Fortunately, I met you in this life

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Chapter 3. What does miss he think?


Very soon, the police found a bag of powder. Looking at he ruoxue and Lu Zifan’s feet, they said in a strange tone, “young master Lu, please come with us. ”

On the top floor of the nightclub, in the VIP room.

A tall figure stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling window like a king. Through the specially made transparent glass wall, he looked down at everything in the nightclub tonight. Especially when he saw the last tall figure that appeared in the surveillance camera, it aroused his curiosity!

There was actually someone who could sneak into the surveillance room under his security system and silently hack all the surveillance cameras from half an hour ago. It really made people curious.

The corner of Qiao Hanye’s mouth curled up into a cold and evil arc. He held the goblet and elegantly swayed it. The red wine swirled into a beautiful arc with his hand strength.

“What’s going on? ” Qiao Hanye’s magnetic voice said in a low voice. His gaze passed through all the people in the nightclub, and his handsome eyebrows raised along with her cute appearance.

“master. ” Han Beicheng respectfully stood a step behind him and said in a low voice, “someone reported that the young master of the Lu family was sleeping with his sister-in-law in the toilet. The entertainment reporters and the police caught him in the act, and now he has been arrested. ”

Hearing this, Qiao Hanye’s expression froze, and then he elegantly lifted his goblet and drank the red wine in one gulp, his thin lips slightly pursing. Under the dim light, his face was as flawless as a knife, and his deep, dark, cold eyes narrowed slightly.

“Go and find out who did it. ” Qiao Hanye then asked in a deep voice. The temperature in the VIP room instantly dropped by 20 degrees as he spoke, freezing Han Beicheng’s entire body.

“It’s… It’s young master Lu’s fianc��e, he lanjin! Master, this he family and the Lu family are about to be married. This subordinate looks at this young miss of the he family today, and I’m afraid she’s not as useless as the rumors say. ” Han Beicheng thought of the system being breached by a woman He had suffered a serious blow.

Unexpectedly, Qiao Hanye could not help but laugh. His deep and cold black eyes flashed with a playful smile. “Go and destroy all the surveillance cameras tonight. ”

Han Beicheng was stunned. His gaze glanced at a certain slender and sly figure in the surveillance cameras. He did not dare to be negligent for even half a second and left.

“Hiss. ” Fifteen minutes ago, he lanjin took advantage of the security guards to go for a midnight snack and broke into the security room. She hacked all the videos of her within an hour. After she was done, when she returned to the private room, she accidentally bumped into a tall man Even now, her arm was still in a lot of pain and she almost lost her phone. Fortunately, she was smart enough to pick it up.

He lanjin rubbed her arm and quickly poured a bottle of wine on herself. She pretended to be drunk and fell asleep on the table.

Not long after she lay down, she heard the sound of the private room door being knocked open.

“Miss He, something bad has happened. Your fianc�� and sister are in trouble. The police took them away. ” As the waiter called out, he lanjin pretended to be woken up. Before she could ask, she felt lights in front of her All the entertainment reporters rushed in.

They came in just in time to testify for her. Tonight’s incident had nothing to do with her. He lanjin sneered in her heart, but she pretended to be confused. She looked at the people in front of her with an infatuated look.

“How is that possible? ” He Lanjin burped and shook her hand, expressing her disbelief. “Xiaoxue and Zifan are lying here drunk! What does it have to do with the police? ” As she said that, he lanjin even staggered She burped a long time, looking like she was very drunk.

At this time, there was finally an entertainment reporter who did not mind the fuss. He grabbed he lanjin and dragged her downstairs as he spoke loudly to her.

“Miss He, please wake up. “. “Your fianc��, Lu Zifan, and your sister, he ruoxue, were caught in the bathroom with their legs cracked. We saw this with our own eyes. Now, they were found to be on drugs and have been taken away by the police. ” As she spoke, she took out a photo from her camera She wanted to enlarge it for he lanjin to see.

“What leg cracked? I think you guys are mistaken. Lu Zifan has a good character. He’s definitely not the kind of person you say he is. ” He lanjin shook her head drunkenly and said with a certain voice.

Then, he lanjin shook her finger and pointed at the crowd, saying with a smile, “you bunch of gossipy reporters, don’t be afraid of the world falling into chaos. Even if my fianc�� is a piece of trash, my sister he ruoxue will not betray me. ”

When the reporters saw that she did not believe them, they immediately became anxious. Someone immediately handed over the photo that they had just taken and explained the process of the toilet. Although the toilet matter seemed to have involved Lu Zifan innocently, he could not help it.

However, this group of entertainment reporters understood the essence of entertainment news. Regardless of whether it was true or not, if they could hype it up to be true, they wanted to see he lanjin’s reaction.

“Miss He, with the photo as proof, what are you going to do? ”

At this moment, he lanjin had already woken up from the shaking. She looked at the screen they handed over and saw the photo of the woman lying on the ground in a sorry state. The man was hugging he ruoxue. Her delicate little face instantly turned as white as paper and her eyes instantly turned red Her body trembled as she shook her head and said, “No, this is impossible… I don’t believe it. You guys are lying to me. ”

He lanjin rushed out of the private room excitedly and headed downstairs. When the entertainment reporters saw that there was something interesting, they immediately followed. The two parties met at the entrance of the nightclub.

Her eyes were red as she looked at Lu Zifan and he ruoxue who were pushed out by the police. When they saw each other, the atmosphere instantly turned cold.

Lu Zifan and he ruoxue’s expressions instantly changed. They looked at he lanjin with suspicion. When they smelled the strong smell of alcohol on her body, he ruoxue’s eyes were red as she cried out pitifully, “sister, someone wants to harm me. ”

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