Fortunately, I met you in this life

Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Chapter 29 went into his wardrobe


She bumped into a wall of flesh, and the scent of a mature man filled the air. There was a faint smell of tobacco, but it smelled especially good.

“take this. This medicine is good for your external injuries, ” Qiao Hanye said in a low voice. An exquisite bottle of medicine was handed to her, and he didn’t stay long before leaving.

He lanjin watched him leave and looked at the medicine bottle. The exquisite bottle was carved with patterns. She withdrew her hand and returned to her room. She ran to the floor-to-ceiling window. When she saw him drive away, she couldn’t help but feel happy.

She threw the medicine bottle on the bed and took the opportunity to sneak into his study.

However, she found that it required several layers of passwords and palm prints. Even if she could crack the system, it was still a little difficult for her to crack such a difficult password.

She could only give up on the study and walk to his bedroom. She pushed the door open, and the door actually opened. She quickly flashed in and searched through the cabinets, but she couldn’t find the phone.

“Did he put the phone somewhere else? ” He lanjin asked softly.

Although it was dark that night, she recognized the phone in his hand at a glance. It was her phone.

Qiao Hanye’s identity was unknown. If he found the video on the phone and used it, the consequences would be unimaginable.

While she was deep in thought, she heard heavy footsteps approaching. She quickly stood up and looked around the bedroom. It was too simple. Besides the bed, there was only the wardrobe to hide people in. She opened the wardrobe and went in.

“…”as soon as she went in, she regretted it …

There was a man’s shirt hanging in the wardrobe, but the position where she stood was neatly arranged. … Man.. … human… body… clothes.. …

She turned her head away awkwardly. She had graduated from the Military Academy, so it was not difficult for her to hide. However, she was still so nervous that her palms were sweating. She held her breath and heard the door open. Qiao Hanye’s voice could be heard.

“We’ll do as you say, ” Qiao Hanye said.

Han Beicheng followed behind and took Qiao Hanye’s coat. He hung it carefully at the side and said, “yes, I’ll make the arrangements right away. ”

“Master, do we need to call the chef over? ” Han Beicheng turned around and was about to leave when he suddenly thought of something. Qiao Hanye had just moved into Jing Garden. Other than the two of them, there were only guards in the dark and no chef.

“There’s no need, ” Qiao Hanye said.

His deep black eyes narrowed slightly. He searched the bedroom and reached out to open the drawer. His gaze fixed on the wardrobe.

“Master. ” Han Beicheng saw the situation. He had followed Qiao Hanye for many years. He could read almost every little action of Qiao Hanye. Qiao Hanye glanced at the wardrobe. There was clearly something wrong.

The scenery garden was heavily guarded, and even flies could not fly in, except for he lanjin… …

Han Beicheng wanted to go forward, but was stopped by Qiao Hanye who reached out and said to him, “you go out first. ”

“Yes. ” Han Beicheng responded and retreated out. When he closed the door, he took a deep look at the wardrobe.

Qiao Hanye lifted his hand and unbuttoned his shirt. He walked to the wardrobe and reached out to hold the handle and turn it.

He lanjin held her breath, and was so scared that she reached out to grab his hand that was placed at the side. Close-fitting, boxers. When she saw that the wardrobe was opened a little, she was about to rush out, but she saw that his wardrobe was suddenly closed.

“In one minute, gather everyone for a video conference. ” Qiao Hanye picked up his phone and made a call.

After taking a shower, he went straight to the study room.

Hearing his footsteps, he Lanjin came out from the wardrobe and looked at the wrinkled flat horn on her hand. Ku, she quickly shook it off and tried her best to put it back in place. After seeing that everything was neatly arranged, she left carefully …

“Miss He. ” Just as she walked to the corridor, Han Beicheng stopped her.

She stood there and pretended to stretch. She walked over with her hands behind her back and asked, “what’s the matter? ”

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