Fortunately, I met you in this life

Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Chapter 27. How dare you hit me?


“What are you waiting for? Chase him. ” Director Huang was furious. Did this person treat him like a sick cat Slap him in the face in front of everyone He still had face.

“Yes. ” All the bodyguards rushed out. Only he ruoxue and director Huang were left in the suite. He stared at the paper wrapped around the small iron ball and saw a line of words that read, “the old Huang next door, hurry up and call your number. ”

Director Huang looked at the “old Huang” and was obviously scolding him. The name of the dog was usually called Old Huang The key was that the last paragraph made him pick up the landline and dialed his number. His phone had been turned off previously, but now it actually rang.

The “ring” in the suite rang for a long time. Director Huang’s expression became even uglier. He stared at he ruoxue as if he wanted to tear her apart. She sat there arrogantly, like a queen who wanted to get some benefits.

“Director Huang, what are you doing? ” Seeing him rush up, he grabbed her bag, opened it, and threw it on the ground.

The birth control t and many other gadgets fell to the ground. A phone appeared in front of him. Director Huang picked up the phone, turned around, and slapped him. He ruoxue was knocked to the ground by him, and her sunglasses were knocked off.

“He Ruoxue, are you crazy? I came to remind you out of kindness. How dare you hit me? ” He ruoxue was used to being spoiled by Lu Zifan. She felt wronged by the violence.

A proud woman like her did not like a nouveau riche like he ruoxue. She was ugly and vulgar.

“remind me? I, F * Ck, would only believe you if I was stupid. You used my phone to report others? Do you really think I’m stupid? ” He ruoxue said rudely. He ruoxue was stunned.

She was shocked when she saw the phone that he ruoxue was holding. Why was the phone in her bag?

“someone set me up, someone set me up. ” He ruoxue got up, gritted her teeth, and was about to leave when CEO Huang grabbed her arm and threw her onto the bed.

CEO Huang tore off his robe and kicked her fiercely. The kick made he ruoxue cry bitterly. She turned around and wanted to escape, but he rushed up and slapped her onto the bed. “Stinky, bitch, how dare you play me? ”

Seeing her fall onto the bed, he stepped on her and pressed her neck. He opened his mouth full of golden teeth and bit her body.

“Ah, it hurts, it hurts. ” He ruoxue cried out loud. Only then did she remember that this person had a bad reputation and was a sadist.

Everything that had gone out of her plan shattered her beautiful dream.

Who was the one who harmed her The image of that person bumping into her in the morning kept replaying in her mind, and anger surged into her heart.

She was jealous of he lanjin. Why did Lu Zifan want to marry her Because she was the he family’s daughter, and she was nothing but an affair She was unwilling to accept it. On one hand, she wanted the he family’s secrets, and on the other hand, she wanted to destroy he lanjin.

As long as he lanjin was ruined, Lu Zifan would break off the engagement with her, and her chances would be even greater.

“In the entire Jiang city, who would dare to play me like this? You have guts. ” CEO Huang was a pervert. He would do whatever he wanted without any foreplay.

His perversion scared he ruoxue. She and Lu Zifan were in love, but she had never been treated like this before. She never dreamed that one day, she would be raped by a disgusting man.

“Let go of me, let go of me. ” He ruoxue cried miserably. She was paralyzed on the ground like a puppet.

Her eyelids moved. Seeing that he was satisfied with his withdrawal, she spat at her and said, “Bah, she’s actually an unclean woman. ”

“Bang. ” After he finished speaking, he kicked her off the bed. She cried and put on her clothes in a sorry state before running out.

Rushing out of the hotel, she hugged her knees and cried. She said in a low voice, “I can’t cry. I can’t let Lu Zifan know. If he knew that I was raped by someone, he definitely wouldn’t want me. ”

“He Lanjin, it’s all your fault. If I didn’t report you, how could I have been raped by him? ” The vicious light in he ruoxue’s eyes became even more intense. She stood up and touched up her makeup. Afraid that others would know, she lowered her head and quietly left.

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