter 30, can you bring me along?


He lanjin looked as if nothing had happened on the surface, but in her heart, she was a little nervous.

“The master said that he would personally cook later, so you don’t have to go out to eat tonight. ” Although Han Beicheng was depressed, the master actually cooked for a woman and even sent him to wait here to inform her, as if he was afraid that she wouldn’t know.

Hearing that Qiao Hanye was cooking, she was a little surprised. A person like him could also cook But when she remembered that they did not suspect anything, she secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

“Alright, ” she said.

She walked very quickly. Han Beicheng looked at her figure and scratched his head in confusion. “What is master up to? Such a dangerous woman, and she still wants to let her live in Jing Garden? What if one day master is going to be… ”

When he said this, he immediately shut his mouth.

“Come in. ” Qiao Hanye’s voice sounded. Han Beicheng hurriedly pushed the door open and entered. He saw that Qiao Hanye was in a video conference, and he was waiting at the side.

When the video conference ended, Qiao Hanye picked up the golden pen and signed it, then threw the document to him.

“Master, are you going to buy the shares of the Lu Corporation at a high price? ” Han Beicheng took a look and was a little surprised. The Lu Corporation was not in their plan, but now Qiao Hanye was preparing to attack?

“Although Lu Zifan is the heir, the shares he has are not high. The shares of all the members of the Lu family add up to only 31% . Find a way to contact these people and have them sell their votes, ” Qiao Hanye said in a deep voice.

Han Beicheng closed the documents and scratched his head, saying, “master, do you have a crush on miss he? ”

” … ” Qiao Hanye was silent. He raised his eyes and looked at him coldly. One look made Han Beicheng Shiver all over. He hurriedly stepped back and said, “yes, I’ll do it right away. ”

“Bang! ” Han Beicheng rushed out of the door. When he came downstairs, he saw he lanjin sitting on the Sofa and watching the I pad play games. He took a closer look and said in surprise, “Miss He, can you take me with you? ”

He lanjin was chewing on melon seeds. She lifted her hair and looked up at him, saying, “pay up and become his disciple. ”

“…”Han Beicheng listened to her as she paid up. He rubbed oil on the bottom of his feet, and in a second, he was done …

“Stingy. ” She watched Han Beicheng disappear the moment he heard the word “pay up. ” She stood up and stretched. When she saw Qiao Hanye change into a gray family uniform and go downstairs, she turned her eyes slyly and said, “hello, Mr. Qiao. ”

“okay. ” Qiao Hanye glanced at her and saw the slyness in her eyes. He asked, “what do you want to eat? ”

“braised pork ribs, spicy prawns, boiled fish… ” she ordered a few dishes unceremoniously. Qiao Hanye rolled up his sleeves and said in surprise, “spicy food? ”

“Yes. ” She nodded repeatedly and stood there obediently. She was a completely different person from the arrogant one at the nightclub that night. If he had not seen it with his own eyes and saw her beating up President Huang today, he would have really been deceived by her.

“Please, please. ” She walked to the kitchen door and opened it for him, “sending” him in.

Qiao Hanye looked at her attentive manner. When he opened the refrigerator, he found that she was nowhere to be seen. His dark eyes looked up the stairs with unfathomable depth. Looking at her cheerful figure, he was inexplicably infected by her.

“Master, director Huang has been arrested by the police and is awaiting investigation and interrogation. What are we going to do next? ” Han Beicheng appeared. Looking at Qiao Hanye’s busy figure, he respectfully stepped forward to help.

Qiao Hanye stopped him. He took a tissue to wipe his hands and said, “let Nan Feng pay a visit to the people on the list tonight. ”

He emphasized “pay a visit, ” and Nan Feng was Qiao Hanye’s loyalist. It was not a good thing for him to make a move.

“Yes, ” Han Beicheng said in a low voice. When he heard Qiao Hanye mention the “list, ” his eyes showed a hint of ruthlessness. He said, “these people deserve to die. ”

Qiao Hanye lowered his head. Under the dim light, his emotions were unclear, but the anger he was emitting seemed to want to destroy the world.

“Now in Jiangcheng, the Lu family is dominant. If you want to pin him down, you must break his arm, ” Qiao Hanye said in a deep voice. Han Beicheng heard it and nodded knowingly, saying, “I know what to do. ”

Han Beicheng left, and the kitchen returned to silence. No one knew that their words just now had decided the life and death of many people.

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