Fortunately, I met you in this life

Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Chapter 28 don’t mention her to me


He lanjin sat in the car and was about to drive away when she saw a group of police officers rush into the hotel and forcefully arrest director Huang. He cursed and wanted to resist, but the police officers came with batons and beat him to the ground. He was dragged into the car.

“PFFT. ” When he lanjin saw director Huang Fall, Ku Zi was not properly carried and actually slipped down his leg.

She felt inexplicably amused and looked at he ruoxue and director Huang Not far away.

If she had not caught he ruoxue having an affair with Lu Zifan, how would she know he ruoxue’s ugly face She had thrown her phone to he ruoxue today because she did not want to cause trouble. She did not expect he ruoxue to walk right into the trap. She did not understand the situation, so she made something out of nothing and wanted to report herself anonymously.

Thinking of this, he lanjin drove the car back to the scenery garden.

“I’m back. ” He lanjin was in a good mood. When she came in, she looked at the spacious living room. On the Beige Sofa at the entrance, a tall figure sat there lazily. He leaned against the Sofa and closed his eyes to rest. His Beautiful Chin was raised.

She took off her shoes and tiptoed forward. Suddenly, she mischievously rushed towards him and shouted in an attempt to scare him.

“Ah. ” She moved closer to his side and wanted to shout in his ear.

Although Qiao Hanye closed his eyes to rest, it was as if he had eyes on his body. He reached out and hugged her slender waist, causing her to fall onto his lap.

“You, you. ” He lanjin fell onto his lap and watched as he slowly opened his eyes. She did not push him away. Her gaze fell on him and said thoughtfully, “I just saw the news and found out that there’s a pervert in Jiang city who likes to lay his hands on girls. ”

“Mr. Qiao, do you have such a hobby? ” Her voice was clear and sweet, but her thoughts were rational.

She did not struggle or push him away. She was calm and collected, showing off her imposing manner.

“Oh? I thought miss he wanted to steal my “son” again. ” Qiao Hanye raised his handsome eyebrows and asked.

Hearing him say “steal my son” , she thought of the hospital. She made a joke and was slandered by him that she sat on his body last night and stole his sperm. For some reason, her face turned red.

She quickly jumped up and said, “don’t. Let’s put this matter behind us and call it even. ”

“since you’ve moved in, miss he, please pay the rent, ” Qiao Hanye said in a low voice.

Her figure stiffened. Thinking of how she lived in the wrong place, she wanted to make up for her mistake and let him chase after her for the rent.

Jing Garden was located in the best area of Jiang city. Although she had never visited this place before, just this residence alone was several hundred square meters, not to mention the courtyard. The price was so expensive that it made one’s heart tremble. Although she was the daughter of the he family, she was afraid that it would be difficult for her to pay.

The key was.. He picked up her phone and still wanted her to pay?

“You took advantage of everything? You still want the rent? ” He lanjin glanced at him with contempt, ran upstairs in large strides, and entered the room to close the door.

Her back was against the door, and she shook her head hard, thinking that she had gone crazy. Why didn’t she just punch his face.

She climbed onto the bed and lay down, crossing her long legs to play the game. The image of her hacking into the system last night and peeping at him taking a shower surfaced in her mind. For a moment, she was distracted and killed until nothing was left. Qin Nan couldn’t stand it anymore, so he called her.

“A thousand-year-old gaming expert, you actually lost? What are you doing? ” Qin Nan asked.

Looking at the horrible score, she quickly logged off and changed her position. “What else can I do? I’m just distracted. ”

“Don’t tell me you’re thinking of a man? Like someone as handsome as me? ” Qin Nan asked narcissistically. She kept saying, “I’m so nervous. Please don’t fall in love with me. I’m just a legend. ”

“You? I remember he ruoxue has a good impression of you. ” She deliberately mentioned it.

Qin Nan listened and thought of he ruoxue’s naked eyes. He was so scared that he almost fainted. He said, “F * Ck, don’t mention her to me. ”

After the phone call, he lanjin got up and opened the door to see if Qiao Hanye had left. She was ready to search the entire house and run away as soon as she found her phone.

“Oh. ” When she opened the door, she bumped into a wall of meat… …

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